If people ask me what is the current biggest food trend in Jakarta, and as this post written, it must be the dessert scene. In a single month, several brands could easily came and propose their ideas to the public hoping to be liked and one of them is this newly opened dessert house in Pantai Indah Kapuk: PUNGOPANG!

Pungopang is a word curated from the word “Pungo” which means “fish” and “Pang” which means “bread”, and the naming reflected on the “main” product they’re selling here which is sort of like “taiyaki” just like this:
Mouthwatering enough which thick and rich homemade chocolate ice cream.
I came on their soft-opening days (actually just last night) so this place is really-really new. Pungopang is located above D’llyst cafe (which is sort of funny to be honest) and I have no idea if Pungopang is also owned by the same owner as D’llyst, but anyway, the interior was this medium sized space with very catchy (majorly) orange and some pastel color splash all over the room, boat-inspired seatings. It honestly felt a little childish, but anyway, it could be just the right place for kids to come along (hey kids love ice creams!), well unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture of the interior as I forgot to charge my camera’s battery and it went off moments after I took the photo of the last dessert (keep reading).

Pungopang might be the highlight here but they also have pretty good range of other desserts such as Bingsoo, Fondue, Coconut Island, Parfait and Smoothies! The price range starts from IDR 30k – IDR 78k, still reasonable as it’s the pricing we all see lately in other outlets.
IDR 38k
I love the fact that the fish cake was made from waffle batter instead of mochi as I’ve tried several brands and eventually never liking the mochi ones. I mean when you have waffle batter mixed with ice cream, the flavor and texture of the dessert popped up and when the ice cream actually melt and absorp in the cake it’s just dayum. As for their ice creams, I think they’re mostly pretty decent, but only slightly milky for my liking, but in terms of flavor, it’s quite there yet: rich chocolate, tasty taro, bold green tea and unique horlicks, and my favorites has got to be the taro! If they can tone down the milk flavor I would be even more delighted!

Dark Chocolate Fondue
IDR 78k
Their Dark Chocolate fondue actually surpassed my standard as the dark chocolate felt premium, tasty, beautiful balance of sweetness and quite generous condiments to dip in, it’s surely a worth it deal for 78k.

Coconut Island
All IDR 45k
Hands down, my favorite has got to be their Coconut Island! Your choice of ice cream (taro, green tea, horlicks and dark chocolate) served in coconut with coconut water, coconut jelly and fruit loops. Tried the dark chocolate ice cream as the ice cream topping and somehow the flavor blend was beautiful, the coconut water and jelly really washed out everything and sort of balancing your palate, that again until the last scoop. Really enjoyed this one!

Melon Bingsoo
IDR 68k
The Melon Bingsoo was pretty shocking when it’s served on the table as it’s actually BIG, but actually as I dig in, it’s not exactly a lot and if you’re really empty, you could finish this all by yourself, but as I was exploring their menus, I need help with this one. The Melon Bingsoo came with condensed milk if you like the milkier, creamier  version (which I didn’t), but the freshness of the melon really spoke for itself: it’s all together a sweet, (in a sense) fulfilling and fresh dessert!

IDR 37k
Available in four flavors: Nok Cha (green tea), Guk-mul (red bean), Toreo and Chocovo
My favorite is still the taro parfait!

Had a great time at Pungopang, pretty sure the dessert was quite decent, but what made the moment even more enjoyable was the company! Went here with a lot of beloved friends and share everything! Ah moments like this <3. Anyway, welcome Pungopang to the scene and best of luck!

Jl. Marina Indah
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Rukan Crown Golf Boulevard Blok B No. 57-58
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 12 PM - 11 PM
Fri-Sat: 12 PM - 1 AM
Sunday: 11 AM - 11 PM

Map for Jl. Marina Indah

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