Koba is a Korean restaurant that's located in Living World Mall, Alam Sutera. As this post is written, Koba has been operating for one week and is so ready to become of the most "look forward to" Korean restaurants in Serpong and Alam Sutera.

It was quite a while ago since the last time I went to Living World and things have changed a bit, mostly the location of the tenants, Koba is located precisely across Starbucks and Bakmi GM, near the parking entrance. The place was simply designed, homey and cozy without much unnecessary details for Korean restaurant. Koba's mascot was this flying (and crying) fat guy and its mural was visible at the corner of the dining area.
Koba was pretty spacious with capacity for 80-100 people, including two larger tables located "outdoor"
Here in Koba, they offer you some of Korea's finest cuisine and grill, and the good point about the food is that they try to make the price tag low without actually serving you bad quality food. Most of the menu somehow common to the other Korean restaurants in town, expect to find banchan, Korean appetizers, Korean pancakes, hot pot soups, Korean rice dishes, Korean stir-fry food and assorted marinated meats for the grill. Customers are more than welcome to grill their own meat (and do request otherwise they will cook 'em for ya). Price range for the food? IDR 30k-200k

Banchan (sort of like the Korean lightbites/salad) - refillable
Their BanChan was among the freshest ones I've tried, and hopefully they maintain the quality like that! The Kimchi was perfectly spicy and sour.
Koba Dancing Rice - IDR 39k
Sometimes Korean style rice dishes is presented in a lunch box and the instead of stirring it with a spoon, guests are expected to be a tad interactive by shaking the rice, hence all the ingredient will mix together. The sauce was given on the right amount not only giving the color, but the decent flavor as well. This was simple and tasty.
Jap Chae - IDR 64k
Jap Chae is Korean stir-fry rice noodle and commonly seen at Korean restaurants. I don't think was bad at all, but I am just a big vermicelli fan, I am team #eggnoodle, but otherwise it won't be Jap Chae I guess.
Koba Dancing Beef - IDR 79k
Stir-fry beef with grilled kimchi and vegetable in sweet-spicy sauce. The thin sliced beef was pretty tender, it was definitely packed with flavor and seasoning, and generous amount of vegetables, and this could just be the perfect match to the warm steamed rice (if you don't fancy grilled meat).
Tofu Jjigae - IDR 49k
Finally found a very good Tofu Jjigae that didn't have to cost me more than IDR 70k and pretty much the same portion. Can I just be honest and let you know that their Tofu Jjigae might be one of the best ones that I've tried. It had the perfect spiciness for me, the perfect seasoning, it's salty, spicy, such a heartwarming comfort food for the soul and absolutely addicting.
Korean grill condiment
It's no longer a secret that Koreans love to eat the freshly grilled meat and wrap 'em with the huge leaves and various toppings (sauce, chili, garlic, salt), and it's working well here for Jakartans as well!
What I love about their grill was the additional space on the side for the Mozarella cheese and egg! Now you can defo get that cheeseporn snaps!
Yangnyeom Galbi (200 gr/2 pcs) - IDR 169k
Yangnyeom Galbi has always been one of my favorite part, its tenderness (depending on how you cook it too) just never fail to feed my palate well. The marination was on point and it was overall pretty saucy as well, they got the sweetness & the savory right.
Daepae Woo Seol (IDR 119k/120 gr)
...meaning beef tongue. Beef tongue is such a delicious, slightly fatty and tender protein that is huge for Korean grill.
Woo Samgyup - IDR 99k (120gr)
Thin sliced beef brisket dressed in Koba's homemade special sauce. As you can see, the beef was drenched in generous seasoning, and yes it was saucy, juicy and absolutely affordable at IDR 99k
Chakkeut - IDR 119k (120 gr)
Better marbled protein meaning the more tender meat you're getting, this was striploin and those rim of fat is giving you the texture and the flavor as well. YUM!
Now to the highlight of my dinner: the not yet launched Tenderloin Cut that was so perfect! I mean look at that awesome marbling and those juicy fat that melt right when you cook it! It was so tender and you barely need to chew it. AWESOME!
I did not snap the picture of their ice cream, but bible, THEY MAKE THE BEST THAI TEA AND FERRERO ROCHER ICE CREAM! Seriously the most identical Ferrero ice cream that I have ever had in my life, and I didn't expect to find it here. Seriously you have to have to HAVE TO TRY!

Short to say, Koba is definitely the place you should consider if you're seeking for good Korean restaurant in Alam Sutera. Aside from the fact that there are not a lot of Korean restaurants in Alam Sutera itself, for the quality and the price that you're paying: worth it.

Best of luck!


Living World Alam Sutera
Jalan Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21
Alam Sutera, Serpong
Tangerang 15325
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k


Map for Living World

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