From Bali to Jakarta, Gaya Gelato is finally opening its first official Jakarta outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta! Wow more and more Bali gelato franchises are opening in town!

Went here with my dad earlier this afternoon straight from the airport after arriving from Semarang (and I bring some blog worthy stories for you too from Semarang). If you're a regular to Bali and this brand, Gaya Gelato is one of the most famous local gelato brand and from what I see they rule the Ubud market. They already have two outlets spread in Ubud (one in Ubud and another one in Sayan) and since lately I notice that more and more gelato shops are opening in Jakarta, I think it's a smart move and the right time that they expand here.
Coincidence or not but Gaya Gelato PIK is located just two shops away from another big player in the neighborhood: Latteria and align with the newly opened Mo-mo Paradise and Ikkudo Ichi, while their Ubud outlets are more to the minimalist and humble kind, their PIK outlet is definitely a little more spacious and glamorous with industrial-minimalist vibe added to the design element and details.  Around the entrance area is the sitting area with living-room feel to it and upon my visit there was a group of moms chatting around and somehow the living-room vibe was more alive, they also have other seating areas one located across the gelato bar and the other one just beside.
Gaya branding pattern as wallpaper and it works!
Gelato Bar - feel free to try the ice creams before purchasing them.
Bar like seating across the gelato bar with a little cookie display beside.
Cookies display
In total they have 22 different gelato flavors but based on my visit earlier today some items were not ready yet and some were sold out but hey that's okay they literally just turn 2-days old as this post's written (so you do the math later when you see this post some time in the future), anyway the staffs who took care of the shift on my visit were very friendly and I appreciate how they actually recommended me some flavors to try and consider (another sign they have good product knowledge). If you're a first timer, I highly recommend you guys going for their signature Baccio (chocolate and hazelnut) or Pavlova, they were good but I didn't have 'em on this visit, I was craving for some hazelnut and pistachio combo while my dad just wanted the coffee gelato. Some other strong flavors that they offer here include Raw Chocolate, Pannacotta, Cannela, Stracciatella Al Ginger, Choccolato Arancia, Yogurt and Chocolate Chili (the aftertaste got spicier and spicier).

For those who fancy fresh sorbets, rest assure as they also have fruity sorbets like Menta (wasn't my favorite as I expected the mojito kind of sorbet but it was plaint mint-sweet), Passionfruit, Soursop, Tamarillo, Lemongrass, Lime, Mango and more. 

Wasn't aware of this but THEY'RE NOW HAVING 50% OFF PROMOTION BUT THE FIRST OPENING WEEK (until February 11th) so don't take this promo for granted!

One scoop (small) = IDR 25k, two scoops = IDR 35k, three scoops = IDR 55k
Pistachio and Hazelnut
The Pistachio gelato was rich, sweet, creamy and milky without being crazy bold, and I was fond of how their Hazelnut gelato had this gritty texture but I found the flavor to be a tad too sweet for my liking and expecting the Hazelnut flavor to be bolder. However, as usual these two are my go-to combo that made my day.
Caffe Gelato (coffee)
The coffee gelato was rich with strong milky coffee character, smooth creamy-velvety texture, sweet without being overly sweet! Couldn't complain!
The fact that Gaya Gelato is already here excites me, and the fact that their gelato is good just proceed to make me even happier! At least I don't have to fly to Bali when I am craving for their gelato but it's always different when you know you're having it in Bali, sort of suggested by the fact that you're in Bali and you're having Gaya where it originally came from. Best of luck and will surely bring more friends here to abuse your gelato!


Gaya Gelato Jakarta
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 37
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2952 5999
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Gaya Gelato

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