Not too long ago, Amber Jakarta launched their all-day breakfast menus! The creations range from sweet to savory, and all guaranteed to be healthy and low calories. The all-day breakfast menus are now available all day, everyday in Amber’s Senopati outlet in South Jakarta.

Did a full review of Amber on a separated post, click HERE to read the post.

Avocado on Toast – IDR 85k
My personal favorite from their savory options: toasted bread topped with avocado puree, two poached eggs and avocado slices. I’m always okay with avocado, but never actually a big big fan, Amber clearly did a good job on the avocado seasoning. There’s this interesting hint of salty flavor mixed with the naturally neutral and sweet avocado flavor. The bread was crispy on the outer coating and soft as you went further to the center. The eggs were perfectly runny, I simply love the overall combination of the ingredients here, altogether enjoyable!

Cheese and Mushroom Omelette – IDR 95k
Amber’s homestyle omelette with cheese and Champignon mushroom filling, served with tomato-mozarella, bread, rocket salad with Thai-balsamic dressing and beef bacon on the side. The omelette was soft and creamy, with fluffy and pillow like texture!

Amber Nutella Pancake – IDR 65k
Oh no they didn’t! When there’s Nutella, there’s me drooling!!! This beautifully presented dish was another attention seeker from their sweet breakfast menu! The pancakes looked like an island floating on the Nutella sea, the combination was altogether sweet, but yet still very interesting and addicting, especially that Chantily cream topping which sort of the balancer of this dish. Avid chocolate fan would die for this: texture checked, flavor checked, and look...double checked!

Butterscotch Vanilla Waffle – IDR 65k
Amber’s homemade Butterscotch vanilla waffle topped with caramelized banana, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. The waffle was very fragrant with crunchy and fluffy texture, but the highlight was clearly the beautifully executed caramelized banana with that gooey texture and the sweet and tasty Butterscotch sauce. FYI as in BTW, Butterscotch tasted like the more fragrant and slightly more intensed caramel sauce.

Chia Pudding – IDR 65k
Again, beautiful presentation and one of the healthiest alternatives you can find here. Instead of “pudding”, this appeal more as a chia porridge for me, the chia was just very generous and loaded! The pudding was made from the mixture of fresh milk, cream &chia seed, and topped with fresh strawberries, banana, raisin, crunchy almond and altogether served with honey and toasts.

Croissant French Toast – IDR 60k
Now this is UNIQUE! I feel like lately croissant has been function as anything it has never been before, like croissant burger and stuff, if you’ve had croissant sandwich before, then Amber came with the fun and pretty croissant French toast with sauteed Butterscotch apple and strawberry filling, and ice cream & Chantily cream on the side. This was very enjoyable, and my personal favorite from their sweet breakfast menu! The croissant was fluffy and moist, not too buttery (which is good for me), the condiments were generous, and I like how the apple gave this additional crunch and a hint of sour flavor, but mostly fresh. DA YUM!
The posh breakfast menus were overall good with reasonable pricing, I’ll definitely come back for more, plus Amber itself is so pretty, the kind of place that I would be more than happy to show my friends from outside Indonesia and have my posh stylish lunch here! You should not miss!

Amber Chocolate & Bar
Jalan Senopati Raya No. 61
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 2904 4412
Opening Hours:
Chocolate and pastry boutique: 7 AM - 10 PM
Library: 10 AM - 11 PM
Sky Lounge: 5 PM - 1 AM (weekdays) and closed at 3 AM on weekends
Dresscode: sporty casual
Pricing: $$


Map for Amber

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