Confirming the floating news, after the 4-year contract with Luke Mangan ends, what was Salt Grill is now replaced with a new concept from the group: ALTITUDE GRILL, a classic Western steakhouse that's ready to grill and you some high quality proteins! Was invited to the pre-opening lunch and here I am briefly sharing my thoughts of this restaurant for you.
Opening this post with a view of Jakarta after the rain, not going to show you much of the interior as I don't think the interior has entirely finished, will update this post on my future visits (I believe there will be), but they do have 110 seating capacities and the vibe is way more casual than Salt Grill (if you've been there before).
Apple Mango and Prawn Cocktail - IDR 160k
The serving idea of this prawn cocktail is to mix everything together for the harmony of flavor and texture. It's a light and refreshing appetizer to warm up your palate, the prawn was fresh, and the mango's there to give a tiny bit of additional sweet and tangy, unfortunately to be honest for IDR 160k a tad too expensive.
Scallop Filled Squid Rings (non halal) - IDR 280k (three pieces)
This was one of my personal favs from the Appetizer menu that day for its simplicity, all about fresh ingredient, light flavor but altogether an exciting harmony! The squid was tender and beautifully firm, placed surrounding the scallop like a ring! The scallop was also very fresh then lightly seasoned but it was the raspberry bacon jam, parsley shallot plush and crispy Pancetta that's really enhancing the overall flavor.
Triple Cooked Wagyu Ox-Tongue - IDR 180k
Now this was the star from the Appetizer section, this was too good they actually offered and gave us three portions! The tongue was so perfectly cooked that it's super tender, probably zero calorie spent slicing it (it was THAT tender and juicy), love the char-grilled aroma and the unexpectedly delicious Creamed Hazelnut Dukkah!
Oven Baked Salted Egg Hollandaise Black Cod - IDR 320k
Perfectly cooked black cod with Salted Egg Hollandaise dressing that's thick and creamy but without the uber rich salted egg flavor on the sauce which I kinda like because I think when it comes to a protein as premium and fresh like Black Cod I would have opt to sample the natural flavor of the fish more than the sauce.
For the star of the menu aka meats, they serve mainly high quality premium meat with awesome marbling, but if you fancy dry aged meat, they do have some but it's not their specialties (I mean if you really want dry aged meat just go to AB Steak they have more options for this particular range).

Bistecca a la Altitudine (1 KG) - IDR 260k/100 gr
Minimum order 500 gr!
The cut is Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 T Bone and Chef Gary sliced the chunky fresh-from-the-grill meat before our eyes effortlessly, proving just how tender and juicy this was! Do not go further than 'medium' for the best temperature, unless you want to waste a beautiful protein like this!
You can pair the glorious steak with various desired side dishes like Truffle Fries (IDR 95k), Confit Shallots (IDR 80k), Whipped Potatoes (IDR 90k), Buttered Spiced Corn and Crisp (IDR 80k), and Buttered Broccoli Gratin (IDR 80k)
Texture close up! OMG the fat part was the most amazing!!!
Picanha - IDR 225k/100 gr
The T bone steak was great and this was beautiful on its own way! The Picanha which kinda reminds me of Flat Iron steak had beautiful marbling, also beautifully cooked too (AGAIN DON'T GO MORE THAN MEDIUM!), tender, juicy, omg the description is boring AF short to say this was DELICIOUS!
Steak Sampler - IDR 1,1 mil
Honestly this is a very good deal if you're planning to check out some of the stars/best selling menus here! The Meat Sampler consist of 5 options: Wagyu Ox-tongue, Tenderloin, Picanha, Rib Eye and Skirt. Was too full to indulge on this one but tasted the Tongue and Picanha so I believe it's going to be legit!
Dessert Buffet - IDR 150k
One of the most fascinating things about Altitude Grill is surely their dessert buffet, and I honestly didn't expect that they would come up with this concept for their dessert! For IDR 150k you'll be getting a lot of options from mini cakes, tartlets, pannacota, sliced cakes, chocolate fondue to ice creams! The Coconut Pannacota, coconut sponge cake something (forgot the actual name), and chocolate ice cream were some of my favorites!

Not sure if you can come just to have their desserts but I'll go and ask them!

If you ask me to name my favorite steakhouses in Jakarta, and as I just thought about it in 30 seconds, I can't name a lot, probably under 5 that really stands out, and the arrival of Altitude Grill just adds in more options to the steakhouses in Jakarta! Indeed targeted for A class customers but still there's a sense of humbleness about this restaurant that I like.

Altitude Grill
The Plaza Tower, 46th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 2992 2448
Mobile RSVP: 0859 3992 2799
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12-2:30 PM
Dinner: 6-10:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 2 mil


Map for The Plaza

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