Who else here love green tea as much as I do?

I couldn’t exactly remember the first time I started to have more interest towards green tea, because honestly, when I was a little, I did not.

Maybe it was in my teenage years when the industry started to produce more and more products (and more fun creations) with green tea as its base, like green tea ice cream, and green tea drinks, and when I say green tea ice cream and drinks, I refer to the Japanese kinds!
I TOTALLY HATE green tea drinks that taste almost like some kind of jasmine drink with jasmine scent to it, it always tend to smell and taste cheap, and it gets personal on my reviews!

And speaking of green tea drinks, besides the classic brewed green tea, I also love green tea latte drinks, and out of the bizillion brands available in the market right now, genuinely, and I repeat, GENUINELY, Allure Esprecielo has been one of my favorites!
Recently, the released their latest variant to the green tea line up, Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte just in time for Christmas, and it has been a few months after Christmas, but a good green tea latte drink is drinkable, anytime, anywhere and in any season.

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know that I am not a big fan of milky flavor and aftertaste, this is just something that I unconsciously develop since I was a little kid and I can never control, everytime I smell or taste something that’s overly milky and cheesy, I could really get noxious easily.

And thankfully, theirs aren’t.

So what makes this Vanilla Green Tea Latte by Allure Esprecielo taste special? Flavor wise, it had that additional twist of vanilla flavor and fragrance, giving you a little englightment here, incase you don’t know, their green tea is imported straight from the tea farm in Japan, and that’s why the green tea flavor quality is pretty good, it’s rich without being overly strong, and the amount of milk given to each sachet serving is well-balanced, so it’s not overly creamy, milky, and still letting the original green tea flavor and sweetness to really stand out.

If only we live in a country where winter actually exists, sipping this would be perfect. My ultimate fantasty would be that I live in a medium sized house made from wood, where everytime I see through the window, the entire surrounding is loaded with thick snow, I have my fireplace on, playing some Sinatra or Buble’s best Christmas tunes.

I found that their sachet packaging to be really ergonomic and efficient, first, I can just bring them anywhere, and to enjoy its beautifully crafted green tea latte, GOOD NEWS THEY DON’T COST YOU A LOT! You can easily spot this in major supermarkets in town. Brought some packs to my latest trip to Bali so that I can have that for , and good thing Bali was raining pretty hard so it’s good to warm yourself a bit! Besides their fabulous green tea drinks, they also have a good line up of coffee drinks that you should not miss.

A good friend in need is a good friend indeed, Allure Esprecielo is one of the ones you need to keep closer and closer!
For more information about their products and the availability, check out their Instagram


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