AMKC is now officially opened for public, and guess who’s very excited about it? ME! Came here earlier today with my dear friend, Yenny from YennyMakanMulu to have lunch.

AMKC is the brainchild of Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta, if you’ve heard about them before, they are the husband and wife couple aka masterminds of the very successful UNION, or should I say the pioneer of all these fancy restaurants and cafes you see growing in town. Back in 2009, before UNION was even established, the couple started AMKC which catered a private dining experience, fast forward a few years later, along with passion as strong as ever and a good place for a deal, this brand new place located in Plaza Indonesia is a fresh hot baby, but instead of being fed, they feed our hunger and quench the thirst for good French inspired cuisine.

AMKC is precisely located across Socieaty or what used to be Bakerzin’s outlet. There was not much happening with the design, it was just neat and clean with a lot of white, along with the classy ambiance to it.
The current menus are pretty limited, that because they’re now developing more ideas to put on the menu, I didn’t order anything and as Adhika Maxi was there being friendly and attentive, I went with whatever he recommended for me, but quick scan of their menu, I found the pricing reasonable and affordable enough, and I can assure you they have good variety of cakes displayed gracefully upon the restaurant’s entrance (keep reading for more of the cakes).

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Basil Bread – IDR 35k
Bread is always a good idea to pre-start your meal and warm up your palate, and I found their basil bread perfectly baked, fragrant, crispy and flaky on the outside all the way moist to the center.
Black Truffle Choux – IDR 65k
First of all, simple yet beautiful presentation. Light choux pastry with generous black truffle cream filling, one that’s very rich in flavor and perfume! Let it burst in your mouth and dance on your palate. YUM!
New England Clam Chowder – IDR 80k
I found the clam chowder to be have spot-on creamy texture, savory-clam flavor with a hint of sweet! The condiments were chunky and generously given, I was fond of how the croutons gave that extra texture.
Hokkaido Scallops – IDR 230k
Nothing I didn’t like about the scallops, perfectly pan-seared on each sides, moist without being over-chewy, light base seasoning with dried scallops on top giving extra texture, the Lemon XO Vinaigrette dressing was also spot on and complement the whole elements of this dish well (including the simple kale).
Fillet Mignon with Kale and Heritage Sauce – IDR 280k
A kale back to back, but being an avid kale fan, I was glad that they occupy it on their dishes. Anyway this dish was inspired by Adhika’s grandmother homemade bistik and translated his way, I totally agreed when they told us how the bistik’s always overcooked and very tough, but still a memorable and good one, well you got what you paid for the ingredient I guess. Generally had nothing to complaint about this dish, the Fillet Mignon was a perfect medium-rare, tender & juicy as how I requested it , the seasoning was beautiful (only a tad salty on the surface of the fillet), the mashed potato was smooth and creamy, simply gorgeous. The chips was unnecessary, but a good texture addition.

As ones can’t resist the good looking cakes so we tried 5 of their cakes! They also have freaking Martabak Cake and Es Teler Cake, talk about pioneer! Their cakes ranges from IDR 45k-55k.

Martabak Cake
When I first heard they have Martabak Cake, I know this is something I shouldn’t miss. Strangely the cake indeed smelled like martabak (if you’re familiar with the smell of chocolate, peanut and cheese martabak), and boy it tasted like one. Well not exactly 100% alike considering it’s a totally different base, but I highly appreciate the effort. I think this is a simple yet tasty cake, it was not too sweet, you got the sweetness from the chocolate, a little crunch from the peanut and a hint of salty from the cheese.
Es Teler Cake
This was very impressive! Soft and flavorful pandan chiffon cake with all the characteristic of common es teler, majority rich in jackfruit flavor, not overly sweet and indeed addicting!
Choco Banana Rum
I was hoping to have made their Martabak Cake or Es Teler Cake my most favorite, but I guess I am a classic chocolate and banana guy and yes this one got me! The cake was uber moist, creamy and gooey with rich chocolate and banana flavor.
The pavlova was something worth trying. First of all, apperance wise, it was very eye-catching as it was like the only different looking pastry there. It had that beautiful crunch and flaky texture on the outside as you try to break it with the fork, and fast enough to this creamy white egg. Again, I love how it’s not too sweet!
Red Velvet Cake
This was unfortunately my least favorite, sure enough it’s because I was already sold by their signature red velvet cake and this one seemed to lose the characteristics that I like about their signature RV cake: the moist sponge cake and that gorgeous peanut dressing on the side. No I don’t think this is a bad cake and they did explain beforehand that this was the lighter version of their signature RV cake with red velvet chiffon cake and crumbs.

AMKC Atelier
Plaza Indonesia GF (between Chandara and Bistro Baron)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM (mall opening hours)
Average spending for two: IDR 600k
Dresscode: smart casual


Map for Plaza Indonesia

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