Sea Grain is Double Tree Hilton’s newest F&B establishment, following its previous successors: Open}, KREM and T Lounge, Sea Grain officially opened its door for public on February 3rd.

Sea Grain starts operating at 5 PM and closes at 1 AM daily, and I came just in time to catch the sunset when the ambiance slowly turns to a classier and romantic scheme with warm dim lighting! Quick somebody hand me a glass of sangria! The design of the restaurant had this beautiful combination and parts of industrial, minimalist, elegance, all with a twist of rustic at certain points. Had the food ordered with special request to be delivered right before I ran out of light (which eventually did lol). The array of Mediterranean cuisine with a local twist filled up Sea Grain’s leather-coated menu, it was one with pretty good range!
The 630 sq.m restaurant accomodates a bar area for after-hour drinks, and three private dining areas with surprisingly, no minimum spending requirement! I can see myself throwing a private event as I really love the medium spaced area, all surrounded with dark color and made perfect for friends and family.
Chef preparing the dish
There will be live acoustic performance from local bands every night
Sea Grain Signature Sangria
NOW THIS! This is for me, the perfect opener/a warm up before heading off to the array of dinner meals! If you’ve been following me, you should know that I am not big with drinking and booze, and I don’t usually like Sangria, but truthfully, this one was memorable because of how the fruity flavor (from the fruit slices) and the amount of wine and juice given were a good balance. Normally, my issue with sangria is that they put too much wine in. I don’t know about some people, some might like it more intense than this, but to me this was perfect.
Complimentary Bread
The complimentary bread were fresh and made to order, they rolled out two flavors daily, but based on my experience, the bread was a bliss : fresh, fluffy and fragrant!
Mezze Platter
Here’s something Mediterranean with a twist of Middle East: A platter consisting of soft Pitta bread (and lavash) that came with various toppings: Baba Ganoush (eggplant dipping with olive), Tabbouleh (Arabian salad), Mutabal, Ezme Olive & Feta Cheese, and my personal favorite: Hummus with olive oil! I know I shouldn’t but I totally ignored the other four and went to have the hummus and olive oil! I am such a sucker for the two!!!
Prawn Mango Salad
Now this is another recommended order here! The salad consist of greens, mango, was fresh with simple light dressing, but the attention must be paid to the perfectly grilled and seasoned shrimp: super duper good! It was chunky, perfectly cooked to that tenderness where you spent no calorie biting the shrimp, and the seasoning was salty, but the kind of salty that get along with me very well!
Halloumi Satay
The Haloumi came in skewer-style presentation, along with watermelon and pineapple cuts, and three kinds of cheese in between. I thought I was about to freak out knowing that this is cheese, but Haloumi was in fact something I can tolerate at a certain level. It was more to the savory flavor and less smelly.
Steamed Seabass
Another thing that captivated me about Sea Grain is the food presentation. Maybe since it’s located at a posh space like DoubleTree hotel, the presentation better come just as fancy as you probably expected. Now this particular dish was one of those which actually appear real classy.

As simple as it looks, fish could be a tricky protein because when you overcook it, the texture of the fish might turn dry and rough, but this one was cooked perfectly to the state where the fish was still smooth and silky. The serving came with two tablespoon-scoops of mashed potato and savory homemade sauce.
Oncom Orak Arik Pizza
Their rectangle shaped pizza consist of thoughtful unique ingredient: ONCOM, and as usual, the beauty of most of Indonesian ingredient! It matches most savory food you can think of! The oncom gave that extra hint of tasty salty and savory flavor!
Rendang Lasagna
OK THIS IS MY FAVORITE MENU OF EM ALL! First and lastly, TWO OF MY FAVORITE FOOD IN ONE DISH: Rendang and Lasagna! Now I would describe this as a really successful fusion dish by Sea Grain. There’s something about the sweetness of this dish, the savory Bechamel sauce that complements the tasty and somehow spicy rendang and a tiny bit of sour from the tomato sauce very nicely. The best thing to pair this would be a chilli sauce. DAYUM! 
One of the most interesting thing about this dish: the mini cassava balls
Luwak Crepes Tiramisu (contains a little alcohol)
Tiramisu and Luwak cream filled in soft crepe, paired with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and all presented in such a pretty presentation. The crepe had this soft texture, the creme like filling is very thick in texture, but flavor wise: well-balanced. This is supposed to be a simple dessert, but somehow elevated by the luwak and Tiramisu.

Sea Grain
3rd floor - Double Tree Hilton Jakarta
Jalan Pegangsaan Timur No. 17
Cikini, Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 3190 4433
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for Double Tree by Hilton Jakarta

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