Been wanting to try Yoogane forever, especially when I happened to be in Singapore, but in most cases, I always found myself overeating in Singapore after all those crazy cafe hoppings, and the least thing I wanted at that very one moment was something to fill me in my mouth and tummy!

BUUUT since Yoogane’s now expanding its establishment to Indonesia (yay welcome!) and already have two outlets spread in the South (Citywalk and the latest, Lotte Shopping Avenue), earlier today, I and some friends decided to wash away our curiosity and had lunch here, we went to the Lotte outlet.
Their Lotte outlet is located just beside Menya Sakura Ramen on the 2nd floor. As harsh as I can be, there’s honestly nothing I like about the design and ambiance of their Lotte outlet, their location is a little stranded with very small logo placed on top. I feel like I was eating in a hospital’s canteen, but if you’re OK with that then it should be fine.
The Tea Jujube (Korean Tea with Dates – IDR 15k) was not bad, certain note of the flavor actually reminded me of wintermelon drink.
Some of the menus that I wanted were out of stock, especially ones with special cheese like Chicken Cheese Galbi, they did explain that it’s because of the New Year and the supplier was off yesterday and yes it made sense to me. However, most of the menus with mozarella cheese was available, but we couldn’t ask for extra mozarella cheese topping as they had a very limited stock.

Beef Bulgogi Cheese Fried Rice – IDR 66k
We shared two of their best-selling menus: Beef Bulgogi Cheese Fried Rice and Yoogane Chicken Seafood Galbi. I was upset that the real presentation of the dishes looked totally different than the real one, you can notice that when you come directly to the outlet. They were way smaller than what I expected and plain-looking (Beef Bulgogi Fried Rice), and not to mention on the menu, the fried rice was supposed to be served on a hot plate! Thankfully that flavor wise, the fried rice was not bad. It was not the most tempting dish to see, but it was enjoyable. It was tasty with beef bulgogi (did expect more) and generous cheese topping (yes they still gave us pretty generous amount of cheese and I appreciate how they did not intentionally try to reduce the amount of cheese otherwise it would be rude). The cheese really gave that extra flavor. I could finish this all by myself.

Yoogane Chicken Seafood Galbi – IDR 80k

The Yoogane Chicken Seafood Galbi came in this tempting presentation with generous melted mozarella cheese on top, chicken, seafood and ttepokki topping! Anything with a lot of cheese instantly makes your saliva suffered! I am not big on cheese but Mozarella always fits me well. This dish was quite spicy in default, but still very well enjoyed due to the good seasoning and generous Gokjujang sauce, if you can’t really have something spicy you can ask the server to turn it down for you. On the menu I saw that the octopus was big and chunky, but it was the exact opposite when it’s served to my table. Thank goodness the flavor and mozarella cheese saved it all, look at the freaking cheese strain damnit!

I personally think that they serve easy, fun and casual Korean food, not out of the world good, nor serious one, but it’s the kind of restaurant that you go with your friends because you wanna have a decent Korean food and take pictures of those cheese strain. Price wise, it’s way cheaper than the one in Singapore or Korea.

Lotte Shopping Avenue 2nd floor (beside Menya Sakura)
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for Lotte Shopping Avenue

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