I have been waiting for their arrival ever since they started tagging me on their Instagram, and once they’re opened for public (currently still on their soft-opening days) I wasted no time to have lunch here with my dear friend. By the way, they're located at Rukan Garden House Pantai Indah Kapuk just precisely next to Seorae.

Chir Chir (which by the way pronounced Chi-re Chi-re) is a well-known Korean chain specializing in serving Korean fried chicken dishes. Some of their famous menus include their various fried chicken, roasted chicken and tenders, all in various seasoning as well!

With over 100 stores spread worldwide, it’s such a bliss that they’re now opening here. While I was having lunch here, I met the nice and friendly owner, who was actually very casual and had a brief and friendly chat.

Do note that this was not an invited session. I paid for my meal here.
First of all, I couldn’t really comment on the interior as by the time I visited the restaurant, it was pretty messed up due to the water coming in from the rain, and there was construction happening (well at least I know why there’s construction), but I was never really into their deco, even the one in Singapore as I found the deco had so much going on with their details, well it might be their trademark and since it’s a franchise, they HAVE TO go with the default design and color palette.
FIRST OF ALL! Don’t ever think to eat alone here, unless you think you can finish such big portion, I suggest bring 2-3 of your friends here. When I flip over their menu, I was SO GLAD that the pricing was a little over half of the Singapore price, the pricing in Singapore is insane (starting from S$34). We ordered two of their best sellers: Nest Snow (IDR 167k) and Fried Chicken Tenders (IDR 160k) and several drinks. The kind owner gave us a complimentary soda drink made freshly from this cool machine that I honestly just knew existed, which can convert regular water to a soda using the help of soda bullet, short to say: a freaking soda maker.
The soda was refreshing, the soda wasn’t as intense as the canned ones you find in store, but not bad.
Let’s go straight to the food shall we?

One of their signatures is this claw shape tong!
Nest Snow
In Korea, this is the best selling menu, for me, this is like having fried chicken on another level (in a fun and delicious way)! You got crispy tenders floating on their signature creamy thick white sauce, a mashed potato salad (somehow sweet) underneath the swirl of fresh whipped cream and grated cheese.
Their white sauce was indeed the highlight of this dish as it really changed the overall flavor appearance, it had this beautiful blend of sweet, salty and savory flavor with thick texture that goes very well with the crispy tenders. The grated cheese and whipped cream weren’t given generously comparing to the one in Singapore. Overall I found this YUM and one you shouldn’t miss when you’re here.

Fried Chicken Tenders
For me, this was a simple dish consisting of deep fried boneless chicken (tenders) with crunchy wedges. I honestly didn’t find this anything special, but you do know it was good. I did want the tenders to indeed be more tender and juicy, it wasn’t consistent as some cuts were tender & juicy, and some were not.
Garlicky Chicken
The funny thing is, I went to Chir Chir twice on a same day, but the second visit was to meet my friends who were having early dinner there. They ordered the Garlicky Chicken and OMG that was da bomb! I found this to be more consistent (texture wise) comparing to the original fried chicken tenders I had earlier. The garlic flavor and aroma really gave that extra something special, and elevated the flavor with that hint of salty and sweet added to the serving. LOVE! GOTTA ORDER.

Too bad I was too lazy to snap a pic :P

Generally I found them enjoyable and quiet delicious to be honest, after all, I am happy enough that they cut off a lot of the pricing and still give something nice to eat (the total of my lunch bill can't even afford a single chicken meal in SG, now that's cheap as fuck), but when you compare this to the original fried chicken in Korea, this was clearly below that. I don’t know why literally all the fried chickens I had in Korea was so so so good and uber tender!

Chir Chir Indonesia
Rukan Garden House B20
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan, Kapuk Muara
Jakarta Utara 14470
Opening Hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual

Map for Cake A Boo (Chir Chir located just beside)

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