If Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world claimed by many, then here in town, the South must be Jakarta’s very own coffee capital, also the home to some of my favorite coffee shops in Jakarta.
Earlier today, together with some friends, we went to the newly opened Djule Kofi at Melawai. Djule is another brainchild by the same owner of Ombe Koffie in Pluit, and with the birth of Djule, it’s a good call (or should I say “cure”) for Southeners who might be fans of Ombe but think it’s too far to reach and always end up not getting any seat (always my case). For some reasons that I can’t even explain to myself, I have always loved the Melawai area, maybe I always have this interest towards places surrounded with culture value, there’s just something very characteristic about areas like that, well just like Kota Tua, despite how mainstream the area is, I genuinely love Kota Tua.
We were there around 3 PM and the shop wasn’t exactly a full house, not until 30 minutes later where it’s completely packed, but luckily we had our seats assigned. For a coffee shop, I think Djule is considered pretty spacious with two stories. I didn’t check out the second level, but I heard it’s for close relatives or acquaintances, and me not yet (lol).

I just love these people. Always good talks with them, even tho most of the times what we talk about is completely rubbish, but hey when it comes to friendship that’s the quality shit.

Here they serve black (americano), white (espresso based with milk), filtered and manual brew coffees. The ordering system was pretty common. You order at the counter, you pay, they’ll give you the ticket and present it to the cold-handed and kind barista. By kind and cold-handed I mean they were really nice to customize my order as I really want an iced cappuccino even tho they don’t have that in the menu, and I didn’t like bottled coffee! I am not exaggerating, but seriously from that very first sip, I know I can see myself coming back again and again, or at least crave for it. I had their signature Brazilian blend and it has this deep and intense fruity flavor, but soon enough fade away to this beautiful aftertaste when it reached the final of my palate. Honorable mention to whoever the barista was, I didn’t get the chance to know each other.
They serve awesome cakes too! Had this apple and chocolate tart and they were divine.
And to be completely honest, I LOVE LOVE coffee, but I don’t have the deep knowledge for it, to my defense, I am a customer, and what matters is I am having coffee that I LIKE and I feel comfortable sipping my cup of coffee in a cozy shop. This was what I totally experience in Djule, it might be to premature to say this, but considering I've been to Ombe Koffie before, Djule is sky-rocketing in my personal best coffee shop list. It’s truly a cozy place for me to have my coffee, with or without company. At the moment it might not be the place to go to open your laptop and sit there for hours, you will instantly feel bad as soon as you see the number of people standing up, but hey that’s up to you.
Thank you for making me fall for you Djule. You’re beautiful!

Djule Kofi
Jalan Melawai Raya No. 6
Blok M, Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 2745 5488
Opening hours: 8 AM-8 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Djule Kofi

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