I just returned from Jogja and if you've been following me on Instagram and watched my Instagram Stories I was very sick hours before I departed from Jogja, my head felt very lightweighted (I've never been drunk before maybe that's what it feels like), sight was a bit blurry and body temperature was rising, short to say I wasn't in the best state but thankfully as I am writing this blog post I've recovered very well in two days.

Yesterday I paid a short visit to Museum MACAN (not MAnis dan CANtik) but Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art in Nusantara that's just recently opened and have been operating for several days as this post is written, and the museum aims to be showcasing art collections from local and international artists. Many of you ask me where Museum MACAN is, well to actually click on the location will actually help but I guess most of you are really to lazy to do that, so the museum's located on the 5th floor of Wisma KBR, Kebon Jeruk, not too far from RCTI.

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With entrance fee of IDR 50k/person (IDR 40k - elders, IDR 30k - children), visitors can enjoy around 90 artworks that's beautifully placed in a 4000 meter square venue, and I notice there are four big categories here: Bumi (earth), Manusia (human), Kampung Halaman (hometown), then Kemerdekaan (independence), followed by Bentuk & Isi (shape and content) and Racikan Global (global recipe). To be completely honest, I am not an art expert so I guess this post will be more like a picture blog post where I show you snapshots from my visit to the museum.

Yayoi Kusama!!!
The one that's been flooding my timeline is of course, the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama where she always comes with various ideas no matter where she runs her piece! Each visitor will be given 40 seconds to enter the room (but honestly it felt way less than that like 20/30 seconds). When I checked my inbox earlier today I guess around 10 people sent me pictures of how long the queue for the Infinity Room is and lucky for me there was no queue that time LOL!

NOTE: Because of the super high interest towards the infinity room, do come around 3 because at certain days the queue closes at 4 PM and other days at 5 PM! Do check them or contact them personally for details, otherwise your trip here (especially if this is your main interest) would not be pleasant.
Tour de Museum!
This is shady but I love it! 
Andy Warhol!
21st century human!
Right after the exit you'll find a small merchandise store where you can shop and help them. They are a non-profit organization so I guess they rely on sponsor funds and these items to help.
I may not be someone with the biggest knowledge of art nor can I say I have the biggest interest towards it, but going here was kinda fun and I really did explore and see what they have in store and I AM SUPER GLAD for the arrival of Museum MACAN because as a visitor myself and based on my visits to museum around the world I found that, reality is, the location and the venue became one of the main reasons why people like me don't go to museums, there are museums with no air-conditioner, there are museums where I feel like the artworks not well care taken, there are museums which vibe just doesn't really give me the impression to go back. Not everyone may agree but that's my opinion solely as a visitor (not as someone who's an art expert) and Museum MACAN came with comfort and I like it. The artworks showcased here are beautiful and I guess regardless the different style, the different approach, the different narrative on each, there will always people who understand and appreciate them (or short to say, a fan).

The current exhibition will last until March 2018, still plenty of time!

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