Bradley's British Tea House Jakarta

As you guys probably know, I am more a dessert person rather than the savory-one, not that I don't like it, but when it comes to sweet stuff, my appetite risen up 100% easier! I have managed to always save some room for dessert!

Just right after we finished having our lunch at MOMO, two minutes walking distance, there's this new place which I have been noticing for quite some time because of it's promising title, and plus, 'standing' just right beside MOJO, Bradley's British Tea House appeared to be very contrast with MOJO, if MOJO's a little earthy, then Bradley's a little unique with brick texture surrounding the tiny building.

Reminiscing my gorgeous moment in London, I had the best afternoon tea experience I've ever had so far in my life, chill, going to blog about it soon, original English scones were so damn good, and having it in London just made everything better right, so in this case, I won! Just like that my standard for afternoon tea is now pretty high! Simply the case when you start from the best.
First step inside and I knew I was fond of the interior, it's just very simple, clean and in a sense kind of retro and vintage, majorly white once you start from the entrance and lead to the more vintage area with vintage British themed decoration on the wooden cabinet. For the best seating, and if you come in two, I recommend choosing the best seat, exactly under the open ceiling, the vibe of that particular seating was... different in a good way :).

Yes, that seating!

Clean, rosy, vintage and pretty.

As for the menu, they only serve afternoon tea sets, snacks and ala carte teas or other beverages. They have three sets for the afternoon tea:
- Afternoon Tea Set: comes with one teapot of any tea selection, 1 homemade muffin, 3 cookies and 2 scones
- High Tea Set A: two teapots of any tea selection, 2 homemade muffins, 3 cookies and 2 scones, all served on a-two tiers tower
- High Tea Set B: two teapots of any tea selection, 3 homemade muffins, 3 cookies and 3 scones, all served on a-three tiers tower
We went by choosing the High Tea Set A since we're pretty full (NOT!) from our previous lunch, we chose the Nayara tea (claimed to be Bradley's special) but we have to pay IDR 12k more for this and Princess of Wales. Incase you're wondering, they're using Twinings tea, and remember TWININGS IS NOT TWG! So many people didn't know about this and hopefully you now know. The Nayara tea tasted just like the common English Breakfast, not that it's not good, it's just nothing special, while the Princess of Wales tasted like jasmine tea and I prefer this to the Nayara tea.
Banana Muffin, I love the hint of the cinnamon flavor to this muffin even though I was not fond of the texture, too dry.

Scones: I was not a big fan of the scones for its texture, it was very very hard, to be fair, the flavor was there but it was not supported by the proper texture.
Thank goodness the afternoon tea set was saved by the cookies, I was quite fond of the texture and the flavor without being too buttery and milky. 

The whole set consist of one peppermint jelly jam and one whipped cream, me wasn't a big fan of the whipped cream, very light and tasteless, on the other hand, huge crush on the peppermint jelly jam!
Peppermint Jelly Jam!
Whipped Cream
Excuse that ugly finger, why the heck does my thumb looks so cracked there, it's not in real life *defensive*.
In a nutshell, I was a sucker for the ambiance, love the quiet ambiance and the pretty place, maybe it was drizzling at that time so the tone of the interior was calm and a little 'blue', while I must honestly say that they need huge improvements for the muffins and scones, as in for the pricing and for what I got, I think it was just okay! But if you're more into a place person rather than the food, this is a place you should visit :).

I have been receiving some valuable inputs and starting from this post (and soon each and every post in this blog) will be completed with Google maps for easier directing! Have fun!

Bradley's British Tea House
Jl. Kertanegara No. 72
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 720 3098
Opening Hours: 2 PM - 11 PM


Map for Bradley's British Tea House, not yet listed on Google Maps but it's right next to MOJO so I attached the MOJO map here.

6 komentar:

  1. A little correction, without no doubt it wasn't whipped cream but a clotted cream. Usually it is served on scones. And it has to be flavourless n light

  2. Mungkin pastrynya kurang tastenya
    Karena mereka masih memasok dari supplier
    Setelah kitchen mereka jadi mungkin bisa mengharapkan sesuatu yang lebih
    daripada yang disediakan sekarang

  3. I think the scones is better than twg... And the pastry has an authentic taste. I love the cherry crumble and also the spinach quiche.

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