School Food Bloomingmari Central Park: Ttepokki Madness!

So a new korean restaurant is opening at Central Park. The korean culture is turning and growing into a posessing vibe through our community and social these days, especially from the culinary section. I've been noticing that more and more korean themed restaurants are opening. Let's just hope that they tasted nice and not only taking the trend for granted.

The restaurant I'm going to be reviewing is called School Food Bloomingmari. This restaurant is a franchise from its origin country, South Korea. Don't ask me what kind of food served here because I guess you guys can already figure that out.

Initially, I only wanted to have a light snack while enjoying the vibe of the restaurant. So I guess me and my friends go with their (sort of famous) Tteopokki. For those of you who don't know what Tteopokki is, it's a kind of boiled rice cake and usually being served with this spicy red sauce in Korea. The sauce itself actually tastes in between spicy-sour and sweet, as well as tangy. I don't know the proper word to really define the taste so I guess you better give a shot. The restaurant itself is so unique, it actually reminds me more of a school cafetaria, maybe that's why they named it School Food.

Virgin Mojito (Lime Mojito)
IDR 30k (before tax)

Strawberry Freeze
IDR 30k (before tax)

I think I was lucky enough to order this because when I start to get into the meals, you'll know what I mean. By the way, I was hoping this to be more icy and memorable (you know when blended drinks still has the concrete ice texture), maybe they just served it this way, but for my liking, I was expecting more of the texture and extravagant flavor because the name was already convincing enough.

Spicy Carbonara Tteopokki
IDR 85k (before tax)

To be honest, when I was looking at the menu, I started to imagine that Tteopokki will fit with the creamy carbonara sauce, regarding to the texture of the Tteopokki itself, so I dare myself ordering this one.

I wasn't expecting this size, it's a little heavy for my ideal light meal (but hey, at least I got this size instead of the little one, right, and plus, you can share) and remember the price that I'm paying, it shouldn't be too little or else I will consider this not worth it. Taste? I like it, I think it's decent. I love how creamy the carbonara sauce is, it's thick and cheesy but not overpowering, Back to my early imagination about Tteopokki and carbonara sauce, I think I'll recommend this one to everyone reading this post, they're such lovers to one another.

Original Tteopokki
IDR 55k (before tax)

This one is the devil. Oh My Holy Smooch!!! First try and I'd rather stop, I don't know what's with me, but ever since I was a little kid, everytime my tounge sense something that's spicy, my sweat will start to pour like a heavy waterfall, the spicier, even heavier "waterfall" live action occurs. So, I guess for me, this is pretty spicy. Aside from how spicy this Tteopokki is, I still sense the goodness of this, I think it's still delicious and it has a little touch of Kimchi. You should try.

I still prefer the Carbonara Tteopokki to the original one. I think it's just more unique and more special, but it's always back to your preference. For those of you who are such big fans of korean culture and wanted to try exploring it, you can give this restaurant a try, it's totally not bad, but I just don't think that it's traditional enough (incase you're looking for one).

Thanks for reading, until the next post :)

School Food Bloomingmari
Central Park Mall, 3rd fl. #202-203
021 - 2920 0316


4 komentar:

  1. Wow.. This is so unusual ttepokki. I ever tried the original ttepokki, but I don't like it. But your photos make me drool xp

    Dreamy Princess

  2. omg, murah bangt itu, disni toppoki original 128K size nya sparuh dari gambar U_U meski diskon 50% tetep aja mahal..

    so sad ..

  3. I prefer the original one, it's a little bit spicy, but it tastes soooo delicious :9

  4. Great post, thank you! Unfortunately, not all schools have such wonderful food. God grant that the education was also wonderful. But I know one, it's monstereducation. That's where everything is on the level, but everyone can't get there. I hope one day to open my own school to teach children.