The name “Mazda” is not a baby when it comes to the automotive business, well indeed it's still some people's babe tho. Their cars are stylish, sporty and unconventional. First founded and established in Japan back in 1920 and after more than 9 decades, it’s one of the most populars automobile brands in the world.

Appearance wise, The “All New Mazda 2” (or Mazda Demio as it’s known in Japan) is like the combination of bold and delicate design (and by delicate I mean deliciously good looking), it’s just perfect for you stylish people with young and free spirited soul! This car is the 6th generation of the Mazda car family that inheritates Mazda’s series of advanced technology such as SKYACTIV Technology, Kodo-Soul of Motion, i-Activsense and MZD Connect. If you’re finding yourself a little lost about the technology, rest assure as I’ll explain it to you.

The SKYACTIV-G technology help connecting the SKYACTIV-MT for manual cars and SKYACTIV-Drive for matic cars (sports mode). Not only that, the car is also equipped with SKYACTIV-CHASSIS and SKYACTIV-BODY. The main idea of the technology is to maximize and optimize the agility, ability and the comfort in driving, fuel comsumption, protection and convience. Talking about fuel comsumption, the car is also equipped with the i-Stop technology which allows the cars to immediately stop on the red light or traffic jam!

The KODO – Soul of Motion technology is a part of the Mazda design and it speaks on their car’s exterior and interior. Prime materials for the best protection and aesthetically gorgeous looking <3.

Their MZD Connect will help you connect to your entertainment station in just a few taps away! Integrated smartly with the MZD Connect, the connectivity won’t interrupt your concentration while driving. The i-Activsense technology comes to rescue when it comes to the safety! Safe technology feature such as ABS, EBD, EBA, DSC, TCS, ESS, HLA and SCBS (with two SRS airbags) will maximize the safety optimization. Safety always comes first my dear!

After all of those advanced technology, stylish and ergonomic design, no wonder why this car is crowned JAPAN CAR OF THE YEAR 2014-2015! YAY!

Now let’s talk about the cool event!

The Mazda 24 Hours Take and Go event was held for two days (4-5 February 2015) where 30 selected journalists participated in this event by testing out the cars and to experience the *ahem* awesomeness that this car has in store! The idea is to test-drive this car 24 HOURS NON STOP around Jakarta, including the few opted spots (depending on the divided team). FYI, by NON STOP I mean without turning off the engine or a single break, even for a second. The 30 journalists then divided into 5 groups: The Voyager, The Seeker, The Explorer, The Traveler.

To spice up the event, aside from visiting the assigned spots and collecting the points, on the second day, the participants were also required to participate in three mandatory activities such as: The Frisky Shot Paintball in Taman Kridaloka Senayan, The Eyeless Drive in Mazda Thamrin and The Skyscrapper Catcher in Plaza Semanggi. Along with these special tasks, the participants were able to try the sophistication of All New Mazda2 features such as Dynamic Stability Control, Parking Distance Sensor, and Hill Launch Assist.

The Voyagers team was the one who won and grabbed the champion spot! The team earned 365 points and managed to make it on 83 venues! The Explorers and The Seekers group followed the champion earning each the second and third spot with 360 and 314 points!
The event was such a success and filled with so much experience and of course, memorable! 24 hours non-stop drive just as equal as non-stop fun! Thank you Mazda for making such event, this should be held regularly, and this kind of event proved that you’re still the main drive in the automotive industry of Indonesia!

This post is brought to you by Mazda


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