So happy to let you guys know about this: THE RACLETTE STEAK INVASION IS COMING TO JAKARTA!!! The highly hyped New York steak trend is brought to Jakarta by the fabulous steakhouse in Puri Pesanggrahan: Willie Brothers Steakhouse, and it's going to be available TODAY: September 1st 2016!

Willie Brothers Steakhouse is a family restaurant that opened a few months ago. I was actually invited to come to their grand opening and if I am not mistaken, I couldn't make it because I was out of the town, and finally I made it to the private showcase of their Raclette steak around a week ago and I am sure most of you have seen the sneak peek on my Snapchat because it was one of the most screenshot-ed story on my Snapchat ever! From outside, the steakhouse looked like a classy Victorian style home in white, and not until you step inside that you found that the interior rings homey and that homey-ness really bring that family style restaurant vibe to me, and not to mention, it's really pretty.
I appreciate that they actually prepare a separated area for smokers and here's the impressive part: A PLAYING ROOM FOR THE KIDS. I don't think anybody would ever want their steaks to be contaminated with foreign smoke. Nay not me.
The interior of the smoking area is also really pretty and still keeping that simple Victorian-minimalist style design.
Ok now let's talk about the Raclette cheese! Raclette is the cheese that's originated from Wallis, Switzerland and Savioe in France and it's made from the pasteurized cow milk. The name Raclette is originated from the word "racler" in English which means "to scrape" or "to stratch", and that's exactly the proper way to serve this cheese right after it's being heated with the Raclette cheese heater machine: to scrape the cheese off and serve it fresh. The common retail weight of the cheese is 6 kg and Willie Brothers Steakhouse imported the cheese directly from Switzerland!
The cheese is seriously aromatic especially when it's heated, you can choose to believe me or not, but let me tell you that Willie Brothers Steakhouse is quite spacious, and I was in the toilet the moment they started heating the cheese and right after I got out of the toilet, the aroma lingered all over the room and I mean you can even smell it from a distance. If you're a fan of an intense smelling cheese, then reading this should be your warm up dude!
Willie Brothers Raclette Steak - IDR 175k
The Raclette steak consist of either 180gr or 250gr of Rib Eye steak (depending on what you fancy) and paired with sides such as sauteed semi-crispy rosemary potato, sauteed mushroom, mesclun salad, Gherkin pickles, baby tomato and of course: THE RACLETTE STEAK! You're currently looking at the 180 gr Rib Eye steak and do note that you can't customize your steak because it's only available in "Medium Well" state. I was honestly a bit upset about it but wait until you read this review further.
 The potato was something beautiful, it was properly salty, the rosemary and garlic really gave that delicious aroma. An avid fan of sauteed mushroom like me shouldn't be complaining about theirs either, it's perfectly cooked, seasoned and it's still having that beautiful juice!
NOW TO THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! The scraping of the cheese! Beware major foodporns ahead.
It took around 7-10 minutes to heat the cheese with the Raclette cheese heater (photo above) and fresh from the heater, they will quickly serve and scrape the cheese before your very eyes on your tables!
Back to when I said that you will only accept "medium well" particularly for this steak only, but I got the one that was perfectly cooked it's actually more to a medium instead of medium well (and say hello to the pink center", I like the seasoning of the steak it's pretty bold, and I don't know man, I don't think I have something negative to say about this. So first, you're having this gorgeous steak, and then topped with generous amount of Raclette steak which also gives an extra salty-savory flavor to the steak, then the aromatic potato and juicy mushroom to add in more fun, and last but not least the Gherkin pickle which gave that extra crunch and refreshing sour flavor to clean and restart your palate in a way.
It's delicious. Finally something to refresh the F&B trend in Jakarta and I am glad that it has a bit of a class to it. I hope that this would be a happening trend in town and I can't wait to hear your stories so do leave your comment here or on my social medias so that I can read your experience as well! Believe me I love reading your comments and Snapchats, I may not always reply but I remember every single thing. Thank you for reading!

Willie Brothers Steakhouse
Jalan Pesanggrahan Raya No. 9
Meruya Utara, Kembangan
Jakarta Barat 11620
021 - 5890 3684
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for Willie Brothers Steakhouse

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