Culinary Journal, 25 March - 31 March 2013.

Hello my dearly beloved readers, before I start exploitating the content of this post, I wanna greet you all the happiest new month, it's April for Christ's sake! Can't believe that it's been four months after millions of fireworks exploded and a lot of wasted amount of money...time flies!

What happens in months sure happen faster among the weeks, and here we are at another episode of Culinary Journal and thanks for everyone who has been reading the post since the episode one, looking forward to have the next episodes and on and on and on, we just simply never stop eating.

FYI, today is my first day of Internship, yes I'm on another Internship program, not entirely for the academic requirements of graduation (since I've finished my first term of Internship at HAI Magazine), but it's mostly me who wants to maximize the time that I'm having, sometimes we draw the lines of holiday and we just never stop learning each and every day in our life. One thing we should be very thankful of.

I'm writing this post at my new office, they have super fast internet connection, one of the perks of working at a publication office, and oh in case you're wondering, I'm currently interning at for the next three months. I met nice people and looking forward to enlarge the friendship :).

Let's start the Culinary Journal *yippie*

Tuesday, March 26th 2013
Got invited by Marugame Ramen for a food tasting session and I'm so exicted about this one because I am honestly not a big fan of Udon and didn't expect Udon to taste that good! I blogged it already. Please have your pleasant reading HERE.

I was looking at the statistic and I think this restaurant is a new 'it' place, proving that I got my biggest hits in a day for this post, I got 1000+ hits on a single day! Thank you guys! and it's my most read blog post this week :).

The same day I went to Detention Room to redeem my winning voucher, I'm going to blog about it very very soon :).

Cookies Crumble for IDR 35k

Wednesday, March 27th 2013
Went to Serpong to meet my friends, I love Wednesdays! and I want to have my old moment eating Yoshinoya together, well I can find a closer outlet but I can't find the same friends :'). I love their friedd chicken! I think they have super yummy, crunchy and I bet a lot of people would agree on that, on top of that, don't forget their clear soup.

Thursday, March 28th 2013
This photo below is actually a teaser for you guys, I'm going to blog about this steak house called "Bellini" located in Tanjung Duren, this is their Rib Eye with mushroom sauce and oh-so-delicious potato wedges. Stay tuned for their review! Promise to blog it around this week.

Rib Eye Steak
IDR 38.000

After a steak night with family, what better than calling it a day with one of the best bubble teas I've ever tried, it's from Shiny Tea. They just opened their newest outlet in Tanjung Duren and until May, there will be huge promotions going on, you won't regret unless you don't catch one.

I got my milk tea 50% discount (IDR 12.000)!
Best treat ever.

Friday, March 29th 2013
Went to MTA for a walk with my mom and sister, I found this cute Turkey Ice Cream booth at the Ground Floor (near the kids playground fair). I don't have any idea when this booth's ending I didn't manage to ask but you can check it out and actually taste this ice-cream for IDR 25k. It's actually good.

Comes in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Flavor. I had mine with chocolate and strawberry :).

Sunday, March 31st 2013
Another soon-to-be-blogged post! Thug and Chic!

Let's keep the last one a secret because I have so many things to say about it! Consider the photos as teasers :). and of course I won't keep you waiting for long see you soooooon! :).

Thanks for reading, guys!

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