Lita The Sweet Tooth

Cupcakes...macaroons...who doesn't love these two things? Well some of you might not but I am such a sweet tooth, I love sweet stuffs!!!

Most of them are pretty but unfortunately watching the news on television makes me feel so irritated everytime there's an investigation on the usage of textile coloring for the cakes.

I started to lose humanity...

but not long, this new cake shop showed up!

Let me introduce you guys to...

by Lalita Setiandi

Thank you for bringing my faith in humanity back!!!

Why do I love her cakes?

- No textile coloring
- Moist cakes, lovely creams
- A lot of variants to choose from
- Made with love.

Lita The Sweet Tooth offers you guys tons of variants to choose from and one great thing is that SHE KEEPS ON EXPERIMENTING with the variants so you will have more to choose and each period will be different.

Period? What do you mean period?

Yes she opens the order on occasions, don't you just feel special and limited? Another thing about limited edition is the fact that each season she'll come with new variants and to keep everything fair enough, each season will not always feature the variant offered on the previous season (another reason to feel evilish special), that's why you should follow her twitter @LITATIAN and instagram LALITATIAN to keep updated.

Let me tell you more about Lita The Sweet Tooth along with the mouthwatering pictures <3. Here are some products that I got to taste myself...


One of the moistest red velvet cupcakes I've ever tried in my life! Don't you just sick of these cheap-tasting cupcakes and most of them only look pretty outside. I want great tasting cakes!! sometimes I prefer ugly looking cakes but tastes friggin great instead of the pretty looking one, reminds me a lot about wolves with sheep fur.

But see??? Her cupcakes look so pretty outside as well as in your mouth. Don't you trust me? :P.

She uses prime cream cheese and definitely NO TEXTILE COLORING!

Slice the cupcake so you can see how moist the cake is.



She offers a lot of variants to choose from... I got to taste her awesome cookies and cream macaroons and baileys whiskey macaroons! And when I say awesome, I meant it!!!


Do not judge me by saying all the great things about her just because I posted her advertorial on my blog, it's simply because it's the fact! I bet you rarely find macaroons that literally melts..moments after you put it in your mouth, and in this case: her macaroons do!!!

Macaroons are one of the reasons to keep being happy in life! 

Here are some photos I managed to "steal" from her Instagram to give you a look of what Lita The Sweet Tooth is offering you guys this period! She's having new variants for the macaroons! (for more you can visit her Instagram)
Photo courtesy of Lalita Setiandi ->

Congratulation guys, this one is available!



For the cupcakes: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Nutella Cupcakes, Baileys Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes and mooorrreee!

Look! Even my cousin love her cupcakes!

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Contact her:
0812-940-51134 (text only - available for Whatsapp!)



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