Bakmi Mewah first came to public around a year ago and not too long followed by the hype it received as they were the first to come with the instant "bakmi abang-abang" concept. Bakmi Mewah is another venture by Mayora group whose fame you couldn't deny as they're one of the long lasting big players in the food industry and brands like Beng Beng, Kopiko, Astor, and Choki-Choki are managed by the company.
...and I just recently tried it to test out the hype, it was a simple, easy and hassle-free lunch and did not cost me a lot of time.

What's inside one box of Bakmi Mewah
The packaging is definitely fancier than most instant noodle you can find in town. The design was simple yet appear classy with major black color, gold font and carton box packaging the noodle, sesame oil, soysauce, spring onion, chili sauce and chicken & mushroom toppings. I was surprised to find that there was NO powder ingredient here, so I guess this product probably doesn't consist of MSG. As for the oil, while other instant noodle opt to include "vegetable oil", Bakmi Mewah actually gave the fragrant "sesame oil". Good start.
Photos below are not altered or styled in any way (just add in a few pieces of cut spring onion). What you see is what you get.
Chicken and mushroom topping close up
So my review of Bakmi Mewah? First let's start with the noodle. I found that when you cook it right like I did (2 straight mins on a high temperature) you should get this perfectly chewy curly noodle that's deliciously firm in the same time, and when it comes to the boiling the spring onion together, it's your preference, some like and some don't. The combination of soysauce and the sesame oil gave an additional salty and savory seasoning. The chicken and mushroom toppings were a bit saucy, sort of like the additional broth to the noodle.
To add more fun to the dining experience, you can totally add something crispy like nugget or chicken katsu that should work just fine. Additional soft boiled egg won't hurt as well.
The current retail price per box is around IDR 6300 (and may vary in the future) but it's definitely cheaper than Indomie Real Meat. Now the big question is definitely whether I pick this or Indomie Real Meat? Now it's a bit unfair to actually compare the two as they both are different, both packaging are fancy but the product is actually not identical. Bakmi Mewah keep it simple with the traditional stall noodle while Indomie Real Meat was the tweak of their original product.

To keep it fair, both has their own pros and cons.



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