I have been a huge fan of the 2005 established coffee joint, and it was one of the pioneers of artisan coffee and third wave of coffee in Australia, precisely Melbourne! If you're an avid coffee fan, a visit to St. Ali is mandatory, but luckily for those who haven’t, you can taste a glimpse of their artisan coffee here in town, thanks to the folks from Common Grounds for bringing it!
Their outlet in Jakarta is located at Setiabudi 2 Building, what a strategic place for a coffee shop to be located: in between the busy office complex & residential buildings. Even more, the fact that they occupy this space near the entrance making it very easily noticable for visitors or passers. The design of the outlet was very simple, just some wooden tables and two sorta concrete tables, and with al-fresco area dedicated for those who smoke. Nothing fancy about the deco, but I like the simplicity of it. I accidentaly met one of the owners who told me that they suppose to occupy air conditioners, and I don't know if it's because of the rainy Jakarta season and the chill weather, but it was quite airy on my visit that I did not even notice they didn't have AC until he told me so.

For the coffee here they serve manual brew and espresso based coffee. They're using their “Orthodox Blend”, which is the mix of Colombia and Brazil beans for the espresso based, and their signature "Colombia Portillo" blend for the manual brew. The manual brew here starts around IDR 60k.

Flat White - IDR 45k
Their Flat White has this light consistency and chocolaty aftertaste, almost like having cocoa and that slightly bitter and sweet aftertaste left on your palate. It’s strange that even though I like the texture to be thicker like cappuccino or latte, but funny thing is that I like it, something the character of the flavor that pops, and it’s far from knowing that you have a bad coffee (I think some of you can differentiate that), the easiest way to describe it is that it’s almost like having a cappuccino with skim milk, and also, you can tell that it’s a good coffee where you notice that the foam was somehow thick, velvety and that perfect golden brown color.

Iced Latte – IDR 45k
For the chilled drinks (coffee and chocolate) here, they’re trying to apply the same serving method as the one in Melbourne where they keep all the cold drinks in a bottle, which then make it perfect on the go and you can keep the bottles too if you want. I like the creaminess and the flavor of the iced latte, everything was spot on for me.
Iced Chocolate – IDR 50k
For the iced chocolate, they claim of using Valrhona chocolate in the production. I wasn’t a big fan of the iced chocolate because for me, it’s lacking that richer chocolate flavor and thick consistency that I was aiming for.

They serve all day breakfast, brunch and lunch menu here, and in conjuction to the origin, most of the menus here are Australian inspired meals, if you happen to want cakes on your visit, they are partnering with Ladies Who Bake for the cakes here. I saw this berry crumble pie something, but didn't try it. BTW I snapped the whole menu on my Snapchat: STANISLAUSHANS.

Enough with the yakking now photos!
The Fat Boy – IDR 140k
This is a fulfilling meal from their “From Chicken with Love” meal series, I mean look at everything on the plate, and hopefully that sausage doesn’t give you much imaginations, but it’s thick, juicy and completely tasty #fail. The eggs were perfectly half-cooked with that runny egg yolk, the mushroom was all chunky and beautiful, and I heard they produce their own bacon here and they’re quite decent, the hashbrown however was thick, but the texture wasn’t my favorite as it felt to me like a hashbrown cake with floury texture, instead of the crispy one with the loose and moist one that I like.
The World Famous St. Ali Steak Sandwich – IDR 175k
This is a menu from their “Breaking Bread” series, another signature and best seller as well! Medium cooked Australian Sirloin steak served with pickled beetroot, seeded mustard mayonaisse, mixed leaves and Emmenthal cheese on top. I surely put the Emmenthal cheese away, and enjoyed the medium cooked steak and seeded mustard mayonaisse VERY MUCH, they both made good pair.

Sticky Pork Salad – IDR 100k
From their salad menu, we had their Sticky Pork Salad which turned out to be MY FAVORITE MEAL! The pork, OMG just so tender, fatty, juicy and very well seasoned, the Kemangi dressing was a brilliant twist, and I appreciate the play of texture from the chili cashews & crispy pork skin. To be honest, I found the flavor of this dish to somehow feel very Indonesianized, and therefore I can relate well, especially with the sprinkles of fried shallots and coriander. A MUST TRY!

Okay, so the food and coffee here is nice and generally I had no major complaint towards anything. Price wise, everything was a tad higher comparing to most coffee shops in town, even Common Grounds itself. But anyway, still so glad that there’s a new and good coffee shop opening in the neighborhood, honestly Setiabudi needs one or else I would stuck between Starbucks and Anomali all the time, not that they’re not good but I am talking about the variety here. Thank you for coming here you good Saint!

St. Ali
Setiabudi 2 Building #1A (near main entrance) and beside Foodhall
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Jakarta Selatan 12920
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 200k


Map for Setiabudi One building (located just beside)

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