Common Grounds Jakarta

Common Grounds is a new coffee shop and eatery located in Citiwalk, sort of new but the hype of this particular place is buzzing, so I decided to my pay myself a visit to this happening place and try their famous all-day breakfast menu. Yes, you read it right! Finally another decent place serving all-day breakfast, even though I am not a big breakfast person but I start to realize how important breakfast was, my visit to Singapore in January was such an eye-opener, knowing that Singaporeans are such big breakfast people! It's amazing that almost everywhere I went to in the morning was crowded with people having breakfast, the most popular ones must be the kopitiams.

But I don't know, I am not even a morning you go. I slept late okay!!! I am even typing this on 1 AM, I must admit that I need to really change my sleeping pattern because it's kinda the opposite of normal human beings, but I believe a lot of people sleep really late as well *defensive*. That's why probably the best for me is actually on-the-go breakfast.

Common Grounds interior was simple with majority white color all over the venue, but guess what, I just want to be honest here, I think Common Grounds is just a little too good to be in Citiwalk, no offense to Citiwalk, and I am not saying that Citiwalk is bad so don't assume things. I just feel like they should have their own place (more like Alfresco dining place) because I could see a huge potential of this particular coffee shop if they have their own place at a better area, decorated with their own style, but maybe a little vintage (personal wish), the same walls, probably like Hyde Kemang or Union kind of place, but let's just hope they could really have their own place in the future.

Good thing they have separated smoking areas! Salute.

When I look at the interior, I don't know why but it kinda reminds me of underground subway area, maybe it's those white brick walls, but I am referring to this in a very good way. I don't have anything bad to say about the interior, it's just proper.
Before going here, I just had a meeting with the crazy peeps from Peeta Planet, they spent the whole week here in Jakarta shooting here and there and they were just friendly, humble and I think I am going to make an independent blog post about them, but meeting them was such a joy, it's rather disappointing that I couldn't join them when they asked me to be in their show because of my bloddy schedule, last week was krayzeeh! Wishing for another collaboration in the future tho :). Anyway I was not feeling very full because I only ate very little finger food served on the meeting so I was up for something... bigger. I had the good old Cappuccino with Common Grounds Eggs Benedict.

IDR 33k
I just love how well-balanced every element in this glass of cappuccino was, the natural flavor was medium-strong, it had that natural sweetness, in a way not very milky, it was just how a proper Iced Cappuccino should be. FYI they have few brewing methods: V 60, Aeropress and Chemex and they just recently released the Cold Brew creation which by the way took one week to create, the kind barista gave a little for me to try, it was mild and subtle :).
Wondering why they made such great coffees? Not until the end of my visit when the owner reached a guy who were taking pictures of the interior, I am talking about myself here, he gave me his name card and I found "Pandava" written on it, FREAKING WORRY FREE! NOW I KNOW! Pandava is like one of the best coffee shops in town, their coffees are just how you spell be-au-ti-ful!

Eggs Benedict
IDR 65k
I must say that I was quite stunned with this Eggs Benedict, short to say, it was super good! The eggs were cooked perfectly, not greasy and just...yum! The Hollandaise sauce was also pretty good and not very milky. The french fries was fried nicely, not oily, crunchy while still leaving the center to be soft. Sauteed Mushroom? CHAMPS! The lettuce was also fresh with sour sauce dressing (not sure but actually tasted like Yuzu). It was a pretty big portion for one.

Generally, in a nutshell, Common Grounds is a common coffee shop but with not-so-common quality. You might call it Pandava-in-disguise, but they serve freaking great food so suck on it! How do I know? well based on some reviews from my fellow food bloggers who worships their all-day breakfast creations. This freaking worth your visit and plus, I think the prices are still reasonable, especially if you witness the portion, the food here starts from IDR 35k-75k. If you care so much about WiFi, they have a pretty fast WiFi connection, another plus point eh?

Please stay good, the only option Common Grounds should take is to be better <3.

Common Grounds Coffee Roastery
City Walk Sudirman 1st fl.
Jl. K.H. Mansyur No. 121
Jakarta Pusat 10230
021 - 2555 8963

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