Bloggers Tea Time with Dapur Cokelat Menteng

Hello my lovely readers! How are y'all doing??? I don't know why I am so happy today, I feel like my metabolism is rising and my endorphins are working very well. I don't know why am I even saying this but I am just happy! Why oh why? 

Oh! Maybe because this post contains a lot of endorphin source! CHOCOLATE!!!

So last week I was invited for an exclusive bloggers tea time session with Dapur Coklat Menteng by Chef Adith. Basically, Dapur Cokelat is now releasing their version of an awesome tea time with the theme "New Look, New Sensation: New Personal Cake!". This invitation just comes in a right time, literally when I am on my high tea mission, and what's Dapur Cokelat without their selection of awesome chocolate cakes??? That makes this one certainly not to be missed. The growth of the restaurants offering you a nice tea time experience is so rapid, and for ones, it's a good thing.

Dapur Cokelat is like a bottomless pit of chocolate factory.
Three photos below taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Don't worry, those above were just the "appetizers", and again, don't worry, the chocolate foodporns don't stop right here, I still have tons to show you guys. 

Chef Adith told us that there are 17 cakes to be served for us for presentation and the excitement don't stop right there, we are allowed to taste the cakes!!! Certainly not each and every cake because I'm going to end up closer to diabetic (just kidding), no, honestly sweet treats somehow make you very full, but I still managed to at least have one bite of some cakes expecting to be impressed.

Left to right:
DC's Choco (16k)
Raspberry Jefa (21.5k)
Opera Cake (20k)
Choco Monkey (15k)
Chocolate Caramel (22k)

Here are some of the cakes that I managed to take an individual shot and some I tried myself.
Choco De La Creme
IDR 25k
This cake is the star of the night because from the overall tasting, I'd say this is the best! This cake is the mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate Creme Brulee with Glazy Dark Chocolate Coating. Starting from the coating to the very last bite, you'll find a joy of eating this soft mousse cake with rich chocolate taste, the cake literally melts and dances in your mouth, damn I want it again right now.

Maybe you're wondering about some gold sparks on top of the cake and if some of you think of it as gold, then YES IT IS! and plus, it's 24 karat gold!!! Only 24 karat gold is edible. Remember that.

Fruit Shortcake
IDR 15.5k
This one is light, if you love a basic vanilla fruit tart, this one is for you. Applause for the crunchy almonds.

Strawberry Cheesecake
IDR 22k
If you have been a loyal reader, you probably know that I am not a big fan of cheese, I just can't eat certain type of cheese, except Mozarella because it barely tastes like common cheese and Mozarella is like one of the best inventions of earth after smartphones (I know, not relevant), so I didn't manage to try this but according to the bloggers, it's nice, so I guess worth your try, it looks pretty already <3.

Caramel Chocolate
IDR 22k
One input given to Chef Adith for this cake, because it tastes more like a Chocolate Caramel rather than the vice-versa, you can sense the caramel but it's just very little, maybe some would expect more, right? The chocolate used here is the Dark Chocolate and the cake is somehow thicker than most cakes here, but is this bad? Not at all, I honestly pretty much like it.

Fruit Tartlet
IDR 12.5k
Tastes almost the same as the Fruit Shortcake only different base and texture, but still, another worth to try.

Dapur Cokelat Opera Cake
IDR 20k
I bet this cake needs no introduction, it's their famous Opera Cake and I have been such a fan of this cake ever since I was in high school because this cake occasionally become the surprise cake! I love how the layers of the buttercream and dark chocolate ganache (and definitely coffee) blends together in your mouth. The buttercream somehow not overpowering. One of the best Opera Cake in town you need to rush here and purchase!

Red Velvet Cake
I can't keep my eyes off the red velvet cake! I don't know like when I am in a certain cake store, my eyes always fall for the red velvets, they're just magnetizing it's like their red color has this energy to keep my eyes on the cake. Therefore, I fall depper into tasting the cake and this one is good!

Choco Monkey
This dark chocolate cake has a huge hint of banana and that's probably why they named it "Choco Monkey" cake. The monkey was so cute I have no guts eating it.

Tiramisu Cake
IDR 19.5k
DECENT! That word was exactly what's on my mind when I had the first bite of this cake, Dapur Cokelat is so good in keeping the cake and the mascarpone cream not to be milky-overpowering, which is good for my liking, and for my personal preference, it's totally a major plus point.

Mango Cassata
IDR 18k
Mango and chocolate are meant to be with one another. Genius idea and so photogenic, just look at the cake.

Hazelnut Pralines
IDR 25k
One of my most favorite of the Tea Time session. The chocolate truffle cake is so creamy and the hazelnut is rich but not sharp. You know what I ultimately loved about this cake? It's the biscuit/macaroon on top of the cake, it just adds the contrast and the texture, I don't like boring cakes and this is certainly not boring. MUST TRY.

Two Seasons
IDR 19.5k

Triple Decker
IDR 17.5
This is also another favorite of mine among the series, I love the usage of the dark cherries as the filling, somehow adds a little touch of sourness, certainly what I need after huge hits of sweet treats.

Java Chocolate
IDR 15k

After this session, I left with a happy face and happy tummy, again still managed to release a few holes of my belt for my stomach to breathe and to hide the scale in my house after I arrived.

The surprise doesn't stop there! I was given a fabulous goodie bag of their "Choco De La Creme" and "Opera" cake, but it doesn't look so appetizing after I arrived home, somehow maybe the cakes were fighting on my way home.

Here's how Dapur Cokelat look from outside, to help you from getting lost.
Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera.

The thing with Dapur Cokelat is that they serve us great cakes with affordable prices, sometimes when you enter a restaurant and you realize that one slice of cake is a little too pricy and you make it a lesson not to coming back, but not with this one, I am pretty sure that Dapur Cokelat will be the destination of a great tea time place, just look at them! How many years have they served us with their gracious chocolate treats? They already have 12 outlets spread around Indonesia, they just maybe need a bigger venue for dine in.

And here's a case, if you have IDR 50k to shop in Dapur Cokelat, I would recommend you their "Choco De La Creme" and "Hazelnut Pralines" or "Mango Cassata" or "Raspberry Jefa" (I don't manage to take a individual picture of the cake, but it's actually in my 7th photo-starting from above-beside the Opera Cake with a chocolate swirl on top).

Dapur Cokelat Menteng || FACEBOOK | TWITTER 
Jalan H.O.S Cokroaminoto No. 62A
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 3192 3988


3 komentar:

  1. I envy you and those brilliant cakes you had there. Nice shots, as always!
    Bloody hell, now I want a DSLR as well =u=

  2. Look so delicious!! I have to stop by at Dapur Cokelat to taste some of the pastries.

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