The positive response to the previous Tokyo posts have been a bliss for me and I am now even more excited in sharing my experience and stories from the trip with you!

This time I will be talking about my experience visiting Daikanyama, which a lot claim to be the 'Brooklyn of Tokyo', as well as that more hipster-ish part of Tokyo. Daikanyama is just one station away from Shibuya station with interchange to Tokyu-Toyoko line, technically I heard that Daikanyama is still a part of Shibuya and if you're willing to, you can actually walk from Shibuya to Daikanyama, it's a 20-30 minute walk according to Google Maps.
The four photos below were taken in Omotesando, had something to do (re: shopping) earlier before going to Daikanyama.
 Daikanyama station!
Upon the station exit, there's a skincare and beauty shop called Cosme Kitchen which is sort of like the mini Sephora for skincare and beauty junkie in Tokyo! In case you don't know, there's no Sephora in Tokyo (or in Japan), locals normally go to department store/Cosme Kitchen/Botanist/the brand stores to shop for the products.
Again, don't let the bright sunlight fool ya, that day in Daikanyama is also one of the coldest, it was a very windy day and it actually reached 1 degree celcius at night! Anyway Flipper's spotted! If you love thick fluffy pancakes, they have it right there (even though not my favorite).
In a glance, Daikanyama is just like this beautiful mix of Omotesando and Shimokitazawa (another two that I love so much!). It has this hipster vibe that I like, the neighbourhood that's filled with locals' cribs and posh shops. While still appear very friendly and warm, but can't deny from the posh shops in the neighbourhood, Daikanyama is definitely the upper class neighbourhood/shopping district of Tokyo, align with Omotesando, but not Ginza posh.

...and I love how quiet the neighbourhood was! Maybe since I came on weekdays?
LE LABO!!! One of my all time favorite perfume houses. You can actually make your own perfume here, and if you're a first timer here, go for their Rose 31 and Santal 33.
The thing about my recent Japan trip is that WE DIDN'T MAKE ANY ITINERARY, what to do and where to eat were always spontaneous, quick check on Foursquare to see the nearest with good ratings and we're really good to go, that's why for those who asked, I can't give you my itinerary because really, I didn't have (and make) one. Right from Le Labo, we continued walking and proceed to accidentally find THE ONLY TREE with what I thought was Sakura blossoming (because it's pink and look like one), but apparently it was Ume aka Plum flowers!
...anyway, SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Took the Coca Cola Peach shot here because it fits the PINK characteristic of both!
It was the time for lunch and we were hungry yet still didn't know where to eat...until we accidentally stumbled upon this burger restaurant called Henry's which my best friend, Sari, continuously raved about and told me to go, and since I've always trusted her recommendation, I went and genuinely left with this pure joy in my tummy, it was indeed the best burger I've had in Tokyo! Well they used A5 meat for the beef patty (duh!), but I still can't compare it to Shake Shack as they're both different, but patty wise and overall flavor, Henry's for sure!
We continued walking and walking (like literally that moment when you're like lost with no direction) and we found this mini park where we stopped and took quick pictures!

ANOTHER ACCIDENTAL FINDING!!! JUST LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!!! This has been on my list forever and so glad that I found this at Daikanyama and I convinced my friends to stop for a quick tea break (or should I say boba tea break). I heard their Green Tea Boba is to die for so I was like dead curious.

...and BOY IT WAS!!! Their Organic Green Tea Boba (720 yen) was honestly one of the best green tea boba that I've ever had in my life! Perfectly sweet, rich, creamy, with the most perfect boba texture: perfectly firm, dense, chewy, ohhhh just LOVE! As for the Thai Tea, nothing really wowed me.
My friend accidentally found this building called La Fuente which looked strikingly minimalist and photogenic from the outside. I didn't know whether to describe this as a shopping mall because there were also these rooms for offices, almost like mini mall/co-working space, but my friend was right, it was photogenic, inside and out, and yet we spent quite some time chilling around and took pics here.
A small garden with branch tree and illumination light, FYI it gets dark faster during winter in Japan, 5 PM is the start of the dawn and quickly turned dark from that state...and oh, it was starting to get colder and colder from this moment!
Minimalist-industrial background for your OOTD!
From La Fuente we then continued walking and found this bridge around a shopping complex called Peacock, and of course, time for more pictures HAHAHA! To be completely frank with you guys I started to really like the less ambitious trip where I just needed to be as lazy as I can, didn't focus on visiting a lot of places just for the sake of review, just embracing the lazy days, lazy moment and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones. I highly recommend you do too.
Went in to see what Peacock had in store, a lot of local and indie fashion brands with relatively high price tag, didn't seem to find a lot of options for boys to be honest.
Told you earlier how that day in Daikanyama was among the coldest and my ears started to get very cold, nose blocked and I needed a quick escape to warm my body! Luckily, just across Peacock there's an artisan chocolate cafe called Hi-Cacao which apparently became one of the highlights of the day, they serve freaking good Hot Chocolate, French pastries and Warm Molten Cake! Don't skip this if you're planning to make a trip to Daikanyama.
Think I spent around 900 yen for the hot chocolate and cake! The chocolate felt premium, fresh, without leaving this film like layer on your palate (that's usually the sign of cheap chocolate)

TENOHA DAIKANYAMA - a lifestyle complex which consist of posh fancy restaurant, cafes, furniture and home stores.
Paul Smith!
Maison Kitsune - love this brand! A French brand with collections designed by Japanese designer.
Initially wanted to have grilled feast for dinner, but the places that we wanted to go were full, couldn't seem to bear with the cold longer so Yoshinoya for the rescue, I know, I know, don't judge! The love of junkfood will always be there no matter where I go LOL! Many of you asked this on my Instagram, but to be honest, I kinda seem to like the Indonesian version even more!
Felt like having a cup of coffee after dinner and Ebisu happened to be so close to Daikanyama! I knew this coffee shop called Sarutahiko around the neighbourhood which I wanted to revisit, they have good coffee here!
Iced Soy Latte (550 yen). Bold, creamy yet well-balanced with soft faded aftertaste.
One thing that I kinda regret is that I didn't snap a photo of Daikanyama T-site and that famous bookstore in the neighbourhood with my camera: Tsutaya Books, ran out of battery & my phone shots were bad, anyway kept that for my eyes only. That's it you guys, one day in Daikanyama, this post is not necessarily a guide to Daikanyama as I told you earlier that this trip was all about lazy quality time, nothing ambitious about it, I will definitely go back to Daikanyama (and recommending you guys do too!), it's officially my favorite neighbourhood in Tokyo at the moment!

Thank you guys for reading, see you on the next post!


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