A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON COFFEE: Coffee Culture Seminar by Le Meridien Hotel and Illy Coffee (Part 2).

Hi everybodeeeeh and welcome to another post, and this post is probably what you've been waiting for...


Thank you thank you because you guys have been very kind to me and for the first post, it actually receives tons of hits and become the most read post this week! I'm going to give you a visual hug right now!!! 

Anyways, this second post will be all about the food and the treats I got from the seminar, why do I separate this into a different post? Because I want to keep this one dish a highlight because it's so unique and different and the best thing is...

okay let me introduce you to this:
In case you read it wrong...I mean it! This shrimp is cooked with espresso coffee! How unique is that?!

So basically to cook this is pretty simple as what I experienced examining the cooking process, so basically the ingredients are all prepared: I noticed onions, salt, pepper, oil (preferrable virgin coconut), water and of course: espresso!

As simple as that, but there must be another secret ingredients that they don't tell everyone because if you look at something creamy on the pan, that's a finished mixed ingredients that they're putting together along with the other ingredients (onion, salt, pepper). That's okay, maybe it's their secret weapon or something.

At first I honestly thought they were tiny fluffy breads but actually they're very crunchy puff pastries.
 I thought the dish was spectacular, never thought that espresso could actually blend very well with the original taste of shrimp, shrimp has this scent when it's cooked that's so good, and the espresso also smells like it after it's cooked, and I mean it in a very good way.

I have no  problem with the puff pastries, but I don't think that it's going to be a bad idea to have the actual tiny fluffy breads just like what I've imagined before, especially when I start imagining the remaining sauce from this dish is poured on bread surface. Gorgeeee!

We weren't served with main course, but the main star has got to be the Espresso Shrimps and the rest of the food are light bites and finger food, but they're all buffet and they're mostly delicious and since the theme is coffee...most of them are made with the mixture of coffee, can be anything starting from coffee powder, espresso, creme, and mix!

Calamari with Coffee Bean Powder.
UH-MAZING, and hey, since I am a devoted seafood lover and also devoted coffee lover and so I'm devoted to this! Don't mistaken the huge hint of coffee you're getting, it's more like a garnish to this dish, you can feel it, but not that strong.

Baked Salmon with Papaya Salad.
The salmon is cooked beautifully, but frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of papaya but I managed to give it a try and it's fresh and decent, still not falling for this but top nod for the baked salmon.

Chocolate Cup Tarts (with a little hint of coffee).
Not sure where the coffeee comes from, it's not written but I know this is a cup tart, you can totally feel the taste of coffee from the cream, I personally think that it is mixed.

One of my favorite of the day <3 

Chocolate and Coffee Pralines and cookies
I am loving the one with cocoa powder all over it.
Chocolate with White and Coffee Cream
This is probably the most beautiful looking and the most tempting one. I adore the presentation and if you're looking at the two separate creams, yes there are two creams used for this dish.

The white one I assume is vanilla cream and the brown one is the one with coffee. The brown one obviously tastes richer and more different. I thought it's almost like coffee version of cookies and cream.

Has this with a glass of Macchiato Freddo that Eduardo made for me. Parfait!
Tribute to Eduardo.

and last but not least, for this one:
and if you're guessing that this one is cappuccino, then you're right! Again coffee hint everywhere. These macaroons actually tastes like both cappuccino and mocha, that's okay they're in the same family tho.

Taste? decent, the cream is somehow milky and the macaroon dough is crunchy... I love that even though I've been having pretty much coffee but this one is actually not making you sick from having too much coffees (FYI I didn't have any breakfast that day and to have a lot of coffees might not be a good thing, I had like 3 cups of coffees without any meal at first but I feel fine, maybe because it's Illy's MUAHAHAHA!)

and also for the Illy coffee vouchers and lots more!


If you have anything you want to ask about coffee, NEVER hesitate to send me emails because I will forward them to Michael and Eduard, and actually forward the reply to you back! see?? I'm so kind to you guys you need to love me. Send them to: eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com. 

Or you need short and fast replies? Michael's Twitter is @mjgibbons11 (you can mention him). Eduardo didn't play any Twitter.

See you on the nest post! CIAOH!

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