Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store Jakarta

I believe I don't need to tell you what Genji Pie is, it's like the Katy Perry of pop music, very popular!

I mean... who can resist those beautiful heart-shaped pastries? At least I don't! Genji Pie pastries by Monde remain one of my most favorite and yet most memorable treats from childhood and I am so glad that they are still going strong, and I have EVEN BETTER news to tell you... Genji Pie is experimenting their own figures to be more and more interesting for its lovers and soon-to-be-fans!

I am just very thrilled to annouce you guys to...
So what exactly is Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store? Okay, so let me put it this way, the original Genji pies in "dresses" and "make-up", short to say: FUN AND MORE INTERESTING! (and I am talking about this in a good way). Okay, honestly talking, Genji pies actually looked appealing already because of their shapes and the ideas to make the products even more interesting is to conceptualize the product and the Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store managed to be just the right platform! It's a pop-up store that is currently standing at the lobby area of Street Gallery (Pondok Indah Mall 3) for one whole month but let's just pray that this will stay longer.

The pop-up store was made out of boards decorated with hand-painted... I repeat... freaking HAND-PAINTED illustrations by some of Jakarta's most famous and talented illustrators: Rukmunal Hakin, Lala Bohang, Ykha Amelz, Muhammad Taufiq and Monica Hapsari! Hands down to their work of arts, they were beautiful and intimidating, somehow I feel talentless as a graphic design student FML!

This particular painting was actually created in just three freaking hours before the event started. Insane right?
Now let me take you to tour the store!

The store was majorly decorated with white elements and vintage stuffs! Was not THAT spacious but it's just on the proper size.

Brought the invitation along! It was artsy cute with yet another pop-up.

Love the mugs! They're for sale, I heard it's around IDR 100k/each.

The three L(s) we need in life!

On process! Looking tempting already!

Another favorite Genji Pie product: Pie Sands!

I got the privilege to try some of their signature creations back on the grand opening and generally they were pretty good, keep scrolling and I'll tell you why you have to try before making judgements.

A Jar of Heart
IDR 20k/100 gram
I love the naming: "A Jar of Heart", this is the mini version of the famous heart shaped Genji pie pastry and what makes them a little more special is the chocolate filling in the middle just like Genji pie sandwich! Might sound and look simple but they're actually pretty good and addicting, pretty little guilty pleasures.

When Sour Meets Choco
IDR 32k
Now this gets more and more interesting, the appearance was definitely a lot more complex, interesting and vibrant than the previous and in fact, this one was probably my favorite among all! I love how the sourness of the fruit could balance the hazelnut chocolate which happened to be pretty rich and 'fudge' like consistency. Me also loving the contrast from the pie and the fruits.

Sleeping Beauty
IDR 25k
Short to say, this was a sponge cake in a glass, but do not underestimate this because honestly this was not bad at all, but if you ask me which one was my favorite then the previous one won! When you scoop inside you'll find the Genji pie hiding somewhere inside, not visually existed outside. The strawberry flavor dominated the overall flavor but for me it was just proper and not overpowering.

Magic Cinnamon Pie
IDR 28k
This one was another interesting, I always love when people start to get so creative with elements, flavor and texture. This one got all the three plus a little cinnamon hint. This was pretty refreshing.

Sweet Sweet Love
IDR 35k
Generous amount of Raspberries given to a portion certainly one of the main reasons why I love this very berry much. Beside the pretty appearance and simple presentation, this one worth your try because raspberry and chocolate had the least possibility to go wrong, you might not see the chocolate directly because the chocolate fudge was hiding around the raspberries. Nice one!

This Is Not A Martini
IDR 25k
What's with the naming they all sounded cute btw *clear throat*, the concept of having this particular dessert is to actually dip the Genji pies (5 mini pies) to the white chocolate mousse, the mousse here was actually more like a dipping, but actually when you scoop every single thing just how you wanted it, it should be okay!

Ratatouille Goes Berries
IDR 25k
This one happened to be everyone's favorite that day but since you know I couldn't deal with cheese so there you go... it's unfair to make upfront judgement to cheese but at least I told you that everybody loved this right! It's actually Genji pie crumbles as the base then topped with Strawberry and Blueberry cream cheese, it's nice that they also gave fruits on top not only as garnish but as another hint of flavor.

It took a heart-shaped pastry to make me fall in love <3. 40 friggin years since the first and remain solid.

As what I have told you earlier, the Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store will only be available for the whole month, approximately until May 11th so you better be hurry! I heard the vibe of this pop-up store is now going pretty crazy, so many people have posted this on their Instagram. With affordable prices, pretty decent taste and fun store concept, this might be the place where sweet tooth wants to go and won't be intimidated.

BTW, if you happen to visit the store, take pictures and upload them, don't forget the hashtag #genjishoppe along with the caption :).

Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store
North Entrance Lobby Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall 3
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

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