One of the best parts about my job is how I can work from anywhere else in the world, so today I and Rinku team departed from Seminyak to our current “home” in Ubud, currently sitting on this comfy sofa in my gorgeous suite in Bisma Eight while writing a story I wanted to quickly publish to you.

I think out of anywhere else in the world, Bali is where I constantly feel like having the best sleep. Something about the Bali resorts bed that is so comfortable and after a few minutes of laying down while still on my phone, I dozed off like a sleepy dog. I can’t do that and confess to often it’s seriously so unglam!

Ok, so in this post I am going to share you my experience having a weekend brunch at my numero uno favorite buffet brunch in Bali: CUT CATCH CUCINA! Before staying at Bisma Eight, I stayed at the very gorgeous Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua, I highly recommend everyone to stay here, it’s a fancy resort, but I love how there’s this sense of belonging, family and all supported with the beautiful surrounding and top notch service, I heard they’re the first hotel in Bali with all French concept, well I’m not sure about that because my stay was quite short and we were busy touring Bali, and I honestly did not take any picture of the resort so I don’t think I am capable of making a review about it, but I am definitely coming back to Sofitel on let’s say a family trip and experience it in a more personal way.

Anyway back to Cut Catch Cucina, it currently ranks #2 on the Trip Advisor best Nusa Dua restaurant list (just below Boneka restaurant), but many (and when I say many I mean almost everyone that I met and ask personally) claim Cut Catch Cucina to be their favorite weekend buffet brunch in the entire Bali, you know when so many people have agreed on the quality of certain restaurant you kinda get excited for it. This was exactly that.
Cut Catch Cucina wasn’t as noticeable as Kwee Zeen and located slightly hidden around the bush, but that was not a problem. I think Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua is great at choosing certain people to be their host/ushers. I noticed the server all dressed very glamorously in long black dress, and each happens to be very model-like with long necks and tall physique. We were escorted by the friendly server to our table and we were then allowed to abuse the buffet station and had whatever we fancy to have. So first, interior design: I like the neat and simple look of the dining area, not much with the design, but sure they have class in it. 
So I learned that they don’t name this restaurant CUT CATCH CUCINA for nothing, the whole Cut Catch Cucina is divided into this three main cuisine area: the CUT belongs to the meat and poultry station, CATCH belongs to the fresh seafood and CUCINA belongs to the great Italian cuisine station, they serve authentic Italian cuisine to your tables, and oh, not to be eft out of the list and deserve a honorable station, the impressive DESSERT STATION!

The weekend brunch at Cut Catch Cucina starts on 11 AM-3 PM every week, with the last order being at 2:30 PM. What do you mean “last order?”, well here they not only serve you buffet, but you can also pick some complimentary food from the printed ala carte menu, all inclusive to the package you’re paying for the brunch buffet, we ordered steaks, foie gras and eggs benny to share. By the time I went back to the table after finished touring and taking pics, they started eating, so I was kinda lost with the pic. Anyway, the weekend brunch starts at IDR 499k (basic with free flow soft drink and iced tea), IDR 699k (with alcohol but without imported wine and champagne), and IDR 1,3 mil (including free flow imported wine and champagne), of course it was a Sunday with much needed spark, so we opted for that particular package, trust me you won’t regret.

In the Cut station, you can find scrumptious selections of premium beef, lamb, and poultry. My favo has got to be the beef wellington (and it looks damn good too), even though I expected the crust to be crispier.
Located in between the Cut and Catch area, a mini boulangerie or bread station!    
As much as I love beef, I must say that the Catch station happens to be my favorite! Not only that I love how they displayed the seafood showcase in this boatlike presentation, the gorgeous fresh seafood is just something I can’t resist not taking. You got fresh chunky oysters, prawns, lobsters and more. The marinating sauce was this homemade Bali style signature sauce with this beautiful mix of sweet and spicy flavor and rich in herbs.
Also located around the Catch station is the Balinese rice station and a charcoal grill station. If you’re a virgin to Bali and have never tried this local delicacy (non-halal) well you should, even if you don’t like spicy food you at least gotta have a bite. The station featured a display of a whole roasted pork and their condiments, and there will be a server who will help you serve the meal. I’d like to take everything for myself because I know the amount will be embarrassing, the rice dish turned out to be pretty tasty and above my expectation (I tend to expect less for hotel’s Nasi Bali), but it’s the soup that was really charming.
As mentioned above, The Cucina station is where the good and authentic Italian cuisine is! Expect to find pasta, pizza (love the Quatro Formaggi), crepes, cold cuts and fresh ingredients to make your salad.
 Fresh cuts!

 Canape tree

The dessert station was another eye-catching and personal favorite of mine. As a self-devoted sweet tooth, the variety of desserts they’re offering is fantastic! One of the most awesome things about the dessert station is the dessert drawer display filled with chocolates, candies and jellies (I don’t know if they rotate the menu weekly), and besides that, you can also have tasty eclairs, meringues, tarts, pies, cakes, fondue and cotton candy!
Kids will love this one! A popcorn station where you can customize how you want your popcorn to be, you can totally add in as much butter, caramel and spices as you want. 
In the middle of the brunch, a fashion show was suddenly held to refresh the ambiance, even though I honestly think it’s unnecessary, but nice try.

Nasi Campur Bali (minus the sate lilit) 
Grilled Seafood
Ok to sum things up, Cut Catch Cucina is indeed one of the best weekend buffet brunch there is in Bali at the moment, even though I think they need to work on the freshness of the lobster (that was my only problem), other than that everything was divine: friendly and attentive service, terrific amount of variety and great quality, and after all, priced accordingly. Good good job Cut Catch Cucina.

Still asking for the pictures of ala carte menus from my friend, will totally update this post once the photos are ready.

Thank you for reading!

Cut Catch Cucina
Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua
BTDC lot N%
Jalan Nusa Dua, Benoa
Kuta Selatan
0361 8492 888
Dresscode: casual


Map for Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua

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