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I am writing this post, and I am honestly having a hard time to describe Ruang Seduh. To me, it’s a not a coffee shop, not that typical coffee shop where you go when you desperately need a cup of iced caramel macchiato, order at the counter and have your name called for pick up and chill around at the spot for hours, no, not this one. They indeed sell coffee here, but I don’t know, calling Ruang Seduh a coffee shop is not exactly right to describe it. This is my own personal opinion.

The naming was brilliant and that is what Ruang Seduh is really about. Known as “brewing room” in English, Ruang Seduh is more like a small brewing lab located at the back of Aksara bookstore Kemang where people (as in customers) can go and try to brew their own coffee, and nope, you don’t need to wear one of those lab jackets to make you appear smarter, coffee-rookies or experts can go here, brew their favorite manual brew filter coffee and voila, sip!

The ordering here is easy, simply tell the barista the manual brew that you want and they will guide you the whole process, including the temperature, the time and the basic pouring procedure. I might not be an expert, but I learned that you don’t need to do the circular pouring on this particular manual brew like ones would do on a V60. The coffee beans here came from roasteries such as Coffee Smith, Sensa Koffie and Smoking Barrels.


A little overview of the lab!

If you’re into chilled coffees, unfortunately they don’t do iced latte here, but you can opt for the bottled cold brew made by A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers (ABCD), it was a tad hefty for IDR 70k, but that’s a cold brew afterall and it tasted pretty nice, well-balanced and smooth aftertaste. Perfect for those who don’t really like strong and acidic coffees! BTW they also provide juice and infused water by Judas.
Cold Drop Cold Brew (IDR 70k), Latte (IDR 35k), Manual Brew (IDR 66k)

Being a small coffee lab, I assume they basically don't highlight the seatings, only two small round tables with seatings for four, but since it’s located exactly beside Kinosaurus (a mini-cinema screening Independent films), when it’s not operating or screening movies, you can always go inside and sort of like “borrowing” the cinema as your seating areas. I will definitely go back to actually watch the movies at Kinosaurus, that place looks so cool and I want to experience watching films there.

Photos taken inside the Kinosaurus

Ruang Seduh
Aksara Bookstore
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 8B
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
Opening hours: 8 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: no


Map for Aksara Bookstore Kemang

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