What? The header picture is teasing your appetite? LOL keep reading to know where this is, but if you are a follower of my Instagram I believe you should know where since I've posted this one!

Feeling the spirit this week and I continuously hang on to the commitment I made to myself to share more on this platform so here I am sharing you guys my 4 days 3 nights journey exploring Singapore, and heavily on food! This is my second trip to Singapore this year, I just feel like there are so many things to explore in Singapore, especially food wise and trust me there are still so many to talk about and I will keep on returning, even when Singapore feels very expensive, anyway...

The list is going to be sorted by the time of visit, from the first to the last day! Enough yakking and please enjoy this post!

Ion Orchard level B4 #29
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opens 10 AM
Heytea was in my priority list since I didn't manage to get one on my last visit (sold out by 4 PM wow), I think it was Friday the day I arrived in Singapore, reached here by 2 PM and the queue was long, but the service was rapid, I barely waited for 15 minutes to get my orders! Tried out their best selling BOBO ICE CREAM (S$4,5) and BOBO BRULEE (brown sugar milk drink, S$4,5) and I seriously fell for their soft serve, OMG perfectly creamy with this wonderful caramel brulee flavor that I absolutely love, the overall consistency was thick, but perfectly sweet with sweet lovely aftertaste, as for the brown sugar milk boba drink, well to be frank I like it, it has this creamy texture that I like but less creamy when you compare this to Tiger Sugar's, drink wise, I prefer Tiger Sugar's maybe for their "cream brulee" that's adding this hint of sweetness and extra creaminess, but altogether on the right amount.
Tried the matcha version of the Bobo Brulee (S$6) but I don't think it fits my palate, I prefer the milk way more than the matcha as I was not fond of how the fact that the matcha kinda overpower the whole drink (and the brown sugar too!), but as for the berry drink on the right, OMG WTF SO FREAKING GOOOOOOOOD!!! Everything was just perfect, you can still feel how creamy the cheese is, how fruity the fruit smoothie is, perfectly sweet and enjoyable!
Paragon Shopping Mall, B1 #39-40
290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Opens 11 AM
Tiger Sugar has an outlet in Paragon Orchard (level B1) so why not made a stop there while I was already around Orchard, and oh I travel with my dear friend Cindy Lulaby, it's been a while since her last visit to Singapore so she's a total brown sugar milk drink virgin and her main mission was to taste and compare the brown sugar milk drink in Singapore! As I mentioned earlier, drink wise, I prefer Tiger Sugar to Heytea for the creamier texture and the overall impression of the drink, and Cindy also chose the same!

As this post is written, Tiger Sugar doesn't have any softserve creation, so I can't compare Heytea's softserve to any brand.
Orchard Road, Singapore
Initially didn't plan to have this, but we just finished exploring Takashimaya and I stumbled upon this crowded S$1.2 ice cream stall and when I saw "Michelin Guide" I easily got triggered! The stall is called Uncle Chieng Traditional Wafer Ice Cream and truth be told, I think it's indeed the best S$1.2 ice cream I've had so far, simple sweet creamy snack to munch on a humid day, easily enjoyable!
Clarke Quay Central 4th level #63
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817
Opens 11 AM
Set my expectation high but left with a bit of disappointment, the crab meat was a bit dense and dry, the chili crab sauce turned out to be lacking that kick of flavor (and after I posted this on my story a lot of you recommended me to go for their white pepper crab, oh how I wish to ask you guys before I ate), but thank goodness for the cereal prawn as it was the champ from the dinner! Dining here was pretty expensive too I think we spent almost S$400, overall, I think I prefer Jumbo's.
1 Liang Seah Street, 10/11 Liang Seah Place
Singapore 189032
Opens 1:30 PM
Ah Chew is a popular local dessert house that's located around Bugis area and expect the long queue during night service! So glad that we didn't need to wait too long even though there were like 20 people ahead of us. We ordered three desserts to share: Mango Pomelo Sago (S$4.2), Durian Sago (S$6.5) and Watermelon Honeydew Sago (S$3.9). To be frank with you guys, nothing special about the Mango Pomelo Sago, just too sweet and too monotone for my liking, almost no layer of flavor, as for the Durian Sago: BIG YES! It's creamy, thick with bold durian flavor and the durian ice cream just adds in more fun! The Watermelon Honeydew dessert is also a good refreshing choice, very much like my favorite Es Buah Bangkok with sweet fruit and milk soup!
40 Beo Crescent, Singapore 160040
Opens 6:30 AM
This was one of the most impressive food that I had among the trip and it's recommended by my dear friend Zippy who knows the best local hidden gems! Getting here might be a bit tricky, but the dining venue (which looked like food court) is located precisely beside the Beo Crescent Food Centre and next to Happy Oven bakery! This was not the "Scissor Cut" kind of curry rice and personally, compared to Scissor Cut, I prefer this one as I think this has more flavor, more kinds of tasty toppings and my goodness the squid-pork curry is EVERYTHING!!! The soy pork belly is so juicy and fatty and as simple as half done fried egg with salty soy sauce is appetizing, and don't forget the crispy pork skin for texture! Totally eatandtreats approved!
They have two serving methods here: if you come solo you can apply the "warteg" style order where you can point what you want and they will pile everything on the plate, but if you come as two (or more), they will apply the "padang" style order where you can tell them what you want but they will serve the toppings on some small plates like pictured above.
65 Tras st, Singapore 079004
Opens 10 AM
Baristart is one of the newest cafes to open in Singapore and originated from Japan! They're famous for their Hokkaido milk base desserts and boy I absolutely love what they offer here! Their coffee is AMAZING and the Hokkaido milk companion just made everything better, my Iced Latte with BIEI Milk (S$8) was creamy but not overly thick, just spot on! Indeed a bit hefty for a glass of coffee. The custard choux (below) had such generous filling, a bit milky for my liking but I believe a lot will like this kind too! I initially thought their kakigori will just be one of those Instagenic desserts that's only cute but not so much delicious, apparently quality wise pretty good too!
Ion Orchard level B4
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opens 10 AM
Cindy has been craving for this one and since, again, she's a 4 Fingers virgin, off we went! It has also been a while since the last time I had this and as far as I can remember, I think they're pretty consistent with their chicken, even though the kimchi fries was lacking flavor!
The Centrepoint #05-15/16, Orchard
176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843
Closes 6 AM, reopens 11:30 AM
Apparently some of my foodie friends were in Singapore last week so we decided to meet up and had dinner at Beauty in A Pot (omg hot pot date is the best!), most of them had Hai Di Lao before and wanted to try out BIAP to see which one is better! Some of my regular orders in BIAP has got to be their uber good Prawn Paste with Ebiko (S$18.80), Fried Beancurd Rolls (S$3 for half portion), Various Meatballs and Wontons! If you're looking for the flying noodle, they don't have it here (you might want to go to Hai Di Lao for that one), as for the soup base, I love the Beauty Collagen broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth (mala-ish soup).
So which one is better? It's hard to say because I think the difference is very thin, nothing super significant. If you're looking for that rich, numbing mala soup then you might like Hai Di Lao better, BIAP's version is also bold, but different kind compared to HDL's, in a way less mala-ish and more enjoyable as you don't have to occasionally pause due to the numbing, and as for the ingredients, I think both are pretty much the same, except BIAP's Ebiko Prawn Paste which for me is really the main reason why I constantly came back!!!
150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563
Opens 9 AM, closed on Mondays
I love Chye Seng Huat, I think it is one of the best coffee shops in Singapore, especially for those who fancy strong, bold body coffee (and oh that signature Papa Palheta beans), on days when I am looking for something less bold, I go for their White Cold Brew (S$7) which for me is among the best white cold brew drinks that I've had in my life! I often get two of the cold brew: one for dine in and conveniently one for takeaway (glass bottle rules).
I got tons of questions about the chocolate cake below, it's the Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Cake (S$5.5) and yes it's unbelievably good, perfectly sweet, uber moist and tasty!
13 Crane Road, Singapore 429359
Opens 12 PM
Another recommendation from Zippy who claim that this is THE BEST SALTED EGG CHICKEN for him in Singapore! Okay, honest review: the very first spoon reminds me of Secbowl's, like legit very much alike, but overall I still like Secbowl's better because Jia Yuen's version is very creamy, or maybe overly creamy for my liking and I would like it even more if the chicken's crispier with bigger cuts, BUT do order their salted egg dory because it's SUPER GOOD, the fish was so fresh, soft, smooth and somehow the amount of sauce was perfect on the fish dish, this was Zippy's treat but if I'm not mistaken he said he paid around S$25 for three portions!
63 East Coast Road, 01-05, Singapore 428776
Opens 12 PM
...because after salty goodness you need something sweet to clean your palate #madeupreasons! My new favorite ice cream shop in Singapore: BIRDS OF PARADISE! The ice cream shop has been around for awhile but I was a total virgin to this one and boy it was such a delightful experience! ermmmm, anyway what you need to order here is their White Chamomile & Raspberry Lychee (two scoops for S$7.8), I found them to be different and unique in the most delicious way, their classic Pastachio is also very well executed, but White Chamomile it is for something different!
287 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437036
Opens 11 AM
I wasn't aware that there are two Eng's Noodle in Tanjong Katong, but according to those who replied to my story, apparently initially there's only one Eng's but the family got into this kind of feud, so long story short there are two Eng's now and located across to one another! Decided to try both to find out which one I like better #fairjudgement, both outlets priced the noodle at the same tag, but the serving was different: first, the color of the plate (the one align with Ponggol Nasi Lemak) uses white plate and the one across uses green plate, second, presentation! Remember vividly ordering the same thing (and spent the same amount) but one Eng's put the wontons on the noodle and the other placed the wontons entirely in the soup! Okay so which one is better? I found the one align to Ponggol Nasi Lemak Centre to be one better and slightly packed with more flavor, the other Eng's is oilier, but truthfully both are enjoyable in my opinion, it's just the matter of preference.

Big Dry Wonton Mee (S$5), they also have the soup version! As for the side dishes, they have boiled wontons, fried wontons and boiled vegetables!
Long ass queue, I didn't have this on my last visit but have tried before: I quite like it, but not out of the world good!
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Brace yourself for this one bitchessss because I'm about to reveal my favorite BROWN SUGAR MILK DRINK IN SINGAPORE!!! Okay not so much because I already revealed this prior this blog post!!! To be fair, I love every single one of brown sugar milk drink that I had in Singapore and each one has its plus and minus, pros and cons, but if you ask me to only name one, I think R&B TAKES THE MUTHAFUCKIN CROWN!!! It's really the cheese brulee that really elevates the whole performance, it's creamy, sweet and given quite generously, I love drinks with layers of flavor in a single serving and this one takes the cake, the milk reminds me of LiHo's kind, and the bubble to be HeyTea's/Tiger Sugar's! My runner up would be Tiger Sugar I guess, but as for the brown sugar milk tea I think R&B's version is pretty enjoyable, but not the best.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee (S$6.5 large)
Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road, #02-04
Singapore 179023
OMG now that I am writing this I just realized how I ate so much that day, and man Hai Di Lao for supper. I don't know why but hot pots are just A MUST HAVE when I am in Singapore, but I think for some time I will stop sticking to Hai Di Lao & Beauty in A Pot and explore more since I believe Singapore has A LOT, so if you have more legit recommendations please let me know love you!
34 Boon Leat Street #01-01, Singapore 119866
I will share more about Habitat on a single blog post because this is such an interestic content to write about! Supermarket and dining spot in a single venue, they apply the cashless shopping method almost like AmazonGo kind of concept, if you're a first timer to Honestbee, you might feel a bit unusual at how things run here, and you need to have the app to be able to enter the building and experience what they have in store! Okay will keep the detail for the next blog post so stay tuned, but what I can tell you is that I enjoy my time here!
Food Opera Ion Orchard level B4
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opens 10 AM
This is my mom's favorite food in Singapore and when we travel together, this needs to be her first meal in town, it's located at Food Opera (ION Orchard level B4) and it's called the Lixin Teo Chew Fishball Noodle! The noodle set is priced at S$5.7, you can choose the kind of noodle you want (four options), but I highly suggest either the thinner one or this wider kind and DO HAVE THE SPICY SAUCE because really it's the key! The fishballs are big, bouncy, while mainly flour but it still had this decent amount of fish, and FYI you'll be given 5 in a serving! The flavor's bold, the noodle is perfectly al-dente (firm, if that's the word) and mostly whatever my mom loves, me too!
Last meal in Singapore before leaving for the airport, Zippy brought us this fried chicken which happen to be his favorite!

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