LUC Bar and Grill Jakarta

LUC is a new restaurant and bar opening in the famous neighborhood, Wolter Monginsidi, yes around Senopati area. Senopati and around has truly been the boulevard of sinful treats because there are so many restaurants opening in area serving you almost all kinds of food you name it! It's overwhelming reminding that in a month there is at least one new restaurant opening indicating so many rich people here in Jakarta!

Okay, back to the topic, LUC is a western themed restaurant serving mostly western food but I learned that the purpose of LUC being built was actually to introduce the public the art of Whiskey! So basically LUC supposed to be known as Whiskey bar but since the owner thought it would be way cooler to have food accompanying the Whiskey (yes the PR told me) so there you go. For the food, LUC is focusing on grilled food and bar food because they're considered to support the Whiskey (more on that so keep reading).

The place was not THAT spacious but it was really comfortable, I went here during the raining hours and the ambiance was just exciting! That "blue" mood was on while the lounge music was playing smoothly. As you can see from the pictures, the interior might not be decorated with the fanciest stuff there is, it's actually very simple and minimalist but there's something about it that made me love it! You could also choose your seating between the dining tables or bar area if you're up to casual drinks.

Anyway, speaking about drinks, I learned that Whiskey is best served as what it is, no mixture (cocktail mix), except having it "Single Malt", and that's why LUC only serves pure Whiskey and you won't find such thing as Whiskey cocktail here in LUC, you could still have their signature cocktails but without Whiskey, maybe Vodka or Gin. Another good thing to point out here about LUC Whiskey, you could have it per glass, so you don't need to buy the damn expensive bottles and have it by glass as how you prefer.

Superb Whiskey collection display for everyone's eyes. Not exactly everyone but those who dine here!

The meal kicked off with the Bar food. Frankly speaking, they DO NOT serve the food like this in general serving, it's just for me that they made it in platter presentation. As you can see, this portion consist of Quesadilla, Chops (beef), onion rings, Bruschetta, Fried spring rolls and Salmon Salmon on rocket bread. My favorite one must be their onion rings and the spring rolls, they were beautifully seasoned, lovely crunchiness and generous filling for the spring rolls. The Quesadilla was near to great but I guess they should put on braver seasoning because they were sort of plain, the Bruschetta was actually good, only I guess that the tomato dressing was a little wet for the bread.

Grilled Chicken Breast Mushroom
IDR 79k
This following was sort of a success, the chicken was cooked nicely, even though honestly I was expecting the meat to be juicier, but the seasoning was great. On the other hand, the sauteed mushrooms was the friggin BOMB! The seasoning might be a little salty but I found that over-saltiness to be the main quality, guessing it came from the butter as well, you simply CAN'T have too much butter <3.

Fettuccine Aragosta with Lobster
IDR 279k
When it was served right on to the table, I simply couldn't wait to 'abuse' this, as it looked VERY TEMPTING. I knew exactly that the fettuccine was home made and I was right, there's something different with pastas you bought from the supermarkets and those you made yourself and I truly appreciate the effort. The lobster meats given to this portion was generous, the pasta was 'al-dente' and on the proper consistency but I found that the overall seasoning was not very strong and more like plain, they should increase that tomato kick or made this spicier and probably creamier as how I imagined.

Sergio's Gin
IDR 120k
The Sergio's Gin is one of LUC's signatures and surprisingly, I found this drink to be light and I could still take it, maybe it's because of the 'rocks' (for the record, I am not an avid drinker), so I guess it's certainly not bad for a first-timer and like what people said, this might be 'ladies' drink'.

Frozen Blue Margarita
IDR 120k
Another LUC's signatures, what's unique about the frozen margarita series in LUC is that there will be jelly on the bottom and it's set to be the exact flavor of the frozen margarita you ordered. This one was another light one, the alcohol was not very strong, and surprisingly, for someone like me, I was expecting it to be bolder, sweeter and tastier. It had that little lychee flavor to it even though not very significant.

In case you're wondering, the jelly's flavor was lychee.

By the way, they're having the HAPPY HOUR promotion from Monday to Friday, 4 - 8 PM BUY 2 GET 1 FREE WHISKEY, and every Wednesday from 6 PM-drop, BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

The food may not be out of the world good, but when you go here, you are not only paying for the food, but the ambiance as well, well the ambiance was pretty nice and proper enough as your weekend destination with your buddies or simply having lunch time here :). Pricing wise, pretty much affordable, well don't look at that lobster course tag, it's friggin lobster for its own sake, other than that, quick browsing on the menu, the pricing was still okay.

LUC Bar and Grill
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 33
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 720 6366/6370
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun: 10.30 AM - 12 AM
Fri - Sat: 10.30 AM - 1 AM

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