Three minutes away from Kopi Manyar, there's another new coffee shop opening called the Pigeonhole coffee, went here for a quick catch up with friends earlier today and chill around here!

As usual, I stalked them on IG before actually going, I noticed everyone took pictures at this backyard-like space with swingers attached to wall and a park bench, and turned out when I actually arrived, the coffee shop was way smaller than what I had in mind, and what I initially thought the backyard was actually the frontyard and an al-fresco area for smokers, they transformed the terrace area to this small photogenic place for OOTD and probably cute couple shot. Not extra-extra nice to be honest, just for fun.
Pigeonhole is positioned next to Main-Main children playground in Jalan raya Merpati IV. They have this strict rule for smoking and vaping, and it’s written upon the entrance of this coffee shop . I LOVE when coffee shops actually apply this kind of rule as smoke can actually harm the quality of coffee beans when in contact.

Had both their hot (IDR 30k) and iced cappuccino (IDR 35k) with their signature Brazil blend (they also have another one called the De Javu blend). It had this chocolaty and creamy texture with caramel like finish which I found quite intense, but with subtle and faded enjoyable aftertaste. The foam was creamy, velvety, thick and stood still till the end of the sip. It's a proper coffee for the day!
I think they’re quite serious with their coffee and wanted their customers to appreciate them the way that they initiated, when I was about to take the brown sugar at the counter on the corner, a written message of “appreciate the natural sweetness of coffee” could be a friendly reminder, but still I managed to get one sachet just because I found the coffee’s to strong for my liking. If you’re not a coffee drinker, their signature “Iced Chocolate With Marshmallow”might also be something you want to consider. My friend had that but I didn’t take the picture, the iced chocolate with marshmallow was too thick for them.

Had the Chicken Pie (IDR 30k) to accompany the coffee and it wasn't a disappointment, seasoning was spot on (event though I will love it more if it's saltier), the pastry was beautifully crispy and overall still pretty moist. The currently have no other food besides pies, quiches and croissants. Don't know if they're going to add more of keep it this way.
The growth of coffee shop is unbelievably rapid these days, and they're mostly not bad (well some are horrible), but the thing about it that I like is just how amazing Jakarta is for coffee, it's not yet on the same level as Sydney or Melbourne, but good enough for you to have a good day or smile, and Bintaro, watch out as this area is growing. Thank you for coloring the scene!

Pigeonhole Coffee
Jalan Merpati IV No. 20
Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan 12320
0857 7777 9175
Opening hours: 8 AM-7 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k (with food)
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for Pigeonhole Coffee

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