Just had my lunch at this newly opened restaurant called Vue46 and I just can’t wait to share my experience with you, and most importantly, since my experience was a very good one, it’s still fresh on my palate.

I remember I had this conversation with a foodie friend of mine not so long ago. We were chatting about how often we ate out that it didn’t actually excite us anymore as we have sampled the very good ones to the worst ones. To be honest, I did put a little expectation towards this particular restaurant as I really wanted my palate to be elevated with something new and never had in Jakarta, or else you can just say that I need to have something rich in my mouth.

Vue46 is another venture by the Les Amis group, which previously released their casual fine dining restaurant, Socieaty (read the review here). This fine dining restaurant is located 46 floors above the street surface and share the same level as the Altitude restaurants (GAIA, Salt Grill and Enmaru) at The Plaza tower, and their soon-to-open restaurant, Shabu-Shabu Ghen! I had the grand chance to have a look at the shabu-shabu restaurant, but no, I am not sharing anything to you right now as it should be all secret.

Vue46 is not spacious, and it’s simply and minimalistly designed. The capacity itself can only accomodate 52 people, but on my visit just earlier today, the restaurant was full-house (especially since I heard someone’s having their birthday lunch today). I didn’t take pictures of the venue as it was packed with people and I didn’t feel like interrupting their privacy, somehow the look of the restaurant reminded me of certain corners of Altitude with simple table setting. I came here with my beloved friend, Ellyna from Culinary Bonanza, and we sampled their 5-course lunch set! Won’t keep you long with all the intros so let’s DIG IN!

PS: this lunch set cost IDR 1,280k++
Complimentary Bread
I really like everything about this bread. Solid with fluffy center, fragrant and served with three kinds of butter: spicy, mustard and seaweed.
Special Selection of Kristal Caviar
Cold Angel Hair in Harmony with Caviar and Black Truffle
Now this is what you call a dish with truffle! The truffle was given GENEROUSLY as you can definitely smell that from a distance already (even before it’s served onto your table). As you can see, the presentation is so pretty and classy (well it’s fine dining), styled cold angel hair topped with premium Kristal caviar. This was DIVINE. The firmness of the pasta was spot on, seasoning was beautiful, short to say, a dish to die for.

Organic Tomato in Club Sandwich
Mille-Feuille of Tomato and Spanner Crab with a Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Xeres Vinegar
It’s a good looking dish, but not the most photogenic one, but who cares when you’re actually sampling this fabulous one-of-a-kind dish (flavor ALWAYS comes first). I never actually had problems with tomato, but it’s never my favorite fruit, BUT I might convert if I can consistently have the tomato they’re serving on this particular dish. The tomato was incredibly fresh and it doesn’t leave that sour aftertaste and fishy smell. It’s mandatory that you have everything as a whole, hence you’ll experience that burst of flavor, almost umami like where it got better and better the longer you had the food on your palate! It's this beautiful blend of sweet, savory, and just yummy along the way (Geez I hate using the word “yummy” for fine dining but I really don’t have any other proper word, and “delicious” is just boring LOL).
Seared Scallop
Teppanyaki Seared Scallop with Teriyaki Sauce
This is good, but this was probably my least favorite as I expected the scallop to be soft and juicy, and it was firm and solid. Flavor wise, the scallop was already good enough with light seasoning, but the teriyaki sauce really changed the whole thing, and indeed was a good pair to the scallop.

Pan Roasted Sea Bass
Sea Bass with Refined and Aromatic Traditional “Americaine” Sauce

The seabass was cooked on the perfect temperature, resulting this tender meat with smooth texture, it was just so fresh that it was not fishy at all. The Americaine sauce (tomato and red wine) was AMAZING! It was honestly the highlight of this dish, or otherwise the overall flavor wouldn’t taste as good. The flavor of the sauce reminded me of Lobster Bisque soup, only thicker and more subtle in certain notes, but most of the times just rich. Since the flavor of the sauce alone was quite dominant, I didn’t really see the point of adding caviar, but still gotta thank the kind chef for the caviar! One’s too silly to say no to caviar!
Whole Candied Clementine in a Different Textures on an Earl Grey Jelly
Ellyna and I got a different dessert. Lucky I got this beautifully presented dessert called Clementine: an orange shaped dessert with sorbet and pannacotta filling, wrapped in real orange & earl grey jelly skin and “showered” with Mandarin soup. The pannacotta was a little milky for my liking, but I like perfect sweetness of this dish, just overall very refreshing!

Coffee/Tea - Finished the course with a choice of coffee or tea. They didn’t have the best coffee here.

I am not easy to impress, but I really did have AMAZING experience here. The food was not disappointing. When it comes to taste, it’s very personal, but I really want to thank Vue46 for coming to the scene as it gave something fresh and different to the boring scene, and special thanks to Chef Lepinoy Sebastien and Chef Komoda Kentaro for cooking the good food! I love serious restaurants, and this is one of the best dining experiences I’ve had this year!

Vue46 by Les Amis
The Plaza Tower, 46th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 1,5 mil for two
Dresscode: sporty casual

Map for The Plaza

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