A few days ago, Hario, a Japanese top manual brew coffee machine producer opened its first ever coffee shop in Aeon Mall BSD City, it's an exciting approach that they finally opened in my country!

Initially, Hario planned to open in July 2016, but due to various reasons, they postponed the opening to September 3rd 2016, precisely the day I went to Vietnam and I am actually typing this post right now from my room in the gorgeous French Village in Ba Na Hills. I seriously can't wait to blog about my travel stories for you guys so do stay tuned OK!
Back to the day of the soft-opening, I had issues with AEON's receptionist for not knowing that they actually had Hario in store and I found it a bit irritating, I mean you're there to give the visitors information but they were not helping and insisting that there really was no Hario and APPARENTLY YET IT WAS inside the Aeon department store 1st floor near the entrance wtf.
The outlet was not spacious but I love the approach of Japanese-minimalist design that's clean and neat, and in the center of the store, they had this compartment where they sold their products. It was the soft-opening day and it was quite packed with people coming and visiting, but unfortunately I am not going to talk much about them (and not for the nice one), so let me just say that they were not ready yet and seemed a bit forcy to open the store quicker than they should. There's no such thing as perfection but being well prepared is a different thing.
Left: French Press (IDR 50k), Right: V60 (IDR 50k)
First, the beans (Lintong and Bali) were not evenly roasted, there were some that were over-roasted and some were not even roasted enough, secondly, because they are the specialist of manual brew, I didn't understand why they only prepared two coffee induction stove, they should have four at least (or 8 even better) because each brewing process for V60, Cloth, French Press would cost around 5 minutes each, and there were a lot of people complaining (mostly elders) and I even got mine after waiting for 30 minutes, the longest I've waited for coffee and I wondered why I even tolerated that.
Last but not least, the flavor of the coffee. While the V60 is a bit drinkable (but still far from my standard), the French Press one was very unfortunate, it left this strong and harsh aftertaste in my palate and not aromatic at all.
It's weird because I could sense the seriousness of their concept and I actually wanted to come back after a while and gave another chance to them and hopefully left with a better update review. They might think that I am too premature in giving the review on the soft-opening day, but sorry not sorry I am just sharing my experience.

Good luck Hario Coffee Factory!


Hario Coffee Factory
Aeon Mall BSD City 1st fl.
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
BSD - Tangerang
Banten 15345
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: none


Map for Aeon Mall BSD City

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