I love Korean food, that's just the drill, said it before, saying it now and will probably keep on repeating, and I have few recommendations that I can share to you (currently researching for the best Korean restaurants in Jakarta according to me) but this time in this entry I am going to be talking about this restaurant that has been around for quite a while now, and now come with this new ALL YOU CAN EAT concept that I believe, the idea many of you are fond of! Say hello to MAGAL PREMIUM in Senayan City!

Magal Premium is located at the 5th level of Senayan City mall, precisely next to Putu Made! Don't get too carried by the name "PREMIUM" because quick scan of the menu and the AYCE price is actually very reasonable, they put "PREMIUM" because indeed there's a premium option that you can choose but really the choice is yours! They have the regular set for IDR 199k and the premium set for IDR 299k (with special price for kids at IDR 129k), and good news for my Muslim readers, Magal Premium is COMPLETELY HALAL because they serve no pork and no lard here!!! The main difference is when you order the regular set, they limited the their ala cartes menus and beef options to two: Thinly Sliced Prime Brisket and Marinated Prime Beef Ribs, and when you go for their premium set you'll find WAY MORE additional menus like Marinated Boneless Shortribs, Prime Beef Boneless Shortribs, Prime Beef Ribs, Marinated Prime Shortribs, and Ox Tounge! Not to mention, GAYA GELATO for dessert. YUM! For IDR 100k upgrade I would totally go, freaking worth it maaaaaan!

Whatever you choose, the set comes with choices of meat (beef, chicken, seafood), generous banchan, ala carte menus like ramyun, tteobokki, panjeon, bibimbap, japchae and many more, drinks and egg crust like the one below, Magal is famous for this!
I initially expected that they would serve small portions of the ala carte dishes but they freaking serve the real serving size which got me shook in the most flattering way and makes me appreciate this restaurant hashtag value for money!

Ramyun with Egg
No joke, even though this is totally simple, but their Ramyun was surprisingly one of the most impressive food from the lunch, I know don't judge me but do try this so that you'll understand! Seasoned just spot on, spicy with comforting boiled egg on the side. LOVE!
Spicy Pork Rib Soup
Look at that chunky rib OMG! It's huge but meaty, only expected the soup to be spicier because it was not spicy at all for my liking, so glad that when I voiced what I wanted the staff was so attentive by bringing me more gojuchang sauce from the kitchen! I think it's a sweet little gesture!
This one looks tempting but somehow the one that we (I and my brother) forgot about because the whole time we were busy with the meat and the soup that this was abandoned SOWRY! However for review purpose I did try this one and this was not bad at all, the serving comes with this gokchujang sauce that you mix together.
Seafood and Kimchi Pajeon
Another champ from the ala-carte section: their PANCAKE! Ordered this seafood and kimchi pancake, hence the red color, but again it was not spicy at all which I don't mind for this kind of food (but soup needs to be properly spicy), this was much bigger in real life, properly cooked, moist, juicy! To be frank I intentionally don't want to waste a lot of my calorie for the ala-carte dishes because I want to dig into the proteins (read: meat)!
The meat comes in little serving portion, which in a way I found to be good hence you can try more and after all you can refill more and more so no need to worry about that. I asked for the whole beef options to be served because I want to try everything and give fair judgement about it!
A plus point to note about: I love how every time we finish with each grill session, the staff would quickly change the grill to the new one and they were attentive about it the whole time, that's why if you scroll down the pictures the grill was relatively clean! Anyway, we were given the freedom to cook the food ourselves but since I wanted to take pics, the kind waitress offered the help!

First batch: chicken, beef, squid and condiments like pineapple, mushroom and green chili! Gotta give it to the chicken because it was served fresh and when you cook it right, it can be pretty damn good, as for the beef, if you want to be chill with your orders, I recommend getting the more premium options like their marinated shortribs for juicy texture and flavor. Not the biggest fan of their ox tounge but that's okay.
Second batch: more chicken, shrimps, boneless chicken feet!

One of the waitresses recommended me to get the boneless chicken feet because apparently it's popular among customers, so I did manage to order that but somehow didn't like it because it just doesn't appear and taste to appealing for me, maybe just not my thing.
heads and shells removed!
This one is off their ala carte menus, the holy moly wagyu beef and from the marbling itself I think you know how amazing this is going to be I don't even have to explain much!!! The serving comes with bell peppers, cucumber slices, mushrooms, and garlic.
Now this one you have to cook with that perfect timing, I think 15-20 seconds on each side should be perfect! This is one fancy meat you can't ruin this!!!

Gracefully plated for service.
One of the perks of upgrading to the premium set is having GAYA GELATO for dessert as I mentioned earlier! Four options to choose: hazelnut chocolate, soursop, passion fruit and caramel, if you fancy something lighter then they also have fruit cuts (watermelon) and iced coffee. Unfortunately I was too full to have any kind of dessert in my tummy so I skipped on dessert that day.

Above decent quality of food, fresh meats and good service, for IDR 300k I think dining here is well worth it. Just make sure you go for what I recommended: marinated shortribs, ramyun and maybe something from the ala-carte if want something really-really good! Of course it's not fair to compare AYCE meat to ala-carte otherwise they probably won't profit lol. Enjoy!

MAGAL Premium
Senayan City 5th floor
Jalan Asia Afrika
Senayan - Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 7278 1205
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 600k
Dresscode: none

Map for Senayan City

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