Thought I wanted to do a short review of my favorite gelato shop in Yogyakarta: Tempo Gelato! Been here so many times already but always forgot to do the review on my blog.

Tempo Gelato is a gelato shop originated from Yogyakarta and since the growth of the business has been terrific, they're now having two outlets located in Prawirotaman (first outlet) and followed by the newer Kaliurang outlet which by the way is currently their largest and one that I'm doing a little review on this entry. I don't know man everytime I'm travelling somewhere no matter how prepared I am with my camera and lenses, I eventually always end up taking so little pictures because when you're actually there you just want to chill around, enjoy the moment and actually live in that moment, that can explain why there are not a lot of pictures in this post.
The interior design of their Kaliurang outlet was pretty much the same as their Prawirotaman outlet, the biggest difference was the size. Their Kaliurang outlet was like 4 times larger than their Prawirotaman outlet and that came with two stories, more seating capacity and larger parking space. FYI they're packed almost all the freaking time so the fact that this outlet was way larger kinda gave more space to breathe.

Customers are more than welcome to sample the ice creams before the final opt, but before deciding what to have you're encouraged to finish the payment first. There were 4 available serving sizes: small (IDR 20k), medium (IDR 40k), big (IDR 65k) and x-big (IDR 115k) and additional IDR 5k if you want to have the ice cream served with cone. Truthfully their cone was seriously one of the best kinds and had all the perfect texture, crunchiness, flavor and sweetness. I'd say I like their cone way better than Gusto while ice cream wise I still like Gusto's better.

There are approximately 12 different gelato & sorbet flavors to choose and for ice creams, I am usually the old-fashioned guy and would stick to what I've been comfortable with. Some of the flavors that I found very good here include Nutella, Green Tea, Thai Tea and Strawberry. Texture wise, I found Gusto's to be creamier and richer in terms of flavor and the biggest letdown was the fact that Tempo Gelato doesn't have Pistachio flavor, which happens to be my all time ultimate number one favorite gelato flavor, but aside from that: their gelato has been consistent and fresh since my first visit with bold flavor & creamy texture without tasting artificial, and plus they often come with different flavors that are one of a kind like kemangi & jahe (ginger). I heard they're pretty good too but never tried them before.
I've tried some gelato shops in Yogyakarta and so far Tempo Gelato still remains my number one favorite. Highly recommended.

PS: judging from the crowd, this gelato shop is truly a money making machine bruh.


Tempo Gelato
Jalan Kaliurang KM. 5,2 No. 28
DIY Yogyakarta 55153
+62274 5307191
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 50k
Dresscode: none


Map for Tempo Gelato

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