I suffocated from seeing Aqua S pretty ice creams on my Instagram explore tab, but four months ago, knowing that I was going to Sydney, for whatever reason, I HAVE TO GO TO AQUA S. This might be super duper hyperbolic, but you don't know how happy I was when I actually made it to Aqua S and with my very own eyes, the most beautiful swirl I've ever seen in my life, and completed with the cotton candy, it's almost like an outfit for the ice cream, like it's magically meant to be with the soft serve.

Aqua S has several outlets in Sydney, I went to the one in the city, precisely at the George Street. I honestly have no idea about the name of the building, but you have to get into the building and took the escalator to reach one level above, it should be noticeable from the catchy blue color and people queueing for the treat and not to mention, it's also located right across the matcha dessert specialist: Chanoma.

The shop wasn't spacious, in fact it's small with two small tables with capacity for four. Most people would just purchase the ice cream and have it on the go. FYI they changed the flavors every two weeks, but the seasalt flavor (which is their signature flavor and best selling one) will always be around. On my visit, they were having the grape and coffee flavor. I literally tried each flavor or have it as a mix, too much ice cream won't kill you. Sweets make me feel genuinely very happy.

Previous flavors include apple blackcurrant, orange, grapefruit, taro, lemon and black sesame, updates of the flavor is announced on their social medias. What a brilliant way to bring audience to the social media.

You can choose to have your ice creams in cup or cones, chances that your ice cream might look way prettier in cones if you care about your Instagram posting. One portion of soft serve with one topping (cotton candy, grilled marshmallow, popping candy, caramel popcorn) will cost you AUD 5.30 (AUD 4 with no topping) and you can have everything for AUD 8.

Grape and Sea Salt Soft Serve with Grilleded Marshmallow
To be honest, I did not expect to be impressed, but after a scoop of everything, I was sold.

I gotta give it to the amazing quality of Australian milk. The quality is reflected on that creamy smooth ice cream texture and flavor, which holds the flavor nicely. Luckily, the flavor did not seem like this sweet artificial flavor, the mixture of the sweet and fruity grape with the tasty-salty sea salt was beautiful. I wish it didn't end.
Sea Salt and Cafe Latte
I think this was my favorite combo. The other hand you're having this salty but delicious sea salt soft serve combined with this rich and creamy but not overly sweet cafe latte flavor and together they sang a great duet to my palate. So good I can't even.
I don't know if you guys can see it, but the ice cream looks so freaking smooth and velvety. So nice.
Dreamy, whimsical, beautiful and absolutely delicious. Aqua S for me serves and totally above everything else I've had in Jakarta, I honestly don't know how to emphasize that I like this very much and how yummy this is, it's just that it makes me crave and genuinely very happy.

Aqua S is a must visit from me, even if you're not into soft serve, at least to just appreciate the beauty.


Aqua S Ice Cream Parlour
Shop 27 Level 10 501
George Street - Sydney CBD
Australia 2000
02 - 8668 5957
Opening hours: 12 PM-10 PM (daily)


Map for Aqua S

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