This is like the best, most surprising finding of the day. So me and Cindy from Lulabyspoon met up for a quality time of ours, we started at Simetri and wanted to check out the newly opened Bermvda Coffee in PIK, we didn't have any clue where Bermvda was located (people told me that it's located near Pennyroyal), and we accidentally found HAJI MAMAT'S OUTLET located just right beside UPO Coffee, and of course we decided to have our satisfying dinner there after cuppa coffee in Bermvda.
This post won't be long, in fact it would be very short. If you know UPO Coffee, Haji Mamat is located at the end of the alley where UPO, Pennyroyal and Bermvda is located (and Bermuvda is located on the opposite side of the alley), just simply type in UPO on your Google Maps or Waze to make things easy. The outlet wasn't spacious, it was just this one cluster. I honestly don't like the design at all, it's too fancy and Victorian for their image, in fact, since I am very used to eating at their Gading Serpong outlet (which certainly isn't anything fancy), I like that better. I just think that when it's too fancy, the feeling is not quite there. I enjoy sweating to the spicy, getting down and dirty (if you understand what I mean).
But is the interior affecting how I taste their food? Not really, but slightly.
I still found the flavor to be pretty much the same as the one in GS (I still dislike the one in Aeon). I had their Oseng Campur (IDR 35k) completed with rice, sweet ice tea and white cracker (kerupuk putih) and the seasoning of the soup and Oseng was just as spot on as how I remembered it to be, and still with generous meat, organs and tiny green chili cuts, altogether an enjoyable guilty (and junky) pleasure LOL.
I am hungry again.
If you fancy something else beside their Oseng Campur, they also have the exact same range of menu as the GS outlet, only the pricing's just a tad more expensive here. I heard they just opened another outlet in Plaza Semanggi! Finally I don't have to travel to Serpong to sample Haji Mamat's signature delicacy!

Soto Haji Mamat
Jl. Marina Raya Blok H
Ruko Cordoba, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14470
Opening hours: 11 AM-9 PM (or while stock lasts)
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual


Map for UPO Coffee

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