I acknowledge that dessert is currently THE BIGGEST F&B trend in town, the numbers keep on growing, so does the interest, It’s awesome that they always have that special place in our heart.

Tang Yuan Asian Dessert is a dessert house located in Tanjung Duren area, and it is one of those dessert houses specializing in Asian desserts, at their simply designed store, they offer quite a big range of hot and cold desserts, some of them are even very traditional, which is good. I don’t know why, but I love the fact that they choose to open in Tanjung Duren area, as normally that area’s filled with a lot of family restaurants (mostly Chinese restaurants). This place is easily noticeable as it’s located at the main Tanjung Duren road (at the hook), you can just Waze the location and they’ll take you there.

As a Chinese descent personality, I am pretty much familiar with “tang yuan”, by the way, the word “tang yuan” actually means “glutinous rice balls in a bowl”, and it is a traditional Chinese hot dessert with rather spicy soup made using ginger, perfect for cold days and fighting one. If you haven’t tried tang yuan before, rest assure as they have one here, and it’s like...very good!

Ginger Tang Yuan – IDR 20k
Fluffy rice balls with yummy peanut, mung bean and red bean filling!
Tried some of their other best selling desserts from each category, so let’s DIG IN!

Mellow Milo (IDR 20k), Mango Freeze (IDR 19k), Taro Milk Tea (IDR 20k), Matcha Milk Tea (IDR 20k)

Some of their best selling drinks! My personal favorite was their taro milk tea and my sister’s was their matcha milk tea, but generally the drinks were quite enjoyable! The milo drink had this rich and generous milo flavor to it and the mango freeze would be better with more hint of sour. Here you can adjust the sugar level just like most milk tea drink nowadays.

Matcha Milk Tea (IDR 20k)
Mellow Milo (IDR 20k)
Taro Milk Tea (IDR 20k)
Mango Freeze (IDR 19k)
Flan de Leche (caramel pudding) – IDR 17k
Their Flan de Leche or caramel pudding came in various shapes rolled everyday, the texture was very smooth, almost like the more solid version of custard and egg, but still pretty much fragile. The caramel sauce dressing was generous.

Mango Pudding – IDR 18k
Tasty and silky mango pudding topped with rum flavored sauce, pretty sure I haven’t experienced having mango flavored dish with rum sauce, expected the rum sauce to have this more intense flavor.

Mini Martabak (Gold (IDR 25k) and Silver)
The main difference between the gold, silver and platinum came from the topping. The “Gold” option allow you to choose two out of the available premium toppings such as Nutella, Oreo, Marshmallow, Skippy and caramel sauce. On the other hand, the “Silver” option allow you to opt for two out of the three regular toppings such as chocolate, cheese and nut, while topping like Ovomaltine is available if you purchase the platinum mini martabak.

The martabak craze seems never ending, at specifically, I think martabak is one of the most happening and trending dessert at the moment. Their martabak was moist & fluffy and rich in flavor. It’s a one simple guity pleasure that they offered in three different flavors: original, red velvet and pandan.
Add more fun to your martabak eating experience by adding one shot of Bailey’s!
Red Velvet Martabak with Skippy topping
The red velvet flavor was quite there, along with pretty much the same texture as mentioned.

Xing Fu (Milk) – IDR 38k
Xing Fu had this common Taiwanese dessert presentation that you can probably find elsewhere, so what exactly makes this dessert different from the others? The fact that I haven’t actually found a dessert with mung bean and black sticky rice (zimi) as a topping! Xing Fu consists of toppings such as: grass jelly, taro pudding, egg pudding, mochi, red bean, q balls, zimi and mung bean. Overall, this dessert was quite enjoyable, not too sweet, meant for sharing (for me).

Mango Sticky Rice Dessert – IDR 32k
The mango was so fresh and sweet, for me, when you talk about sticky rice dessert, mango should be the most important element, then followed with the sticky rice, as you can create good sticky rice by hand, but mostly nature and the good care controlled the beautiful mangoes. Once I had their mango, I didn’t have anything to care about XD. The sticky rice could be more solid and the idea of additional coconut ice cream topping was genius. YUM
Look at dem mango!
Nutella Honey Thick Toast – IDR 58k
Their take on honey toast was original, yet unique. If the common honey toast normally had this crunchier and more buttery bread, they kept things simple just by layering the breads and coated everything with honey glaze. Hey I don’t think there’s one particular Honey Toast rule! Technically this just couldn’t go wrong. Layers of breads with Nutella spread and topped with vanilla ice cream. Absolutety yummy!
Besides desserts, they also have various snacks and savory meals selections, such as: fried rice, tom yum noodle, finger food and many more, but I didn’t get the chance to try both of them as I was super full already, will be back soon! Good luck always, Tang Yuan Asian Desserts!

Thank you for reading!

Tang Yuan Asian Desserts
Jalan Tanjung Duren Raya No. 71
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat 11470
021 - 9594 6469
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu, Sun: 11 AM - 12 AM
Fri-Sat: 11 AM - 1 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for Tang Yuan Asian Desserts

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