MOMO Restaurant and Bar Senopati

I don't even know the proper prologue to open my blog post when it comes to restaurants in Senopati, but truth is, it's currently THE 'it' area to hang out as new restaurants are opening rapidly! Right after Three Buns and actually located NEXT to Three Buns is this new place called MOMO Restaurant and Bar!

The interior rings minimalist, hip, urban and youthful, but to be frank not much different with the common restaurants with the "and bar" concept: bar in the middle with bar seating, but good thing they have glass surrounding the front area of the restaurant so that it seemed more earthy! The dining area was separated to three main spaces: the general dining area (smoking and non-smoking), the lounge area and the VIP area. Since I didn't want to have any contact with smokers (and if you too), better pick the "front" seating underneath the glass ceiling, pretty comfy during the day I guess.

Not much yakking on the opening this time, here are the food that we ordered, and oh, this is not a food tasting session, I went with my lovely fellow blogger friends and gorge together with Aline, Yenny and Ivy! It was a nice lunch, always love having lunch with monsters, mwahaha jokester, but it's true that we eat a lot and get hungry very easily.

From the menu scan-reading, I found that the menu here were mostly Asian with a little twist of fusion, from the seasoning or presentation, one two three actually kinda reminded me of Izakaya Issei.

MOMO Beef Hot Pot
IDR 130k
This happens to be one of the best seller so it's a total regulation order (lol). Portion wise, generous, flavor wise, surprisingly pretty good! At first I thought the soup was too gingery but after a while, the aftertaste wasn't a disappointment. The whole portion was share-able enough for three people. I appreciate the generous amount of prime beef given to the whole portion, the meat was left raw and slowly cooked itself to the desired state, even better when you realize during the cooking process, the beef extract contributed that additional tastiness to the broth.

Enoki mushrooms just made everything a lot better!

Truffle Prime Beef Bowl
IDR 120k
When it comes to my ultimate favorite of the day, then this was it! First, I love the fact that it's a rice dish (hardcore rice fan here), the beef was cooked to perfection and ZOMG that truffle oil was pretty generous but not overpowering, it was oozing around my taste bud and that truffle aroma just risen up the appetite. I love the proper balance of sweetness and savory of the beef, what's even better is the fact that they dress the portion with awesomely cooked poached egg. Enough saying, this is a one must try!

Beef Curry Spaghetti
IDR 78k
Another dish with poached egg, so far has been good. Mix everything up and this particular curry pasta would have this creamy texture that was such a decent companion to the al-dente cooked pasta, the beef cuts were tender but frank, I didn't find this dish to be anything special, the curry was sort of bland and needed that bolder flavor.

Cod Roe Udon
IDR 95k
I felt like this dish was already an upfront disappointment when they served it to the table, it was just tremendously small for the hefty price tag, not to bitch around here but it was not what I expected from the menu description and I finished this in less than three freaking minutes (yes unfortunately it was my order :(). To be fair, I must say that they seasoned the udon pretty well, especially when the cod roe was tossed along with the udon, I could feel that natural saltiness from the cod roe and appreciate the play of texture from the tempura crumbs. Still, for a main-course, this should be bigger. I think they should put this as an 'appetizer' instead of 'main course' if they're keeping it this way.

Beng Beng Cake
IDR 50k
After the infamous Martabak Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, another innovation! Beng Beng Cake! Yes, that Beng Beng wafer that you could easily get almost everywhere for probably IDR 1k and translated and remodified by MOMO into this cake that worth IDR 50k, but I must gave my thumbs up for this cake because of the bloody rich chocolate flavor but still managed the beng beng flavor to appear. The chocolate cake was moist and simply addicting. Total must try!

I didn't know if the manager feel pity for us and saw us like we're lunatics who keep on taking food photos or because I bitched around on how small the portion of the Cod Roe Udon was (still holding a grudge), but it came to our surprise when the manager came with two drinks as compliment to us, which I eventually highly appreciated! I have always loved extras and this was such a concrete form of hospitality. Sometimes it's okay to buy people's affection, in this case *ahem* mine.  Thanks to the manager whose name we forgot to ask, but that's very kind of you!

Spiced Mexican
IDR 110k
The cinnamon flavor kinda overpowered the whole beverage but I could still find a little hint of that zesty flavor (probably lime).

Grape in Gold
IDR 110k
This beverage contained edible 24 carat gold layers from the Goldschlager which also had cinnamon flavor infused to it. This one was light and refreshing, with proper balance of sweetness, still with a little kick of bitterness. Even though the first beverage was too cinnamon-ish and spicy, but I found out that I love the first cocktail more, it's just that after few sips I kinda understand where the beverage was going. This one's good, but probably just a little common sparkling wine to me.

They're actually still on their soft-opening days, but that's good because it's better to have flaws forgiven and improved before the actual grand opening, so far, they've been doing decent job! I love the interior, the food was pretty decent even though I still need to find the WOW factor (except for the Truffle Prime Beef Bowl and Beng Beng Cake, oozing good!) but for a newbie, this place is something you need to have your eyes for!

...and again, PORTION for certain food, it's not like it's MOMO Appetizer Bar so please, and I mean, PLEASE tone up the portion!

Anyway, Good luck in the F&B business and keep up the good work, MOMO! :). Will surely come back for more... Beng Beng Cakes! Major yumster!

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MOMO Restaurant and Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92 (Beside THREE BUNS)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 739 7459 / 0878 8980 8005


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  2. yummy bgt....btw ini resto nya momo geisha bukan ya...hemm....

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  5. Sumpah worth it bangeettt, gue udah coba yang cod roe udon, tempatnya jg cozy banget borr, thanks info nyaya min!

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