This Korean origin milk soft serve brand is now expanding its business to Indonesia and they chose Jakarta as always their first harbour of business expansion, after previously opening in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Milkcow’s first branch is located on the 2nd floor of Gandaria City, just beside lollipops; at the corner. The outlet was not spacious, but it was proper, had this simple design and comfortable enough to be categorized as a cafe. There are two communal tables in the middle and several seating areas around.

There are currently 6 variants available in the store right now, including the Paris Dream (IDR 48k), which happens to be the store’s special creation. It was basically their organic milk soft serve topped with marshmallow, Eiffel shaped chocolate and imported strawberry sauce drizzle!

Their soft serve had this beautiful smooth texture, rich flavor without being overly sweet, and their creations had different toppings, depending on your liking. If you love the original, then go for the “Milky Way (IDR 37k)”, add more fun to your soft serve with a little drizzle of honey or honeycomb, or basically their various toppings available!

My favorite menu was totally their “Milky Shot”, it’s their version of affogato and it was so amazing. I was stupid enough forgetting to take shots, but it was a MUST ORDER.

Besides their signature soft serve, they also have coffee selections, fraps, tea and waffle. The waffle wasn’t completely ready on my visit, but it should be now. I was fond of the coffee frap but not so much on the green tea.

Paris Dream – IDR 48k
Rocher Bliss – IDR 44k
Organic milk soft serve with tasty hazelnut sauce drizzle and a Ferrero Rocher ball
Macau Dream – IDR 46k
Homemade macaron and almond flakes topping
Peach Delight - IDR 46k

Cappuccino Frappe – IDR 38k
I was fond of the intensity of the coffee, it was deep and kinda bold, and altogether balanced out by the milk and soft serve.
Green Tea Frappe – IDR 38k

Iced Cappuccino – IDR 34k

The only downside about their ice creams that it might not be the most photogenic, they tend to be flat on the tip and the uneven twirls (except the Tiramisu), but there’s always room for improvement, especially during these times where most (social media) people tend to eat with their freaking eyes more than their palate, but good news for milk soft serve lovers, flavor wise, I prefer this to Honey Creme. Milkcow’s texture is smoother, less sweet and I would say less milky than Jakarta’s Honey Creme, and when I say Jakarta’s Honey Creme is because I like the Singapore version better, they’re just different.


Gandaria City 2nd fl.
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240
021 - 2905 2888
Opening hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Price range: IDR 40k

Map for Gandaria City

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