Fondue (read: von du) restaurants are rare in Jakarta, the fondue trend has never been a big thing in town.

But if you’re a fondue person, look no further than Melting Pot in Plaza Senayan, this place serves SERIOUS fondue dishes.

Fondue is a French word meaning “to melt” in English, and in most cases, cheese and chocolate are the most common ingredients when it comes to fondue, that’s probably why you’ve seen ginormous dark or white chocolate fondue in hotel buffet restaurants, in Melting Pot, aside from serving both chocolate and cheese, they assure that the ingredients they’re using are the finest and most authentic, and by authentic meaning that each and every cheese used in the cooking process are GENUINE premium cheese.
I have heard about Melting Pot from friends, but never actually tried it, and when I actually visited the restaurant, I didn’t expect the restaurant to be THAT spacious. The restaurant’s set to have romantic-dim lighting and warm ambiance, supported with the simple yet classy design! They have several dining areas: the regular dining area for two and for four, and the round seatings for groups.

I tried the Melting Pot set (starting from IDR 448K) and a few salads that I shared with three people (my sister and a friend), the set already includes several rounds of fondue dishes (one cheese & one fried). The salads mostly have cheese in it - The Melting Pot House Salad (IDR 68k) was enjoyable with ingredients such as Romaine & Iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, croutons and egg, altogether dressed in Peppercorn Ranch Dressing (or Sweet and Tangy sauce depending on your choice), and if you love the stronger cheese flavor like my sister, then you should go for the California Salad (IDR 65k) which consist of greens, Roma tomatoes, candied walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese with Raspberry vinaigrette, unfortunately, I didn’t touch this.

I was impressed with how the serve the fondue to their customers, I thought they’re just gonna do everything at the back and serve us just for us to dip, but they actually COOK in front of our very own eyes! The fondue series kicked off with the “Cheddar” cheese fondue (ala carte IDR 108k/person) with aged, medium-sharp cheddar and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic and seasonings and topped with spring onions. The cheese fondue’s served with bread, fruits and steamed veges.
 ...and yes you did not read it wrong, they freakin used BEER as one of the ingredients.

So they first heated up the beer mix on the induction heater and once it’s hot enough, they mix the thin sliced garlic, gave a little stir, and mixed all the cheese in along with all the seasonings! It was really fragrant and aromatic, but you know me, I had major panic attack towards (even just looking at) cheese, but again, I needed to try it to give my POV, and boy it was not bad, at all. The garlic really helped tuning down the cheese flavor, which is good for me, but yes this was super cheesy at certain notes, but it had that major salty & savory flavor to it! My sister and my friend were such a big fan, they literally finished everything.

The second dish was the fried fondue, no cheese and chocolate here but that doesn’t make it less attractive! The fried fondue came with veges (potato, broccoli), mushrooms, meats (beef, prawns, salmon), their homemade batter and sauces! They suggested us to coat everything with their batter (I am a big fan of their sesame batter), and deep fried, but don’t just drop it into the searing hot oil, make sure you wait and hold for around 10 seconds then you’re good to release. They suggested that two minutes would be perfect for the best temperature, but I chose not to stick with the rule, especially when it comes to the beef, I think 45 seconds-1 minute is enough to get that medium rare to medium texture. The Teriyaki marinated rib eye was DA BOMB!
 Instructions with pictures below:

Ingredients: the fried fondue came with veges, mushroom and meats like Premium U.S fillet mignon, black tiger prawns, salmon, and teriyaki-marinated ribeye.

 Teriyaki-Marinated Ribeye! BOOOOOMB!
 Seasoned beef coated with their signature homemade batter. There are two available batters here, no restrictions, you can dip whatever you want here!
Don’t forget to hold the stick for about 7-10 seconds before releasing and letting it cook for itself, this is how it supposed to look after 2 minutes of cooking!
 Beautifully cooked fillet! Tender and juicy!
NOW MUSHROOM! It’s suggested that we filled the mushroom with cream first before got it coated and cooked!


Yin Yang Chocolate – IDR 118k++
What I want to highlight about this dessert is that the chef did not use any mold to create that flawless Yin and Yang shape, “only” cold hands and skill needed J. This dessert is the combination of melted premium white and dark chocolate!
Caramel Nut Chocolate – IDR 118k++
This particular dessert was obviously MY FAVORITE PART! First of all, I LOVE the presentation of this dish: playground to the eye with all those flame attraction when the fire interacts with the alcohol, and the chocolate was soooo good, just so rich with the candied nuts to add in that play of flavor and texture! Their chocolate fondue desserts came with fruit and their uber delicious homemade brownie! The brownie was seriously so good that it might be one of the best I've had in town, very rich, moist and gooey. It’s such a classic treat as you just need to dip and coat everything with chocolate then have it right away!

I was glad that this was my first all fondue course lunch (well with the salad), but I started this at a great place serving really good fondue. I might not have it regularly everyday and the pricing’s not the cheapest, but it’s nice to have fun with your food, there's just this interactive value about having fondue that I love! I think this is a place worth trying. FONDUE GAME STRONG.

Melting Pot
Plaza Senayan 5th floor
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 5790 6057
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 600k for two
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for Plaza Senayan

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