Ikkudo Ichi PIK: Ramenizer!

Don't you think it's a little too late for me to post this?

I had eaten here before, even when I haven't created this blog, but now that I finally have a media to share and review the food for you (who haven't got the chance to go here), so I guess better late than never.

This ramen house is very famous at Pantai Indah Kapuk, they have another outlet in Pesanggrahan, Puri Indah (west Jakarta) but I guess this outlet got much more attention and spotlight, thanks to the exterior and interior eyecatching design, to find this place is pretty easy, drive by at Rukan Crown Golf Blok D and go straight to the end of the food boulevard and you'll see a ramen house with giant ramen lightbox and lampions shining bright, that's Ikkudo Ichi.

I ordered their famous menus: Buta Kara Ramen, Tori Kara Ramen, Tori Ebi Gyoza and Japanese Beef Ebi Fried Rice and absolutely my ultimate choice of drink everytime I went to a Japanese restaurant: cold ocha!

I order my ramen with the curly noodle, I guess it's a little bit boring to have the normal noodle, don't get stuck on people's opinion, well sometimes you just gotta take a chance (okay this conversation is getting heavy and serious for a bowl of ramen).

Tori Ebi Gyoza
IDR 25.000 (before tax)
Deep fried gyoza with chicken and prawn meat. This is delicious and well seasoned, I think it's a perfect appetizer.

Buta Kara Ramen with straight noodles

IDR 45.800 (before tax)

Buta in japanese is PORK, so remember that this meat might against some people's belief, so it's not halal for them. I'm just saying and this doesn't mean anything, but for my personal taste, ramens are best with "Buta". Nomnom.

What's special and different from their original signature Buta Ramen is the KARA SAUCE, it's their special red sauce to spice the ramen up, it's not very spicy and definitely for people who love spicy flavor, they still  need to mix generous amount of chili oil. In my opinion, most ramens are famous for their thick soup (and they all have their own signature soup) so I guess to have a little spicy touch to your soup is a great idea so that you won't end up feeling sick of the whole thing for being too thick and almost too creamy...and yet again it all goes back to your own personal preference :).

I'm happy that they actually give their costumers option on some things:
- Soup: You can choose to have pork or chicken extract (but still don't want to assume it's 100% halal)
- Noodle firmness (soft - normal - hard)
- Noodle flavor strengh (weak - normal - strong)
- Noodle richness (light - normal - heavy)
- Noodle choices of straight (normal) or curly

Buta Kara Ramen with curly noodles
IDR 45.800 (before tax)

Tori Kara Ramen
IDR 45.800 (before tax)

Tori in japanese is CHICKEN, I'm not saying that this is completely halal for some people because I am not sure about the ingredients they're using for soup and I didn't want to assume anything.

Basically the meat they're using is different, this one is chicken (tori) and the soup also tastes different, still, my personal favorite is the Buta Kara Ramen, but this one is totally not bad too :).

Japanese Beef Ebi Fried Rice
IDR 55.000 (before tax)
Hands down this is one of the best dish here, I once tried their Salmon but I prefer the beef after a current tasting, you can smell the signature Japanese fried rice, and in some case, I am not a big fan of traditional Japanese fried rice where they use sticky rice and thank you Ikkudo for not using that kind of rice because I would turn it down. If you happen to have issues like mine, do ask before you order, that's essential.

Maybe the only problem is the portion, I wish it was bigger, it was so delicious, yummy and smells really good.

I went here by two of my friends and together we spent around IDR 282.800 after tax and three glasses of Cold Ocha for IDR 9.000 each.

I leave with a very full belly and happy feelings!

This is undoubtedly one of the best place to fulfill your ramen cravings, if you ask me what to order here I'll definitely say: Buta Kara Ramen with the curly noodle, I find the curly noodle more of a fit for me.

Thank you for reading peeps :).

Ikkudo Ichi Ramen
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 2-3
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021-96628677

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  1. Nice blog, love it! :)
    Anw, kalo sering ke PIK n suka dessert, bole tuh coba ke Rati-Rati di Rukan Cordoba Blok G. Enak-enak roll cakenya :D


  2. Do try their Pork Cheek for your next visit.. To bad ur missing this dish in your visit. Its absolutely their best of the best beside the lovely ramen... very tender yummy and melt in your mouth.. slurpss...