Sushi Sen is currently the talk of the town! I had lunch here earlier today with my dear friends and now sharing my experience with you!

Sushi Sen is located at Rukan Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk, precisely next to BC Cone. It’s easily noticable as it’s probably the only restaurant covered in all wood looking real Japanese, somehow looks a little like Gojira but as you really see, it’s actually different. Just in case you’re confused, upon entrance, there’s this “push” button on the side of the door that will lead you inside the restaurant.
The restaurant’s not spacious, well it’s PIK restaurants where normally clusters transformed to an eatery, but the way they design the interior is somehow simple, but smart. There’s a mini sushi bar at the other side of the restaurant, but I was seated next to the window because I requested for it (and plus it will be good for photos too). Overall, I like how simple and chill they are with the deco, but still manage to have that decent Japanese ambiance to it.

The range of the menu here was quite big, especially the sushi and sashimi pieces, again, if you follow me on Snapchat (STANISLAUSHANS), you probably have seen the snaps of their menus. Before getting to what we had earlier today, in a nutshell, they have various SPECIAL MENUS (mostly gyudons), SUSHI AND SASHIMI (Tuna, Hamachi “yellowtail”, Shima Aji, Salmon, Kanpachi “amberjack”, Tai “red snapper”, Tobiko “flying fish roe”, Suzuki “seabass”, Engawa, Unagi “eel”, Hirame “halibut”, Kinmedai “golden eye sea brem”, Aji “mackarel”, Anago “salt water eel”, Ika “squid”, Tako “octopus”, Ebi “shrimp”, Uni “sea urchin”, Tamago “egg”, Hotate or scallops, Kaki Oyster, Gyuniko, Seashells to Moriawase or assorted seafood), CHIRASI, HAND ROLL (personal size), FUSION ROLL, TEMPURA, FURAI AND LUNCH SET.
Besides ala carte, they also have Omakase menu with price ranging from IDR 600k-IDR 2 mil, might come back for that one as I LOVE Omakase surprises.

OK enough yakking! PHOTOS!
Sushi Sen Sashimi Salad with House Dressing – IDR 58k
Simple salad consisting of green lettuce, seaweed, tuna and salmon sashimi with their signature dressing. The sauce had this sweet and sour combination to it. The salad was pretty ok.
Salmon Carpaccio – IDR 98k
This was recommended by a lot of my friends who’ve been there before, as I got excited and expecting it to be very good (which I shouldn’t), the salmon carpaccio turned out slightly under my expectation, I mean the salmon was fresh, and I like the zesty lime and ponzu sauce to accompany salmon, but I was expecting that “wow” factor.
Sushi Sen Special Gyudon with Onsen Egg and Garlic Chips – IDR 88k
Ok so when it's served to my table we had a moment of silence because it was way smaller than what we all had in mind. On the menu picture (not sure if it's because of the angle or what) but we had this picture that it'll be served in a deep bowl like the common donburi I've had in town, secondly, we asked for medium, but the meat turned out to be slightly over-medium (almost medium well), but despite some misses, must admit that this was one hell of a tasty gyudon! Beef was still juicy and the garlic teriyaki sauce was so beautiful it complement the whole element nicely! I will definitely go back and try the one with foie gras and sea urchin!

Sushi Sen Fusion Roll – IDR 158k

This is their signature roll here so I guess as a first timer whatever signature should be ordered. In the contrary to the Gyudon bowl, the roll came in a long and generous portion. I must say that the sushi roll was quite nice in every way, especially the texture and flavor. I like how the topping of the each cut roll could have different sashimi on it, talk about variety!

Salmon Belly (IDR 26k/each) , Salmon Belly Aburi (IDR 27k/each) Hamachi (IDR 31k/each), Unagi (IDR 40k/each) Tako (IDR 19k/each)
Generally, the sushi was nice and fresh. I enjoyed eating everything we ordered here, but let’s start with the negatives, again, the tako sushi has a slightly different look than how I expected it to turn out from the menu, it was fresh, but had this rubbery texture, other than that, I had no complaint towards the rest, but my personal favorite would be the Hachimaki sushi (yellowtail) and the Unagi (eel) as the texture of the both were very soft and smooth. My sister's favorite was the good old salmon belly aburi!

Saikoro Beef Lunch Set – IDR 88k
Besides the old fashioned ala carte, they also come with lunch set menu, as some of the menus that we wanted were not yet available, luckily, what appeals to me as "the best one" aka Saikoro Beef set menu range was there to entertain.
HANDS DOWN. My favorite dish of the entire lunch! The beef was so so so tender and juicy and perfectly cooked (now this is a medium), and the simple garlic butter sauce fit like a glove! THIS IS A BLOODY MUST TRY MENU HERE! Other than this, the other elements of the lunch set was quite normal, and good thing the whole set only cost us IDR 88k.
If justice can be made only based on my first visit, then the food here is mostly pretty good with rich seasoning, somehow had this impression that it’s set for Indonesian palate, but guess what? No matter what that is as long as it’s good that’s the most important thing. I am totally coming back for more, I couldn’t even look at the menu as the pictures were really good and I feel like I want order every single thing damnit! Ok thanks for reading!

Sushi Sen
Rukan Crown Golf Blok B No. 1
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2251 2669
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11 AM-2 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM-10 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
WiFi: No


Map for Rukan Crown Golf

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