Ribs and Bier Co. (R&B Co.) is not a newcomer on the biz, but for some reasons I feel like it's not that well known. Personally, I would say that it's because of the (sort of) isolated location, I myself am not a big Kelapa Gading person and honestly don't go here that often, but when I do, I try to really browse some places in a single visit.

R&B Co. is located in Ruko Graha Boulevard, if you haven't heard about it, let me guide you: if you make your way from MOI, keep straight until you see La Piazza and then turn right, before the red light, you'll see a U turn and then turn around, keep straight until you see Best Pong and you're on the spot! R&B Co. is located technically just behind the Indomaret #B19! Frankly speaking, even though this restaurant's located in townhouses complex and not crazy spacious, but I quite fond of its design, it's very-very simple but somehow there's a little sense of warmth there and adaptable. They have three floors on the building: the first and second floors have this more casual atmosphere with beer barrel chairs and couch (second floor) while the third floor's function for corporate meetings, private parties or communal activities. I personally like the first floor better because it feels more open with more lights and smoke-free.

Passion Fruit
IDR 32k
A good thirst quencher, lovin the rich passionfruit flavor which dominates the serving in a good way! You're going to notice a little lemon and pineapple flavor as well.

Hot Latte
IDR 28k
They're using Tanamera beans here and the flavor of their coffee should be pretty much like how Tanamera serves it in their stores: good balance, slightly acid but good for those with stomach or maag problem. I like that cute little bear latte art!
R&B Co. Ribs Salad
IDR 39k
Their salad was actually pretty decent. I found the meat (beef ribs) to be juicy, tender and fragrant and the vegetables were fresh! A good salad should be simple, hearty and fresh with proper seasoning (and a colorful one won't hurt ;P). The main star of this salad must be the ribs and the homemade cocktail sauce, having them together really live up the flavor and texture of the whole portion!

Chicken Nachos
IDR 37k
While I expected a bolder seasoning, the nachos chips were quite crunchy, the cheese and filling were generous!

Grilled Chicken Steak
IDR 58k
This was their take on the good old grilled chicken! I got the tender grilled chicken which was GOOD because chicken sometimes happened to be my least favorite protein, especially when it's freaking dry and boring. The tender chicken got even juicier with the help of the yummy mushroom sauce! Must admit they made good mushroom sauce. Presentation wise, I love how they paired this with fries (or mashed) and some greens! Good balance.

Pork Stripped
IDR 47k
The pork meat was juicy and tender and the seasoning really speaks! It's a little spicy but still not overwhelming and I like how they keep it simple with the seasoning as they're focusing on the meat flavor which correctly should be the main point! Probably one of my favorites of the day!

R&B Co. Pork Ribs
IDR 127k
Unlike most restaurants that I've visited before, how they presented the baby back ribs is pretty
unique, because the BBQ seasoning wasn't marinated together with the ribs and actually separated! At one point, this is a good alternative for those who are not fond of BBQ sauce and eventually left with no option. The meat was pretty tender and juicy and I think the picture does the talking already! Just look at how the light hit the surface of the ribs beautifully resulting this glazy effect! The serving came with mashed or fries and coleslaw as well.

Chocolate Lava Cake
IDR 38k
The good old chocolate lava cake, I don't think I can resist this. The cake was cooked on a decent temperature and yes they succeed in making that melted eruption! Sexually good looking <3.
Personally, I found this restaurant is underrated, I didn't find the food to be a disappointed, in fact some were quite impressive. Short to say, it could be worth that drive to Gading for. I think there's not a lot of places (or in fact: none) that serves ribs in Kelapa Gading except for Ribs Bier and Co. so if you're too lazy to drive all the way out of the North or probably flying to Bali, this could be a good treat for your rib craving and the pricing's not bad at all! Food here ranges from IDR 35k-IDR 135k, average spent for a couple should be IDR 200k-IDR 300k :).

Ribs and Bier Co.
Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok KGC No. B19
Jl. Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
021 - 2937 5227
Opening Hours: 3 PM - 12 AM


Map for Ribs and Bier Co.

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