First knew about NORD from FoodDirectory (thank you guys!) and they captured the petite coffee shop beautifully through their pictures so I guess it's time to give it a try!

...and yet another one in town, as this post is written, NORD is the newest coffee shop there is in Jakarta right now. The amount of coffee shops in Jakarta is overwhelming or should I say too many to the point where I don't even know some of them actually exists, they're literally spread all over Jakarta: from the North to the South, from those inside the malls to the independent ones, and unfortunately, only the best ones stand out from the crowd, but I am constantly updating my coffee adventure and share it to you guys.

NORD might not be ultra spacious, but I was super fond of how they managed to design the space to this monochromatic minimalist-industrial coffee shop and an extra al-fresco area. Anyway, getting here was actually super easy, if you take the way from Pluit Village, just go straight until you find Superindo and take a right turn before Superindo and it will be 100 meters away and on your left.
Earthy elements are dominant here and you'll find black and white marble tables, a hint of wood and concrete on the furniture and wall, monochromatic minimalist pattern detail and just how the space is in general, altogether just that and very homey as well.
Watch out, they have the most eye-blindingly handsome Black Eagle Victor Arduino coffee machine and a pair of Mythos One!
At the moment, they don't offer you much with the menu, but they're quite niche and good enough for a coffee shop standard. Expect to find Black selections (espresso, long black), White (mini, regular, double, chocolate), Hand Pour (Kalita, aeropress), Iced (black, white, chocolate), Tea (black, white, green), and Water (mineral, sparkling). Price range for coffee starts from IDR 25k-45k - not the cheapest in general.
Here's what I had: two Iced White (IDR 45k/each), Peanut Sponge Cake (IDR 30k) and Hot Chocolate (IDR 40k)
Since I love the bolder and creamier coffee, I found theirs a bit light and acidic, not that it's bad but I just have my own preference. They're using Sumatra beans for the espresso based beverages, and I must say that it fit well with the piccolo that my friend ordered! As for the cake, well I honestly know where they got this cake from but I just don't need to spill it here for you, they make beautiful sponge cakes and you have to order that if you need something sweet to accompany your coffee.

ANOTHER MUST ORDER: the Cendol cake! I mean it's THE Cendol cake because it's too good to be true! So I was here around 11 AM when the cake was delivered to the store super fresh, the kind owner offered me a slice so I agreed to purchase it and it was love at first bite! It was super moist, fragrant, creamy, perfectly sweet and flavorful with all the character of Cendol dessert that you had in mind! I guess you should come early if you want to have the fresh slice of cake like I had OMG BOMB. (the picture is on my other SD Card I forgot to store it to my laptop but will update you the cendol pic cake real soon!)

I should say that the existence of NORD is giving a refreshment to the coffee scene in Muara Karang, there are several coffee shops there but none is giving me this homey and comfy vibe better than NORD. It's a nice place to chill with your friends on a weekend (let's just hope they're not annoyingly over packed this weekend), and I look forward to come back and try their uber delicious Cendol cake DA YUM! Best of luck!


NORD Coffee
Jalan Pluit Karang Timur No. 8
Pluit - Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450
Opening hours: 9 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: casual


Map for NORD Jakarta

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