I asked my Melbournian friends for brunch recommendations and which one from Higher Ground, Top Paddock or Kettle Black is better, apparently I just knew from my friends that the three restaurants are owned by the same owner and that's why each carries this exact same Ricotta Hot Cake on the menu (dang!), then my friends came with comparisons, they say the best food is in Top Paddock, the best ambiance belongs to Kettle Black for its white clean ambiance (and best for pictures), but Higher Ground is one of the newest establishment from the group, then after some considerations, finally decided to try out Higher Ground for the industrial look that I like (from Google) and the fact that it's new so I can make a fresh quick review about it.
Higher Ground is located at Little Bourke st. and it's just a sweet 15 minute walk from QT, where I spent my nights in Melbourne, anyway in case you've never heard, Melbourne has been voted the world's most livable city for 7 years in a row, and it's personally a city that's so easy to explore and very walkable, most places within the city can be easily accessed by foot, anyway I like to do a little cardio before indulging on the big feast! As I stepped inside, I was very pleased by the look of this gorgeous cafe: it's almost like this warehouse (or power station) redecorated, details added here and there and voila, a "high-level" industrial cafe to cater your lust for hipster cafes, along with the expectation that the food better be good.

The energy that morning was great, especially since I was going to meet a friend of mine, Jethro, whom I haven't met for 5 years since the uni days!!!  Somehow fate "arranged" us to meet here, in Melbourne, just grateful!
We arrived around 8:30 AM and were lucky as there was no queue, but in just around 30 minutes after, the queue started looking crazy and so many people were outside the building as we finished dining here, so my suggestion is to wake up early and be here around 8 AM-ish to avoid queues.

Ok quick virtual cafe tour!

 Higher Ground is a two-storey cafe, somehow the vibe of the second floor is a bit more intimate.
Expect to find various sweet and savory brunch menus here, quick scan of their menu and the food sounded fancy like Spiced Cauliflowers & Scrambled Eggs ($19.50), Eggs on Toast ($14), Benedict Eggs with Dried Cured Ham, Emmental Bearnaise on Sourdough ($20.50), Steamed Market Fish ($26) to their best selling Ricotta Hot Cakes ($21) which has gone viral for the beautiful presentation!

Skinny Cap
Didn't try this one as this belongs to my friend, but I gotta admit the Soy Latte here is pretty good!
 Eggs on Toast with extra Avocado ($14)
Undoubtedly expensive for $14 but to be completely frank with you, the scrambled egg is very good: fragrant, beautifully seasoned and salty. If you fancy, you're given the chance to choose between Poached or Sunny Side Up instead of Scrambled, and no doubt about the Australian avo (extra $3), they're just the best!
Ricotta Hot Cake ($21)
This Ricotta Hot Cake has been among my personal food bucketlist for quite some time and to finally be able to experience this was (hyperbolically) monumental, it feels so good to be able to tick off something you've really wanted to do or try in your life! A lot claimed this to be the best Ricotta Hot Cake in the world (especially Kettle Black's) but since they're in the same group, well...

Anyway I would not disagree, I haven't tried a lot of Ricotta Hot Cakes in my life, probably just three including the one at Paddy Hills Singapore and in comparison to the three, this one's indeed THE BEST one I've had so far! Didn't expect the portion to be that big and unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the whole thing (probably just 1/3), but I like just how moist and fluffy the cake was and altogether this wonderful play of texture, flavor, and festive toppings in a plate! The sweetness was perfect (even after drenched in maple syrup at the bottom) with Ricotta, Blueberries, Strawberries, Double Cream, Sugar Sprinkles, Edible Flowers and Crunch and Maple Syrup dressing!
Maybe it was the ambiance, or maybe it was the company, but I had a good time at Higher Ground. I have to come back and explore more food to give full review about the food, but what I had was really not bad at all, particularly the Ricotta Hot Cake. Short to say, Higher Ground is one of the happening cafes with super deco and well put concept. Going to revisit when I'm back in Melbourne for sure!!!

Higher Ground Melbourne
650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
03 - 8899 6219
Opening hours:
Mon-Wed: 7 AM-4 PM
Thu-Fri: 7 AM-late
Sat: 8 AM-late
Sun: 8 AM-4 PM
Average spending for two: $40
Dresscode: none, casual


Map for Higher Ground Melbourne

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