Attention sushi lovers out there! A new Japanese sushi restaurant just opened in Pantai Indah Kapuk, and I can promise you it's a good one. Let's give the warmest welcome to SUSHI HIRO.
As this post is written, Sushi Hiro has opened its door publicly for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts around two weeks, and soon enough, their stair sushi is like the stairway to heaven and quickly fill up my Instagram explore tab, and my timeline too. If you follow me on Snapchat, I just had my big lunch there earlier today and I am now sharing my experience to you! Sushi Hiro is located at what used to be a home of Hong Tang (I know right I can't believe they're closing it was like the champ a couple of years ago) just beside Dapur Buntut PIK. I like how Sushi Hiro looks from outside, it's just neat and minimalist with woos covering most of the exterior and interior, the huge logo should be catchy enough for you to notice, the logo is really cute, it's this fish shape formed from the modified SH letter. Creative much.

I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful ornaments hanging above. They freaking hand cut and hang everything their own, effort must be recognized therefore lots of pictures of it on this post!

The place wasn't very spacious, but I really like how the designed everything that it didn't seem small, again, the usage of wood for the interior is major, you can see woods forming what seems like a Japanese roof covering a sushi bar (in case you fancy a more casual moment). I heard they're opening the second floor soon enough, it's currently still under-construction. The ambiance of the restaurant is really homey too with warm dim lighting, nice air-conditioning, live kitchen and looping jazz music guaranteed to chill you out.
Best tip for good picture here: take the window seat. It's the only way to have natural light for your pictures here. I literally waited around 30 minutes for people to leave so that I can take the seat for me, and oh, you're looking at their famous assorted sushi stairs! So basically whatever sushi you order here will be presented with the stair (at least order 4 pieces because that's the minimum capacity up to 8 pieces per serving). The range of the menu here is HUGE, there are currently 200 menus to choose from and ranging from sushi, sashimi, moriawase, grilled, donburi, ramen and udon. Price range starts from IDR 20k-IDR 150k for food, and as cheap as IDR 5k for OCHA!

Salmon Volcano Roll (IDR 40k/2 pcs - left), Aburi Salmon Mentai (IDR 25k/2 pcs - right) and Aburi Salmon Belly (IDR 30k/2 pcs - right)
The Salmon Volcano Roll was everything I expected as soon as I saw it presented to the table: salmon that's juicy af, covered with generous mayonnaise and burst in your mouth. It's just so flavorful, so saucy, nicely seasoned, fresh and altogether very delicious. This needs to be on your order tab.
 I might be obsessed with the sushi stair, I am happy enough just by looking at it. Major foodporn.

Salmon Hobayaki - IDR 80k (6 slices)
The Salmon Hobayaki is seriously kidding me, it might look like a simple salmon slices grilled on top of a dry leaf, but this was really-really nice. The salmon was cooked both ways in short temperature until it reach the medium state, and you just gotta have it soon. The sauce was certainly the highlight of this dish, it was salty, savory, rich and definitely goes with the salmon very well. The perfectly cooked salmon was very soft and silky, it literally melt in my mouth as soon as it's in contact with my tounge. So good.
Beef Charcoal with Egg dipping - IDR 120k 
Got introduced to this menu which is going to be released soon, and when you looked at a beef as charming as that you just can't say no. The wagyu beef was seasoned lightly with a pinch of salt and blackpepper. I suggest going for medium rare or medium (max) to enjoy this dish at its best state. Honestly, it's the quality of the beef that really did all the talking: premium, fresh and such addiction, with or without egg just equally delicious.

Special Chicken Teriyaki Don - IDR 60k
Rest assure if you don't fancy sushi or raw food as they also have other options (told ya the menu range here is HUGE). I would happily recommend their chicken teriyaki don completed with fresh soft boiled onsen egg to add in the creamy texture. The seasoning was rich but tasty, and the chicken was just very tender with semi-crispy coating. Dayum.

Hiro Premium Sushi - IDR 145k (left)
You can't just leave the premium selections neglected therefore I should try. First of all, for a premium set you will only need to pay IDR 145k? That's hardly IDR 20k per piece! The premium sushi stair set consist of Chutoro, Salmon, Ika, Ama Ebi, Unagi, Kanpachi, Ikura and Tamago (not in order). I didn't have all 8 as I shared this with my sis and her BF (but they told me what they had were yum), but I already pre-locked the Ebi, Chutoro and Ikura for me on a single glance, let's say I have eyes for expensive things and they were indeed really fresh!
Hiro Deluxe Sashimi - IDR 110k
The Hiro Deluxe Sashimi consist of Salmon, Maguro, Ika, Mirugai, Saba, Kapachi and Tamago. I have never been a fan of Saba (mackarel) so that was my least favorite, I opted for the classic goodness like the Salmon and Maguro, they were, yet again, fresh!
Aburi Kagoshima Beef - IDR 65k
A plain must order. thin slice of premium Kagoshima wagyu meant to be had on a single bite. Sharing this was a regret, the seasoning was simple but flavorful with a hint of sweet.
Aburi Beef Onsen Roll - IDR 40k/piece
I overuse the word "good" in this post, but hey that's the real deal. This was another menu that you shouldn't miss! Tender beef covering the rice and onsen tamago, DO NOT SHARE THIS and have it all in one single bite, thank me later after all that burst of flavor and texture squirting inside your mouth. Erotically more exciting than your boyfriend's c*m.
After all the impressive quality of dish, you gotta be kidding me if you still think the pricing is expensive. I honestly think they set the pricing relatively low reflecting on what I had, and I honestly wouldn't bother paying slightly more to enjoy the treats I had earlier. Sushi Hiro is seriously one of the best new sushi restaurants there is in Jakarta at the moment, be sure to bond with the crowd and have them fresh. Best of luck!

Do note that they have TWO OPERATING HOURS, details below.


Sushi Hiro
Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 18D
Jalan Kapuk Boulevard No. 1
PIK, Penjaringan Utara
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2903 3461
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Sushi Hiro

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