Fiesta Seafood Sealicious: For The Love of Cooking!

One of the most frequently asked questions to me being a food blogger is... "can you actually cook?". Hmm... I don't know how to answer this question because to be honest, I am completely in between, I don't feel like I can cook in the most proper way because most of the times I cook with my feeling, but it turned out not bad at all so I know I have it in me *defensive*.

One example of my baking, this one was so easy to make I'm planning to post this!

Actually cooking is a fun thing to do and to learn to do, except if you're just too lazy to do one so that doesn't count. I personally do not believe that there's even one who can't cook, with a little will to learn, some of the most basics like fried eggs or fried rice could be accomplished nicely (I believe), do you think I can cook just like that without knowing the basic methods? I paid attention to my mom, watching the television series or look online for recipes and YouTube tutorials, apparently you could save some money if you're on a budget, remember, the drive is in you.

Apparently there is a platform for EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE who wants to learn how to cook and hopefully be a good cook, I want to share this happy news to all my readers and since I believe YOU have the potential.

Thank goodness for...

The first online cooking class in Indonesia!

Normally when you attend cooking class you'd have to pay but rest assure, it's COMPLETELY FREE!

I must admit that before I found this truly amazing website, I cooked almost everything the wrong way (more on that later), but let me explain you a little bit about Fiesta Seafood Sealicious. Fiesta Seafood Sealicious claims to be THE FIRST online cooking class in Indonesia (again it's FREE!), it's completely like attending college classes minus the boredom but there will be 'exams' and the top 'students' with the highest scores in the report cards will get the chance to win a lot of great prizes! One of it is the cooking course in Singapore! Yeah you kinda need to compete a bit but big prizes don't come easy right ;).

Not convinced enough to join? What if I told you that the main 'lecturer' is Chef Arnold Poernomo. Girls ready to drool! Together with him, Chef William Gozali and Chef Winny Giwangkara will accompany and personally train the 'students' during the classes! There will be four rounds of the cooking class:
1. The elimination round
2. The TOP 100
3. The TOP 10
4. The TOP 5
5. FINALE: main winner and favorite winner!

On the elimination round, people had to answer some of the most general questions about cooking and kitchen-eous area, worry free, if you don't have any idea, Fiesta Seafood Sealicious smartened up because you could learn on the first place some of those general informations about kitchen and cooking, like the knifes you need to use if you want to cut this or that, and guess what? I honestly just knew that we need to change the knifes when we're going to cut meat and spring onions because the knife we're using to cut the meat will contaminate the spring onions. I thought it was not a big deal but turned out it was *shocking*.

Right after the elimination round, the peeps who made it to the TOP 100 had to provide the cooking recipe that they made with supporting photo posted on the website and of course the ones with the most potentials and simply the yummy ones had the privilege to be in the TOP 10 and on this state the lucky ones would have to prepare an online subject lesson about cooking including some recipes wth Fiesta Seafood product and an on-ground video, meaning a recorded cooking demo video (presentation method is totally a plus point!), then the video should be uploaded and then the 'url' of the particular video is being shared online :). Might sound a little more complicated but the process should be fun. Keep in mind that this might take you to Singapore LOL!

Finally, the lucky ones who're making it to the finale (TOP 5) would have to perform their cooking LIVE in front of audiences and the real cooking competition between the soon-to-be champions is really starting! From the 5 hopefuls, one main winner and one favorite winner (based on votes) will be chosen and some amazing prizes are ready to bring home. Okay now I am personally curious!

Who knows it's you, yes you reading this now who's going to win, from basically someone who can't cook to becoming the champion of Fiesta Seafood Sealicious Cooking Competition! We simply can never guess rite? ;).

So I want to share you guys this too! I went to the Fiesta Seafood Sealicious launching and I got the first hand about this from the expert themselves: Chef Arnold Poernomo, Chef William Gozali, Chef Winny Giwangkara along with Anna Wibowo (Fiesta Brand Manager).
Some participants from the event were asked to do their own dining preparation, the object was shrimp and the participants were asked to demonstrate how to peel the shrimp's shell their own way, the purpose of this is basically to see if people have been doing it the right way...or not.

...but apparently the three participants didn't do it completely wrong but just not proper, and then the hero (who I am referring as Chef Arnold Poernomo) gave everyone the correct tutorial on how to peel off the skin (shell) *glorious sound effect*.
 He made breaded shrimps FTW!

Chef Arnold Poernomo, the Fiesta Seafood Sealicious ambassador!

Okay, I guess that it's not fair if I don't post my own cooking, of course with Fiesta Seafood products, trust me it's just so damn easy... how should I call this?

how about...
The shrimp cutlet katsu from Fiesta was just very good, well, I don't think I need anything more to say it's freaking Fiesta! I have been using their products for years, they're like the king of nuggets, whenever my mom's too lazy to cook, most of the times she went to the supermarket and bought two or three bags of nuggets, those could last for one week hahaha even when we (her kids) at the craziest, one or two bags for one day, bottomless stomach we got here!

RECIPE FOR YOU <3. See? I am such a dedicated blogger!
If you notice above, yes I am using the Garlic oil then I don't need to use anymore garlic on the cooking, it just made the fried rice smell nicer and a little hint of garlic just wouldn't hurt.

Don't forget to log on to
for the latest updates of the cooking class competition, now tell me who you are rooting to win?! Currently it's still on the TOP 10 round and I am asking your favors to VOTE for whoever your favorite contestant is and do a little kindness for one of them to get the chance to experience the main prize:

In the mean time, good luck for the remaining contestants! Follow my Instagram as I would keep you guys updated about the competition! And for everyone reading this, you can keep on learning how to cook by visiting the website. I believe everyone can cook so please don't give up on your potential! Plus don't forget that people who can cook are incredibly sexy and a plus point to keep your lovers around you, maybe this will boost your spirit ;).


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