Recently, I feel like the Dim Sum hype is being more lifted up with the existence of more modern Chinese restaurant. In the last couple of months, I've seen quite a few new restaurants opening and most of them concentrated on the Dim Sum service, some prefer ala carte and some provides All You Can Eat (AYCE) service. Just last night, I had my dinner at this new establishment named Ling Ling located in Mega Kuningan, so was it a mesmerizing dinner? Keep reading.

Ling Ling is located in The East building in Mega Kuningan. First of all, the hallway to reach Ling Ling wasn't the most grand, since The East is actually an office tower and for lack of better word: boring, but once you reach Ling Ling, in a sudden you feel like seeing something pretty and somewhere smells so damn nice (heard they even sell the room fragrance), it just reminds you of this cool elegant Chinese scent and it happened to match the pretty interior as well, they just opened last night and currently they only serve dinner, but next week they'll open for lunch so if you're an Instagrammer who desperately need a better lighting you can come here next week!
The interior was quite simple but nicely designed with a lot of touch of warm and neutral from the wood application and since I came for dinner it was quite dim (and for some reasons I liked it). I am not very sure if they have separated smoking areas, but they do have two VIP rooms where you can be served with a personal butler but of course there's a minimum charge policy.

I love this corner seating, if you come in 10, you should sit here and it's a little more private as well as it's being separated with this standing weld curtain and this is not their VIP so there's no minimum charge.


They have DJ performances every Friday and Saturday

I don't want to compare Ling Ling to Pao Pao because I feel they're a little bit different in terms of food concept, Pao Pao is currently serving Dim Sum and a couple of Chinese comfort food but Ling Ling has wider range of menu and wider venue, even though they still put Dim Sum as their main menu here, but here you can also find some delightful Chinese cuisines such as Aromatic Duck, a lot of Pork dishes, beef and more!
Since I came with my friends and some of their Chinese menu wasn't quite available yet, we decided to share the Dim Sum! Their Dim Sum starts from IDR 25k to IDR 45k, I think I remember the most expensive supposed to their Chong Fan with Wagyu (correct me if I am wrong), but unfortunately it wasn't available on my visit </3.

Mango and Basil
IDR 40k
This was a quite refreshing drink. I love the Mango flavor and even though I expected that extra kick of Basil (considering I love one and some people may not), but I think this drink had quite a good balance!
Cloud and Mist
IDR 55k
Despite the dreamy name, it's actually Chinese tea. Mild and fragrant and it's also refillable. Now this is very Chinese.

Chicken Siumai
IDR 25k
Appreciate the fact that they cooked the Siumai in a decent temperature resulting this chewy, bouncy and juicy dish. The filling was seasoned nicely and of course it's best served hot as it's still juicy and that extract and broth is a sign of a good moist siumai!
They gave us three dipping (or eventually not so dipping) sauces to accompany the Dimsum: it's the sweet sauce, the spicy sauce and the more savory one. My favorite has got the be spicy one as I love that extra kick, the sweet sauce was just okay and the savory one was quite decent.

Chicken Feet
IDR 25k
This was one of my favorites of the night. I am always impressed with restaurants that served good Chicken feet as it might not be a total rocket science but unfortunately I've experienced a lot of fails </3, but this one was incredibly good with amazing seasoning, very smooth chicken feet and even the bones were soft. They set the default spiciness at "mild" as you can always add in that little spicy kick.
Har Gao
IDR 25k
Beautifully cooked Har Gao with proper amount of prawn filling and beautiful seasoning.
Sprill Roll
IDR 35k
For me, this was the winning dish of the night! The Sprill Roll was AMAZING in terms of flavor! I super love how they drizzle and infuse the rolls with Truffle oil (and I mean quite generously) because it was so fragrant! The filling (I think it was chicken, prawn and mushroom) was quite generous as well. Perfectly cooked, perfectly executed this one you MUST TRY!
Prawn Beancurd Chongfan
IDR 30k
The Chongfan was not a disappointment either! It looked to me like a Twister Dough covered in Chong Fan and drizzled in the soy sauce. The filling was prawn and beancurd and again it was beautifully seasoned. The Twister Dough had this crispiness but goeyness as well but yes, you gotta have it with the soy sauce.
Onde Sesame, Onde Salted Egg Custard
IDR 25k each
For the sweet menus, I think this was the fucking BOMB! I couldn't decide which one my favorite one was out of two because they're equally NICE! The filling wasn't your typical paste or cream like, it's actually a little more liquidy, only thicker. The Sesame filling was OMG so beautiful I could die but I don't know how to explain it, if only the sesame was a fruit, this was like their puree. The Salted Egg custard was also annoyingly delicious! Even though I wasn't quite fond of the butter flavor (the filling was salted egg with butter), the Salted egg was creamy, sweet with that signature salted egg flavor (imagine) and somehow rich. LOVE LOVE!
Mango Pudding
IDR 60k
This was the dessert: Mango Pudding with Pomelo Sago and Granita. I was fond of the texture and flavor play from the Granita, the pudding and the pomelo sago, there's just something icy and freezy. Flavor wise, it was ok. I found the pudding flavor to be a little milky for my palate.

Must admit it was quite an enjoyable dinner. I didn't have any complaint to the food, service or the venue or whatever that is. The food was good, the company was even better! Together we spent around IDR 420k for everything (including tax) and yeah it's quite worth it for all the goodness that we experienced. I would love to come back for more and I bet it will be full in just a short so you better do the freaking reservation!

Ling Ling
The East Building GF
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Blok E3.2 Kav. 1
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 2554 2707/2708
Opening Hours: 6 PM - 12 AM
WEBSITE | #linglingjakarta


Map for The East

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