Following the existing success of their Pamulang, Ciputat and Cibubur outlets, recently Kedai Keibar (aka one of the surviving Indomie cafes in Jakarta) opened its latest venture in Depok. I love Indomie but I don't really go to Indomie cafes to have them because I can't stand the long queue, and I don't think it's worth it to wait hours just to have Indomie, but their creations are quite addicting, kinda like an exception.

They still keep the concept of their cafes to be as humble as they can while still being decently comfortable to dine in and the menu hasn't changed that much  since my last visit to their Cibubur outlet (except for newly launched menus), I mean Indomie has always been something that I am incredibly tempted with so to have it revamped to new creations should be entertaining.
Left: Ice Regal Ovaltine (IDR 14k/regular, IDR 23k/jumbo), Right: Ice Teacool (IDR 10k/regular, IDR 18k/jumbo)
The Ice Teacool was something that became such a surprise for me, a combo that's very simple yet I never really had the idea in my head of how a regular ice tea would be such a match to Yakult, it was light, sweet, with a light hint of sour.
Ice Greentea Strawberry - IDR 18k (regular), IDR 26k (jumbo)
Indomie Kebuli Mas Bar - IDR 18k/IDR 26k
The mixture of Indomie's very own Indomie Kari with their homemade signature Kebuli seasoning and topped with various generous toppings such as meatballs, corned beef, egg and vegetables. The regular serving already includes egg so you can actually top the Indomie with whatever you want. Overall I found this very rich, very bold and a tad too salty but I kinda like it!
Indomie head to toe (aka Indomie as the top and bottom buns) with beef patties, sunny side up, Cheddar cheese and mayonaisse! This was a simple yet delicious guilty pleasure, every once in a while I need a straightforward burst of flavor with less bullshit. Hello calories, flavor, texture come through!!!
Roti Bakar Marshmallow with Ice Cream - IDR 24k
When you get a perfectly grilled toast indulged with sweet goodness-es what's really not to love? Sweet tooth should be loving this one, generous marshmallow filling, topped with chocolate crumbs and two scoops of ice creams of your preference, I have always love matcha and strawberry, but you can choose chocolate/ogura too, or whatever mix you fancy from the four.
Roti Bakar Ovomaltine with Crushed Peanuts & Koko Krunch - IDR 21k
Again, this combo can be customized depending on what you fancy, the base is Roti Bakar Ovomaltine but you can top it with the toppings you had in mind: they might be Ice Cream/Cheese/Oreo/Koko Krunch/Honey Stars/Fruity Cereals/Ovaltine/Crushed Peanuts/Banana and price of each varies.
Same as their other outlets, they start operating daily at 3 PM until midnight, queue starts packing from 6 PM (based on my opinion), anyway the best of luck Keibar! Looking forward to consistency and many more ventures to come!

Kedai Keibar Depok
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 27
Opening Hours: 3 PM - Midnight
0896 3005 0027 | LINE: KedaiKeibar
Average spending for two: IDR 50k



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