So my dear friend, Jen, just opened a restaurant & café in Citywalk poshly called Nosh, and I actually just had lunch there a few hours ago and blogging it for you guys to read! Anyway, I just came back from a very enjoyable trip in KL and Bangkok, ate so many food that I actually gained three freaking kilos, diet much needed.   

Some photos from the trip and teaser for both travel posts!

Nosh is located across Common Grounds on the lobby level, it’s probably the “whitest” (literally) café in the whole floor, if not the whole Citywalk so I guess it’s easily noticeable. The interior was clean and neat with a touch of French-Victorian from the vintage rustic wall-windows, the white marble table and the chairs. I arrived just in time when the heavy rain started to pour, so what I imagined would be a lunch session where I could produce good photos didn’t go as planned. Well not everyday Sunday, but I still enjoy every single second of it. Even though it’s important, but happy moment is not all about good photos hahaha!

 Taken after I finished my meals and the rain suddenly stopped.
Service was fast and attentive. I ordered to like 2 different waiters and they all have good knowledge about the food and beverage. I have this thing where I pretend not knowing what certain food is to actually test out to them. Watch out when I come to your restaurants and test you out! LOL. The signature and best selling menus were the “Oxtail Wellington” and “Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken”.

Will start with the beverages first. The beverages that I ordered were mineral water, iced cappuccino, Royal Regal Milkshake and a complimentary from them: Nutella Milkshake. They’re using Tanamera coffee beans to create their signature blend and I must say that their coffee was nowhere near bad! It wasn’t my biggest concern but I totally liked the well-balanced coffee. The Royal Regal Milkshake was perfectly sweet (it didn’t bother my palate) with rich regal flavor and proper creaminess, the Nutella milkshake was actually pretty good, Nutella is just something that won’t ever bore ya (especially me), but on the other hand, it’s Nutella, I mean you just can’t go wrong and it’s very safe. If you mess up Nutella you’re honestly dumb af.

Royal Regal Milkshake – IDR 40k
For the food, they mostly focus on serving Western cuisine, and with Asian twist on some menus. Price ranges from IDR 40k-150k for food and IDR 30k for drinks. Pretty normal and affordable.

Poutine - IDR 45k   
This Poutine menu was actually their signature French Fries dish consisting of deep fried shoestrings dressed with their signature savory gravy and topped with mozzarella cheese and sunny side up. Flavor wise, I find this pretty decent, the gravy was seasoned nicely and really elevated the whole dish, but I think more mozzarella would add in more fun to this dish.
Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken – IDR 70k
According to the waiter, this is the top three best-selling menu in Nosh, so I guess this worth my try. The chicken was super nice: perfectly cooked, perfectly crispy, perfectly tender and seasoned! I notice the dishes here with gravy on the dish tasted the same, so I guess this signature gravy is implemented to all the gravy-related menus. The mashed potato was the kind of mash that I like: smooth without being overly smooth like a cream, and flavor that’s not overly milky, the only thing lacking was the truffle oil, it was there but not strong enough. Buttermilk fried chicken + good mashed potato are basically everlasting marriage.
Oxtail Rigatoni Pasta – IDR 85k
I am a huge fan of oxtails, and I notice some menus here actually features oxtail as part of their ingredient, so yes to that!!! The first oxtail dish that I ordered here: oxtail rigatoni pasta! The rigatoni (cylinder shaped pasta) was perfectly al-dente and dressed in their homemade tomato based sauce and oxtail meat. I really appreciate the fact that they give plenty of chunky-ass tender oxtail meat chunks in the dish & no bullshit. The sauce had this nice balance of tangy and savory flavor with a tiny hint of sweet, honestly for IDR 85k, this is really-really worth it!
Oxtail Wellington – IDR 98k
Now hello to the best selling menu and probably the most unique menu I have never seen elsewhere: OXTAIL WELLINGTON! It’s oxtail because, again, oxtail is the main protein here (and they're freaking soft and tender), and Wellington because it’s inspired by the beef wellington’s puff pastry. The pastry was fragrant when it got served to my table and judging from the appearance: flaky, and boy it was indeed flaky as soon as I broke the crust and fresh hot smoke starting to show up from inside. Scoop deeper and you’ll find an interesting twist between fried rice, turmeric butter and a bit of biryani rice. Flavor wise, rich and tasty, and I seriously had no complaint, only this vision that if they actually try making it from an actual brasmati rice and less saucy, I think I would love that even more.

Nothing hefty of a price tag, good food and good service, they should survive long. Keep up the good food and good quality of whatever you have in store. This is a non-biased review and based purely on my visit, keep the friendship strong and honesty stronger. Good luck Nosh *kiss*


Citywalk Sudirman GF
Jalan KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 121
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2555 6737
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 250k


Map for Citywalk

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